Chicago Blackhawks ticket prices are ruining fan experience

Success in Chicago seems to have come with a price. For the fourth time in six years, the Chicago Blackhawks are raising season ticket and single-game ticket prices. As of writing this, no specific price details have been given on how much single-game tickets will rise, but you can find out the specific price details on the season ticket raise here.

The team announced the waiting list for season tickets has now reached 12,00 people, but also said it wasn’t a determining factor in the rising prices. My basic knowledge of how supply and demand works would argue with that.

Economically, the move makes sense, but, really, you’re going to raise ticket prices by an average of 16 percent after raising it a combined 44 percent over the past five years?

It seems a bit ridiculous, especially after the greedy mess that was the NHL lockout. Yes, I haven’t and will never forget that.

Stan Bowman

I could barely afford to go to one game this season, and now I’m beginning to seriously doubt it’s even worth going for the “experience” when I can just watch it on TV. Attending a Blackhawks game is becoming more like a chore. You couldn’t be blamed for feeling nauseous about how much money you just burned on going. You used to be able to attend games and just enjoy yourself.

It saddens me that I feel that way about my favorite professional sports team, but it’s the sad truth.

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