Memphis Grizzlies Thriving With Security Provided by Mike Conley’s Steady Point Guard Play

Mike Conley is a Midwest basketball legend.

An Indianapolis high school star, Conley teamed up with fellow Naptown native Greg Oden to lead the Ohio State Buckeyes to the National Championship Game as a freshman. That would be his only season in college, as Conley joined Oden in immediately entering the NBA Draft.

Conley struggled to fulfill expectations during his first several years in the league, but over the last three seasons he has settled into being the kind of security system that every good NBA team needs: a solid, steady point guard. During that time, Conley has averaged roughly 13 points, 6.5 assists, and 2.2 steals per game. Led by Conley (and another Indy native, Zach Randolph) Memphis has become a solid contender in the West, especially this year with a 43-19 record.

That’s a bit about Mike Conley on the court. Now get to know him a little bit off the court, via our friends at ADT.


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