WWE Throwback Thursday: Ryback, CM Punk, and Mr. McMahon

Every Thursday from here on out, I will highlight a moment from the past in WWE that was memorable, and one that deserves to be talked about in the present. 

It is Throwback Thursday. Get excited. This week’s inaugural edition, focuses on an event that did not happen too long ago. October 8, 2012 was the date and it was a Monday night on Raw.

Vince McMahonCM Punk was set to take on Vince McMahon in the main event, which seemed like it would be a boring beat-down that would accomplish nothing. However, when Mr. McMahon is on television anything can happen.

The match started off as expected, with Punk taking it to Mr. McMahon. The Chairman took the upper hand when he countered Punk by sending him into the ring post. The match was going slow until McMahon, at 67 years of age, threw Punk over the announcer’s table and jumped over the table himself to attack Punk with a microphone.

The crowd was really getting into it and credit must be given to McMahon for keeping up with Punk’s pace. A pace The Rock could hardly keep up with.

Kendo sticks were introduced and both men began to hit each other with their respective weapons. A cheap shot by Punk allowed him to get McMahon set up for the “Go To Sleep” when the most exciting part of the match took place.

“Feed me” rang out throughout the arena in Sacramento as Ryback stormed down the ramp. The crowd burst into a frenzy when the music hit, and it was tough not to mark out a bit when it happened.

However, the frenzy became absolute mayhem a few moments later.

Punk escaped the ring but was quickly thrown back in by an injured John Cena, who caught Punk by surprise from behind. Ryback destroyed Punk with a clothesline and the crowd was so loud it caused the camera to shake. This created a great atmosphere for Ryback to set up “Shell Shocked,” but Punk was able to get free and leave the ring.

Much credit must be given to Mr. McMahon for making this such a great segment. He did better than some on the roster could have done by holding his own with the most gifted wrestler on the roster.

For a reminder of how great this moment truly was, here is an abridged version of the segment.

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