Chicago Bears have no excuse for a bad season in 2013

The buzz about the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup has officially disappeared, and the ‘Windy City” is now ready to watch and cheer (and possibly boo) the Chicago Bears.

This past offseason was an eventful one for the Bears. There is a new head coach and other major personal changes that will have the Bears looking like a new team. The main objective – winning – remains the same, though, and the Bears must do exactly that this season or I’m going to be a very angry fan.

The past two seasons have been brutal to watch. In the Bears started 7-3 and were poised to earn a playoff berth, but Jay Cutler and Matt Forte, went down with injuries, and the Bears lost six of their final seven games. The 2012 season was almost identical. The Bears started the year 7-1 but finished 10-6 and missed the playoffs once again.

Jay Cutler

The same old excuses (a poor offensive line, no one to throw to and a weak backfield) were used to explain the Bears’ woes, not just for the past two seasons, but for Cutler’s entire tenure with the team. A lot of those excuses were valid early on, but now it’s way past time for those to be sorted out.

The Bears have had the talent for too long to have nothing to show for it year in and year out. I’m not asking for dominating games. The Bears are not built to win games by huge margins. No, what I want is for the team to avoid another mid-season meltdown. That kind of collapse can be avoided if the team gets more players involved offensively and scores more touchdowns in the red zone.

I’m excited for the upcoming football season. I’m not expecting a Super Bowl win, just enough progress so there isn’t a quarterback controversy next year when Cutler’s contract is up.

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