NBA rumors: Jimmer Fredette on the trade block?

It looks like “Jimmer Time” is officially over in Sacramento, as the Kings have started aggressively shopping guard Jimmer Fredette around the NBA. While this should be expected after the team landed Kansas guard Ben McLemore in the 2013 NBA Draft, Fredette’s fans will no doubt begin to pop up and defend him.

Jimmer Fredette The bottom line on the 24-year-old Fredette is that in two seasons in the NBA he’s shown himself to be more likely to make an impact in Europe than America. He’s a standing shooter who doesn’t create his own shot, play defense or add anything as a rebounder.

In 69 games this past season he averaged 7.2 points, 1.3 assists and 1.0 rebounds in 14.0 minutes per contest. Fredette also doesn’t add much inside the three-point line on offense. He hit 41.7 percent of his shots from beyond the arc, but made just 42.1 percent of his field goals overall. Fredette is listed as a point guard but he’s not great with the ball, and at 6-2 and 195 pounds he’s woefully undersized to be a scoring guard in the NBA.

The Kings apparently need to move Fredette to make room to bring in Monta Ellis, who they are reportedly close to a deal with.

Because he can shoot someone will offer the Kings something for him. The Oklahoma City Thunder would probably be a fit, after the departure of Kevin Martin. Second-year guard Jeremy Lamb will be expected to step up in Martin’s place, but the Thunder could always use another shooter.

The Golden State Warriors lost Jarrett Jack to the Cleveland Cavaliers, so they could use depth at the guard spot, as could the Utah Jazz.

The Cavs are actually another team looking for guard depth and they have talked to the Kings about a deal.

At this point it’s a pretty safe bet that the Kings have given up on Fredette, showing that he was definitely not worth the No. 10 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft.

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  1. Wow very poorly written and one sided article. Its not hard to know what your agenda is in writing this. Next time try to use all the facts instead of ones that only support your distaste for Jimmer.

  2. I guess they’ll let anyone write for this page. Obviously he [Ryan Phillips] read a stat line and didn’t bother to see that Jimmer CAN create his own shot (35+ points per over four games being defended by Kawhi Leonard in college) and Top Ten statistically in the NBA per 48 minutes. He was stuck with 11 players all trying to make the highlight reel so they could get out of that awful situation in Sacramento. Jimmer will be in the league for a long, long time. And Ryan Phillips will be lucky writing ‘blank inside’ greeting cards.

  3. Kawhi Leonard barely defended Fredette in those games (I watched all four) as he was mainly guarded by D.J. Gay and Chase Tapley. And I don’t care what he did in college this is about what he can do in the NBA. I swear, Fredette defenders are like Tebow fans, blind to the actual results on the court.

    And Fredette wasn’t in the top 10 for anything statistically per 48 minutes, not sure what you’re referring to. He averaged 20.4 points per 48 mins which would rank him in the low 70s. His rebounding rate was the second-worst in the NBA and he’s a horrendous defender. Additionally his PER was a woeful 14.66, which ranked him 154th in the NBA last year.

    • At points during the season Fredette led the league in points per minute and PER … Fredette also averaged 20.4 points per 36 minutes not 48… So yeah your stats are garbage… Do some research sir lol… Man they let anyone write an article these days… Fredette is more than capable of creating his own shot…

      • P.s. two questions… A) what is a standing shooter??? Do u mean spot up?? Have u ever played basketball? B) Who is blind to the results? You and ur made up stats?? Honestly Ryan you wanna hate by all means man, hate. But don’t make up stuff to back up ur weak claims…

        • I played basketball at an extremely high level, let’s leave it at that. And by standing shooter I mean a guy who is plastered to the floor at a spot and waits for the ball, for him it’s usually the right wing. Traditional spot up shooters move to get open, Fredette doesn’t usually. He finds a spot on the floor and stays there.

          And it was 20.4 points per 40 minutes (Hollinger’s metric) it was a typo. And you said “at points during the season Fredette…” so he had a stretch of good play? Great, lots of guys do that. How did he finish out? He couldn’t even crack the starting lineup on an awful Kings team. He has seven career starts and none came in 2012-13, AND he only averaged 14 minutes a game this season. On top of that, he’s a career 40.2 percent field goal shooter and a career 38.4 percent three-point shooter. His assist to turnover ratio is also an awful 1.5-1.0. That’s not exactly tearing the league up.

          Hollinger’s analysis of him is even more grim than mine, but you’ll probably say he’s just a hater too, right?

          Look the guy was a great college player, but he’s woefully undersized to be a shooting guard in the NBA these days and he doesn’t have the ball-handling skills, quickness or instincts to play the point. I’m not just making that up, the tape and the statistics back me up.

          • To say he is a “career” anything is a little ludicrous sir… He has played two seasons in the NBA on the worst coached team in recent memory.. Lets just look at his stats last season… Did he improve ?? Yes he did… That’s what matters with a young player coming into his third year… What did he do last year… Plain and simple his offensive numbers were pretty dang good… So don’t go talking about career averages with a guy coming into his third year… 6th year player sure… But a third year ? Nah, what has fredette don’t for me lately? He’s been an efficient scorer who is still developing…

  4. Grant oxenrider says:

    Sorry Ryan but I dot think you actually watched any games. Jimmer actually tore it u a lot. It was plain to see his teammates and his coach disliked him. He would get hot and get the kings back into the game and get pulled. A blind man could see that. Jimmer played awesome then would get dnpcds constantly. Sorry I just don’t think you watched any of his games. He has great court vision. And when ever he was in the floor the kings played better. Especially when running the pt. his defense was shady at times but no worse than any other kings guards. He never got the chance to really play in the nba yet. And jimmer was top ten in per for half season and coach really started dishin it hard on him. Go look at games stats. He had a good game
    Benched for 2 games and never got a chance to get
    Comfortable. Sorry but you are very wrong in your article. Any guy that’s gettin treatment like frddette is gonna struggle with consistency. Go watch tape your self. Jimmer always ran around no one would pass to him even when wide open so why would he continue ovum if not getting ball anyway. Do some
    Research then rewrite your article.

    • He had 22 points once, 18 in another game and 16 points twice and those were his best outings of the season. He played in 69 games so it’s not like he was riding the bench all season then coming in and tearing it up.

      His career averages bear out a guy who isn’t getting assists as a point guard, turns the ball over too much, and the fact that opposing guards had a 17.9 PER against him is troubling. He ranked 244th in the NBA as an isolation defender, for a point guard, that’s horrific. mySynergySports says he allows .96 points per possession, which ranks him 357th in the NBA. I wouldn’t care if he was a top 10 scorer in the league, if he gives up more points than he scores, what’s the point in having him on the floor?

      • He didn’t get a lot of assists because he spent nearly half of his time at off guard due to Keith smart… An it’s kinda hard to expect a guy to really tear it up every night when he plays 14 min a game.. When jimmer got minutes he almost always produced… Was his defense bad probably but he is on the worst defensive team in basketball… No team defense whatsoever…

        • Let’s be 100 percent honest, you can defend his offense and I’ll give you that at least there’s some upside to his game there, but we all know he’s a horrendous defender. He was even bad in college. He’s not quick enough to stay with other point guards and he’s too small and doesn’t have the length to guard other shooting guards. He’s just physically not equipped to play defense in the NBA.

      • Grant oxenrider says:

        Look at mins played in those games some he came in for 1 min.

  5. Grant oxenrider says:

    Sorry hard to type on lots of typos

  6. Hey man just so u know jimmer’s PER is currently 37th among point guards, ahead of the likes of moe Williams, JJ barea, Mario chalmers an that’s with very little playing time… Also I ran the numbers for you… Jimmer averaged 24.69 points per 48 min… Which would place him at 25th in the league… Ahead of josh smith, deron Williams and Blake griffon … To name a few … Class is now over, now go home and sin (posting incorrect stats is dishonesty) no more… Have a nice day…

    Sorry for the rant but serious man I calculated those stats on my phone while I was working… It couldn’t have been that hard to double check ur stats and maybe watch some tapes before saying a guy can’t play in the league…

    • I said the stat I used was points per 40 minutes (Hollinger’s metric), it was a typo. And you spelled Blake Griffin wrong.

      His PER was 37th among point guards? That’s your defense? That makes him nothing more than an average backup at best. And playing time doesn’t factor in to efficiency.

      Look at the defensive statistics I just posted that are gathered from other sites and are not my calculations. I don’t care if he is an efficient shooter, if he can’t defend how can you put him on the floor?

      • Yes 37th makes him a backup… Did I say he was an allstar?? No, is he playing in Europe? No… You said he is likely to make more of in impact in Europe … I said his statistics don’t agree… Speaking of statistics… I am not trying to bash ur head in about points per minute but every statistic u gave above about his points per 48 and his rankings was wrong… I just told u he is 25th in the league in points per minute… You are going to the classic “but his defense” routine… Does steve Nash play good d? Lol … I am not saying he is Steve but I am saying if his team wasn’t such garbage defenders they could arrange some team defense and take advantage of his offensive prowess… He is not only an NBA caliber player but with some tuning he may end up being a good one..

        • I corrected myself, it was per 40 minutes offensively, that was a typo Hollinger’s metric uses per 40 mins. And the Europe comment was because his defensive play and shooting ability would fit in Europe much better. Regardless he certainly shouldn’t have been the 10th pick in the draft. At that point you have to get a starter not the 37th best point guard in the league.

    • Also his true shooting percentage of 54.6 ranked 121st in the NBA. For a supposed dead-eye shooter who can create his own shot, that ranked below guys like Steve Blake, Royal Ivey, Andre Miller, Patty Mills, Devin Harris, Carlos Delfino, Willie Green, Roger Mason Jr., and Lou Williams.

  7. Walk on at Bradley with a career high of 4 points? That’s a “very high level”? You might not like Jimmer, and you’re not wrong about everything, but the Kings asked a guy who had the ball in his hands every possession in college to essentially be a spot up shooter. That was never his game. He creates his own shots. YouTube a video sometime and see how many shots were spot-up and how many were off the dribble. It’s not super fair to judge Jimmer one way or another yet because he never really got a consistent chance. To me I’ll call it like I see it. A former, mid-major, white, guard who never had Jimmer’s game trying his best to downplay talent. If he was what you think he is he wouldn’t be drawing any interest. Poorly written article and I’m not even a Jimmer-Lover

  8. Ha, no I did not attend Bradley. Ryan Phillips is a pretty common name. And yes, in college Fredette created his own shot, in the NBA he has never done it consistently.

  9. Why won’t you say where you played at this high level? I think uou’re high now, and think your Jr.High practice squad was your idea of great basketball.

  10. I hope you’re man enough Ryan when Jimmer gets on a well coached team (remember what an eye for talent Smart had with Curry and Lim) you’ll eat crow. (If you still have a job writing.)

  11. Ron Chapman says:

    He won’t say where he played, because he never played any college ball. Probably didn’t even play in high school. Sports writers are usually just a bunch of dorks who never really played anything. Give us the name of the school u played for Mr. “High Level” so we can google your numbers. If not, then u are just a blow hard!

  12. Drew pearson says:

    I love that people say jimmer should not have been drafted 10th. Who should have even drafted 10th? Derrick Williams? Kanter? Bismo bimback? Look at the draft that year. Why is jimmer the only one labeled a bust already.

    • Guys who have made a bigger impact than Fredette who were drafted after him: Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard, Nikola Vucevic, Iman Shumpert, Tobias Harris, Kenneth Faried and Jimmy Butler, But yes, it was a very weak draft all things considered. And Fredette isn’t the only one who gets labeled a bust, Derrick Williams is the one most often referred to that way.

  13. Ron Chapman says:

    Well, no reply from Mr. High Level. The guy got his BA from IU in 2006 in journalism and you guessed it, never played for the Hoosiers. I guess his definition of high level is Playing in the Intramural league at IU..Love it when guys say they were “Great” but can’t back it up. RP is a joke!! Just another Dork writer who “could’ve been somebody.” Like “Uncle Rico” in Napolean Dynamite..

    • You are correct, I got a BA in journalism from Indiana in 2006, but I transferred to IU after being at another school. Basketball career was derailed by a knee injury. I have no problem saying where I went, I’m just actually kind of having fun now that you guys are digging into stuff.

      Also, who cares where I played or even if someone played college ball? If they didn’t does it mean they can’t analyze someone’s play? You guys are analyzing Fredette and saying he’s great, where did you play?

      I’ve been a sports writer for seven years and have been paid to analyze sports in that time. My analysis tells me that Fredette is, at best, a shooter who can’t do much else on the court. On defense, he’s one of the worst players in the NBA. Stats back me up on all of that. He was a great college player, no one disputes that, but he’s at best an average bench player in the NBA. And I frankly think his style would fit in really well in Europe. He could be a starter who is really successful over there.

  14. Ron Chapman says:

    None of us claimed to have played High Level Ball. U made that claim and frankly I think you’re lying. Most of us played at a very average HS level. The old dreaded knee injury – huh. Like I said – just another wanna be who could’ve been somebody if not for the bad luck. Never said Jimmer was great. Actually, I never mentioned him in my post. Just calling u out for over-hyping “yourself.” Now, I told you where I played – Chase HS.I also played some very low-level intramural ball in college. How about it “High Level”? Where did u play???? Come on “Uncle Rico” – tell us..

    • I was asked if I ever played basketball I said yes, I had played at a high level. Didn’t say anything else. You can believe what you want. Plenty of people know when and where I played, etc.

      This all started because I said Fredette was a disappointment so far. When he came into the NBA his cheerleaders acted like he was going to set the league on fire and many claimed he was better than many in his draft class (Kemba Walker was the guy he was most often compared with). How’s that working out? I don’t have anything against Fredette, he seems like a nice kid, but he’s a mid-level rotation player in the NBA right now and hasn’t lived up to the hype.

      • Ryan, I sincerely want to apologize to you for some of my comments. I have no doubt you’re a talented sportswriter and much of what you wrote is hard to disputed. I, and apparently others, just think that no one has really seen the real Jimmer. Sacramento is a train wreck and I hope he gets traded to ANYONE. I even feel his fortunes would have improved had Westphal remained with the team. Nevertheless, I think you nailed it when you compared Jimmer fans to Tebow fans. I truly believe that given the right team,teammates and coaches, he will be a very special player. Time will tell. (Everyone talks about Kawhi Leonard, and rightfully so, he’s a special talent. But if you were to trade places with him and Jimmer, I believe Jimmer would have had a lot more success, and even Kawhi wouldn’t stand out on the Kings.) But again, I was way out of line criticizing you for you opinion and observations. i hope you can forgive me, and I also hope you’re wrong. :)

  15. Ron Chapman says:

    My analysis tells me that u are full of it, and that has nothing to do with Jimmer..

  16. Mizzoublue says:

    There was a knock on JJ Redick coming out of Duke to the NBA very similar to Jimmer. And like JJ, if Jimmer, who is much better off the dribble than JJ, can learn to adjust his game the way JJ has – & get with a team not full of ball hogs – I believe he will do just fine. I don’t think you can look at his time in Sacramento and draw too many conclusions. When a player is with the likes of Cousins, Evans, Thornton, etc., he’s not with at team first oriented bunch. Hopefully gets traded to a team where he fits and has time to develop.

  17. it all feels like we’re looking for a ‘white hope’ or the white hope is being forced somewhat. it seems like a lot of overanalysis for a bench player.

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