Even Kanye Would Agree … Trey Burke is College Basketball’s Player of the Year

This college basketball season has been like few others in my lifetime.

There has been a constant carousel at the top of the rankings, and there has been no clear-cut, consensus favorite for best team or player in the country.

In a year like this, it’s easy for a bunch of teams and players to split the vote, opening the door for a team like Gonzaga to sit atop the polls entering conference tourney play.

I’m not sure who the best team is; I think all of the contenders are flawed and that this year’s champion will be a team who gets hottest for a few games and catches a break or two along the way.

As for the best player in men’s college basketball? I do know the answer to that one: Michigan’s Trey Burke.

Photo by Rafael Suanes/US PRESSWIRE via foxsportsdetroit.com

Photo by Rafael Suanes/US PRESSWIRE via foxsportsdetroit.com

The Measurables

Anyone can pull up Burke’s season stats and see that he has been a spectacular scorer and playmaker this year for the Wolverines (26-6, 12-6 Big Ten). Even without watching a single game, one would draw the obvious conclusion that the 6’0″ sophomore point guard belongs in the conversation.

In case you’re not familiar with Burke’s statistical body of work, here you go:

Trey Burke per game averages: 19.2 points, 6.7 assists, 3.2 rebounds, 1.6 steals, 2.0 turnovers, 48.5% FG, 40.3% 3PFG, 79% FT.

Those numbers jump off the page.

Consider that the Wolverines have been a title contender all season (albeit an inconsistent, frustrating one), and that Burke is their unquestioned leader, and it’s easy to understand why he walked away with the Big Ten Player of the Year award.

Digging Deeper

So often, the deciding factor between two (or more, as is the case this year) players is their performance in big games. Burke has been fantastic in almost every game this year, scoring in double figures in all 32 Michigan games and scoring 20 or more 13 times.

In particular, it has been interesting to see Burke’s performance in Michigan’s losses.

In the Wolverines’ six losses, Burke has averaged 19.2 points per game, 5 assists, and 2 steals. His turnovers are up  (3.3) and his shooting is down (40%) in losses, but Michigan as a whole has only shot 42% in their losses (40% if you exclude the freaky Penn State loss in which they were 30 for 58 and still managed to hand the Nittany Lions the game).

To put that in perspective, one of Burke’s main foes in the PoY race, Indiana’s Victor Oladipo, averaged 12 points and 4.8 rebounds in Indiana’s losses this year, down from his averages of 13.7 and 6.2, respectively. I understand that Oladipo’s calling card is leadership and defense, but it’s worth noting that his performances weren’t as spectacular in those adverse conditions, either.

How about against the tough competition? There is some overlap with the losses, but consider the following:

Against teams that were ranked at the time they played, Burke averaged 18.9 points, 7 assists, and only 2.2 turnovers.

All of this, and he played in the toughest conference in the nation with a particularly unforgiving conference schedule (a 10-day stretch with games at Indiana, home to Ohio State, at Wisconsin, and at Michigan State comes to mind).

The Differentiator

Where Burke’s brilliance becomes obvious is in watching Michigan games and seeing his total effect on the team on both ends of the floor.

Allow me to indulge in a little basketball nerdery here, as I break down Michigan’s game plan, Burke’s role, and where his dominance makes up for the team’s inherent flaws.

When Michigan coach John Beilein arrived in Ann Arbor, his primary game plan was to run a 1-3-1 zone on defense and spread the floor with four capable long-ball shooters, with one big, typically unskilled big crowding the paint.

This tactic was useful, because at the time, Michigan didn’t have the elite players needed to compete with some of the better teams in the country. By running that confusing zone, opponents were forced into poor shots, and Michigan ran a methodical offense that placed emphasis on off-ball screens and open threes.

It worked, but there was a ceiling, as quality teams could bully the Wolverines around, and if Michigan had an off night from deep, they had no backup plan.

Now, as Burke, Tim Hardaway, Glen Robinson, Nik Stauskas and others have joined the team, Beilein has the talent – especially offensively – to do more, and this comes in the form of a fast break-heavy attack while scrapping the zone and playing straight man-to-man on defense.

Burke is the catalyst, obviously.

Everything Michigan does on offense is predicated on his ability to break down defenses and make the correct decision with the ball. His turnover rate is astoundingly low given the amount of time he is forced to create Michigan’s entire offense.

When things are going well for the Wolverines, Burke reads the defense, probing and penetrating, and either takes a quality shot or provides a cutter or corner shooter a setup for a high-percentage shot.

This next part is why he is the best player in the nation. What happens when things aren’t going well?

Michigan’s trouble, this year, has stemmed from breakdowns on the other end of the floor. Defensively, Burke is also the leader of the team. He is a very good on-ball defender with quick hands (just ask the Spartans). The rest of the Wolverines range from mediocre (Hardaway), to raw and out of control (freshman Mitch McGary), to just plain bad (Stauskas).

Photo by JULIAN H. GONZALEZ / DFP via freep.com

Photo by JULIAN H. GONZALEZ / DFP via freep.com

What happens, specifically, is when Michigan plays man, players not named Trey Burke get beaten in their individual matchups often. This forces rotations – another weakness of this particularly young team – which creates open threes and back door cuts. It also takes Michigan’s bigs out of defensive rebounding position, something Indiana’s Cody Zeller exploited to almost comical degrees in Bloomington back in February.

When Michigan does dust off the 1-3-1, it is usually to stem the tide and improve rebounding. It does both of those things, but it limits their ability to get out and run on offense. This allows opposing defenses to get set in proper position to defend Beilein’s expertly crafted plays.

When defenses clamp down on the corners and play physical with Michigan’s rather slight wing players, those easy passing lanes aren’t there. The offense slows to the crawling pace for which the Big Ten is often maligned.

In these situations, Burke becomes a one-man show. He forces some shots, but he is still able to score efficiently, at least relative to the other options on the floor. Burke has an exceptional step-back jumpshot, which bails him out of a lot of possessions in which there is little movement by any of Michigan’s other options. He’s a fantastic finisher as well, and gets to the free throw line often, where he is a solid shooter.

In a way, Michigan’s shortcomings highlight Burke’s various abilities. I can’t imagine what their shooting numbers and offensive efficiency statistics would be like with another point guard running the team.

The Kanye West VMA Argument

Phew. Things got a little X and O-heavy there, huh?

My last point is a little tongue-in-cheek, but it does make a certain amount of sense.

Remember when Kanye West stormed the MTV Video Music Awards stage to ambush Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video? He argued for Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” which would go on to win Video of the Year.

Photo via tasteofcountry.com

Photo via tasteofcountry.com

Well, I don’t think it was the wisest way to express himself, but it turns out he was sort of right: how could Swift beat the best video of the year in another category? Wouldn’t the BEST video of the year, provided it is performed by a female, also be the best female video?

In a similar vein, how could Burke be the Big Ten Player of the Year and not the Naismith Award winner, provided his primary competition are also Big Ten players? It does not compute.

Trey Burke is the best player in college basketball this year. The stats support it, the eye test supports it, his effect on his team supports it, and Kanye West supports it.


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About Keith Mullett

Keith is an Ohio-based sports and pop culture junkie who began writing for MSF in June 2011. His ramblings about sports, music, movies and books can be further enjoyed by following him on Twitter @keithmullett.

In addition to his work for MSF, Keith operates a blog called Commercial Grade, in which he critiques television commercials from the perspective of the average viewer.


  1. AJ Kaufman says:

    Doug MdDermott is POY. I don’t think it’s even close.

  2. Look at Victor Oladipo’s shooting percentage, dwarfing Burke’s… Top tier in FG% and 3pt%. His steals per game is almost 50% higher than Burke! His missed dunks are ESPN highlights. He shuts down other team’s guards AND forwards. Its not even close who is the National PoY… Victor Oladipo

    By the way, scoreboard

    • AJ Kaufman says:

      Pete, as many flaws as Keith’s arguments have, yours are insane. Burke takes much tougher shots, Oladipo gets a lot of layups and dunks. And who besides an 8-year-old kid cares about dunks? Oladipo has been NON EXISTENT in the last few games while Burke, though taking bad shots and shooting a low %, scores at least. Vcitor: 10 PPG, low shooting percentage. Not even the best player on his own team. He’s not even one of the 10 best offensive players of the year, though all-around, he’s probably top 5. Don’t let Dick Vitale and Magic Johnson’s junevile MJ comparisons from a Feb. game brainwash you. You’re wiser than those two bozos. No one outside of the Midwest knew who Victor was on Jan. 1, and while he may be a good pro and is a very smart guy, he’s not the best player in America. Not even close. Stop the hype. Doug McDermott has been consistently awesome the past 2 years. If we had a media not full of bigots who won’t vote for a white player, or who atched something besides Big Ten/Big East/ACC, it’d be unanimous. Instead we have ESPN.

      • Keith Mullett says:

        Of the last 8 Naismith Award winners, four have been white, one bi-racial, and three black. Your pulling of the race card is not the best way to make your argument here.

        Had Doug McDermott played against good teams as consistently as Burke, Oladipo, and Zeller, maybe I’d give him consideration.

        Also, the bit about Beilein not being a good in-game adjuster actually strengthens my argument. Burke’s ability to score, distribute, and lead his team to a top-10 finish, while playing in the toughest conference in the nation, is even more impressive given the lack of help he is given by his coach and supporting cast. Michigan may be more talented than Creighton, but that’s meaningless when your best players stand in the corner alone all game because they can’t create their own shots. Burke carries as heavy a load as any player in college basketball, and excels doing it.

        I know you hate ESPN, big schools, big-name players, professional football, and everything else that most sports fans enjoy – you’ve hammered those points home relentlessly since I’ve joined MSF – but I think you’re allowing your own biases to cloud your judgement.

        Trey Burke is a better BASKETBALL PLAYER than Doug McDermott. Hands down. It will be proven when the NBA draft comes, and it will be reiterated when Burke becomes an All-Star point guard in the NBA, while McDermott’s ceiling is something like a Ryan Anderson, only 2-3 inches shorter.

  3. AJ Kaufman says:

    And in addition to McDermott being national POY (hopefully you’ve watched him all season but I doubt it), Burke and Oladipo aren’t even the best in the Big Ten this season. Deshaun Thomas is. This article has some nice stats, but the Buckeyes have no one else averaging double digits, so Thoams has carried the team. Oladipo has Zeller and other all-Americans. Got hot for a few weeks. Burke has a lot more around him. Tired of lauding coaches and players with awesome talent around them. Look for coaches and players who are the most valuable and do it with little help. Surely not Victor or Burke (they both have disappeared late in games too) or guys like Tom Crean or John Beilein, who continuously get outcoached late in games.

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    • re: the comment by the fired MBS guy – Why would I take the recommendation of a guy who got fired, about a book on how not to get fired? Serves him right for not playing the game well enough. Doesn’t he get that he’s exactly the fat that needs to be trimmed?

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    • Please stop this barbaric act of transporting live creatures, they feel pain and have emotions just the same as humans. You wouldnt inflict this agony on a human being, so, why does it happen to animals? They have no voice … we are their voice…please listen. Thank you.

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    • What’s wrong with word Nipple?? Why are we using Areola? (Don’t get biological on me , it’s rethorical!) Heheh Not hot at all! She looks like she’s smelling her own fart! … Too bad I am in Paris I can’t see the “Areola”!

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    • The world will continue on as it always has. These things are thousands of years old and will never stop until the end.Everything man tries ends up with the same results in the end. The fixes are band aids that don't stick.

    • I for one hope perfume doesn’t get buried in the dreadful artspeak Artforum-ish writing style that was always such a woeful blight on the art world. But there’s enough frivolity to go around here, so there’s probably nothing to worry about.

    • Muhsine,I'm astounded by your talent…These all look so beautiful and much better than anything bought ready-prepared.Your little girl is going to look adorable snuggled up amongst all of the lovely things her mummy made! :0)Sarah xP.S: I'm not sure what you do for a living – and you'll be too busy with the new baby – but, in the future, I really believe you could have a career making baby items.

    • jajaja esos Carritos son lo maximo y tienen un aguante antes de dañarse muy bueno yo voy a comprar uno dentro de poquito para regalarlo esta en excelentes condiciones y a mi modo de ver ese carro es demasiado bueno para andar por ahi!!!

    • I like saiful jambu. I tau dia ada baca komen-komen ini. Ngapa dlm blog kau tak layan mesej aku. Aku suka jantan jambu mcm kau. Takkan kasi pakcik kau saja…aku nak jugak!

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    • I hope you do open your Etsy shop again! It's amazing what kills our desire to create. It could be overwork sucking the fun and love out of what used to be a passion, or it could be a random bump that just throws you off track.Let us know! I'll check back to see more.

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    • With the bases loaded you struck us out with that answer!

    • So true. Honesty and everything recognized.

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    • i can’t say i agree with your top 10 list but it is everyones opinion. the one i completly dont agree with ould be mamma mia! it was so good and it was halarious to watch. i didnt think their singing was bad but that doesnt matter because it was fun to watch. a GREAT movie!

    • Mooie blog met mooie spullen en foto's. Wat super mooi jouw quilt-kunstwerken! Daar heb ik geen geduld voor …. In ons dorpje ligt een quiltwinkeltje …. Misschien kom je er wel eens, kom je bij mij koffie drinken :-)

    • I love your picks! The travel coat looks warm and cozy.Surprisingly Smart Set in Metrotown has some really nice winter jackets (some not on their website).I picked up a pretty dark plaid one for $120 and a longer black wool blend one with a hood for $140. I got the cheaper one half off because they had a sale going on.-shannon

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    • We have been putting up beadboard, chair rail, and crown moulding in our girls room – you did a beautiful job. It was harder to paint the beadboard than I originally thought!

    • Olá, querida NormaObrigada por nos deixar compartilhar o seu espaço tão lindo e criativo…Seja fiel às suas inspirações e seremos nós os contemplados sempre…Obrigada por tudo…Vale a pena ter amigas por aqui como VC…Bjs de paz

    • Carlos Alberto, en efecto, la crueldad con los animales es de lo peor que pueden hacer los seres humanos. Y ciertamente, en muchos lugares se deja morir a los viejos en asilos u hospitales, tal vez por conveniencia… Creo que voy a hacer un post al respecto…Gama, creo que resumiste muy bien el punto!

    • Auguri a tutti, innanzitutto a chi mi ospita, a chi leggo e a chi mi legge ed ai loro cari. Al Signore che viene ho chiesto in dono un po’ più di umiltà, per somigliare a tutti i componenti della sacra famiglia. Preghiamo insieme anche per chi in queste ore festeggerà minacciato da poteri ostili, guerre e privazioni. Che ognuno di noi, almeno uno di questi fratelli ce l’abbia nelle intenzioni e nelle opere. Non perchè prevalga il “fare”: no, solo perchè vogliamo essere come Lui, che viene ancora a visitarci nella nostra lontananza e desiderio di tornare.

    • Dai licia che non è niente. Peccato non esista il teletrasporto così lo prendevi sicuro. Tienici informati di questa cosa del film. Già mi faccio fantasie su gli ipotetici attori.

    • Hey, killer job on that one you guys!

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    • I actually found this more entertaining than James Joyce.

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    • SÃ¥ heldig du er! SÃ¥ masse gaver; det gir ny mening til utrykket "jula varer helt til pÃ¥ske" :) Riktig god pÃ¥ske! Klem fra Guri

    • Men varför hoppa pÃ¥ alla, som äroroliga och önskar att bloggen uppdateras? Man mÃ¥ste visa respektäven för bloggläsare, och vi har rätt att ha olika Ã¥sikter.

    • And this morning you have taken my mind away entirely to the other and entirely more beautiful space which your words always create in my head, Dianne. Thank you. Perhaps the transience of your driftwood yurt makes it immeasurably more precious.

    • That kind of thinking shows you’re an expert

    • gorgeous! when i was a teen, my family took me on a cruise to alaska and we stopped in skagway — i swear i could move there in a heartbeat — simply breathtaking huh?! where are you headed?

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    • Moi non plus je ne vais pas chez le coiffeur et comme toi, j’adore la voix/musique de Léonard Cohen!Ta pizza est alléchante! Mmmhhh, une de mes préférées..

    • Just do me a favor and keep writing such trenchant analyses, OK?

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    • concerning the “good ole days” mentality – any of you ever consider how easy it was to function under the radar in the 1930s? No tracing numbers, no credit, no crime labs. “Where did so and so go?” who knows, who cares. Closets, skelletons. Creeps were out and about enmass in the 1930s and if the broader public at the time were as aware of their evil deeds as we are now with 24/7 news and all the mod cons, I’m betting society would have buckled quite a bit during the Depression.

    • I actually found this more entertaining than James Joyce.

    • I might be beating a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!

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    • “As another example, I see that Susan’s scheduled to speak at the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati next April 8-10.”I’m wondering if this is the one Susan’s talking about (she probably won’t say!). This is the one my husband and I are going to–our first hs conference.

    • The POTUS explained clearly that the Public Option will NOT be subsidized by the Govt. It will raise money through premiums ONLY. So, the argument that Public Option will compete unfairly is FALSE!If Private Ins. is as “good” as they claim, they should NOT be chickening away from competing with the Public Option!We NEED the Public Option to PREVENT Private Ins Cos from RIPPING us OFF!

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    • Sehr hübsch, ich hab gar nicht erkannt, dass das Kissen selbst bedruckt ist. Ich dachte du erzählst von einer neuen Erungenschaft :) Also wenn das kein Zeichen dafür ist, dass ein DIY gelungen ist! GLG Charlotte

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    • I saw all 3 panels of the Waterlilies together in St Louis about 35 years ago, each owned by a different museum. – they were together last summer for the first time since and I didn’t get a chance to see them. I make do with a large print over my stairwell. And I do drown in them with each viewing! K

    • You’re the one with the brains here. I’m watching for your posts.

    • Jack, Pray all is well. Are you packing for the south. Bones will be there waiting for you.Fly Casters tomorrow. Hope you are there. I’ll have ne fer you if not. Prayes and LOVE B

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    • Skjønner hva du mener om sko. Jeg brukte mine nye pÃ¥ jobben, det var ikke et sjakktrekk. Superstilig kjole^^ Du kommer til Ã¥ se smashing ut :) Til sist, men ikke minst, jeg vil ogsÃ¥ se Kaizers….

    • Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

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    • he wasn't nor did the media. I knew his father went to school here and was married to Obama's mother and I didn't think much of it past that. I have since learned my lesson about fully researching candidates backgrounds. Many of the articles saying Kenyan-born Obama were scrubbed and back in 2008 were not readily available and there was no mention of them in the media. I not only blame myself but I lay much of the blame on the media for not doing their job in providing all of the facts.

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    • Wait, I cannot fathom it being so straightforward.

    • Hey, Jan! I am the designated comment answerer, but I did share with Criss that you stopped by a couple times here. He appreciates your support and so do I. Thanks so much, and so glad you enjoyed them both.

    • My oldest son had the hardest time with sippy cups. I just started my 11 month old this week with one (with water) and he figured it out so quickly. It's crazy how different kids can be. It has a hard (sort of) spout, but we took the little plastic thing off of the inside (the thing that slows down the flow) so that he could get more water. Now that he has it figured out, I think I may put it back. I am about to wean him in less than a month. Can't believe he is almost a year old! They get big so quickly!Amy

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    • We did have a 45-3 this year, and a 34-0,last year a 48-3. Just took a peek at Joe’s best year, 1989.People used to bitch about Bill being conversative with a lead, as well. They had two blow outs, 45-3, 26-0. That was regular season, they blew everybody out in the postseason, culminating in the 55-10 thashing of Horse Face and his Broncos.

    • I found this a few months back and after the waves of laughter passed (which took a long, long time), my first thought was “Well, I know what EVERYONE is getting for Christmas this year!”This post has sent me back into uproarious laughter, though – this is simply too epic for words XD

    • Ooh that beautiful blouse is gorgeous and I LOVE what you have done with those picture frames. Also I adore that amazing wild horses painting above your fireplace. Sarah xxx

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    • Yours is a clever way of thinking about it.

    • So, for the next three weeks, I’m on “Jennifer Time.” It’s weird, it’s quiet and it’s often unproductive, but I think I’m going to like it.Sounds like heaven …

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    • Thanks very much for this comprehensive and unbiased review.Did you remove the samples though? I tried to download the wav but got an error.Thanks,Randy

    • What were you guys thinking? You should have just given Obama the questions he wanted. You must have known from the first "town-hall meeting" that the most popular question would be about marijuana, but apparently the 60% of americans who are in favor of legalization can be ignored by the other 40%??? Somehow this is democracy… pretty ridiculous guys.

    • SÃ¥ fine sommerbilder hos deg!SÃ¥ nydelig hytta ligger til og sÃ¥ mange koselige detaljer.Likte ekstra godt bildet med utsikt og pumpen,stolen med det skjønne tilbehøret…du gjør alt sÃ¥ lekkert!Her har vi hatt hele 3 dager med sol..fantastisk!Ønsker deg en fin helg og fortsatt god sommer!

    • SÃ¥ nydelig teppet ditt blir. Har ei venninne som strikker det i blÃ¥tt, og det blir superfint. Ser ut til at dere har hatt en fin tur til Hemsedal selv med dÃ¥rlig vær… Jeg skal pÃ¥ nabofjellet idag og gleder meg..

    • I have always believed that God helps those that work hard to help themselves. Praying for God to help you attain your goal is laziness. Praying for the strength and wisdom to attain those goals yourself is the right way.

    • Gentlemen, I live in the town where CJ is playing. Let me tell you. High School football in GA is a major deal and CJ Curry is lighting it up this year. Ok St is getting a Great player. His highlight reel this year is phenomenal and his team is currently undefeated with a couple weeks left until playoffs. Search video highlights of his QB, Canler Coker and Flowery Branch High for more results.

    • “but their methodology — traditionally a Mythbusters strong point”Bullshit. I loved Mythbusters for a while, but as an engineer, watching them reach the wrong conclusions with flawed experiments killed me, especially when the right answer could be reach by first principals.

    • You’re most welcome. I appreciate if you make your code/solution open source and share it with the world! Thanks to Abraham, he kept an eye on the follow up comments and responded before I could

    • So very happy to hear that Abby is doing better, what a joy and blessing. God is Good!! I will continue to pray for her healing and for strength for all the family. Thanks for the update!!

    • Wow, I can't believe the weather you're having, it's wonderful. How is it so grey here?! This is such a wonderful dress, def one of my all-time faves on you! And Stephen Squirrel is a cutie xxx

    • Thanks, Gordon. Yeah, I’m still working on my video presence. I’ve come to the conclusion that what I really need is an actual audience. I’m much more “myself” when I’m talking to a real person than a camera. I think most people are this way.

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    • voilà une good news. j’aime bien les bd fantastiques, il n’y en a pas tant que ça qui sont réussies.tiens une idée pour un éventuel éditeur/traducteur: LORD OF MISRULE chez dark horse avec Snejberg au dessin. c’était bien ça

    • Hey there! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could get a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding one? Thanks a lot!

    • Write on, Writer. I love Ray Bradbury’s advice including, “You must lurk in libraries and climb the stacks like ladders to sniff books like perfumes and wear books like hats upon your crazy heads.”

    • I have a nine month old daughter with downs syndrome and I can say that when I found out she had ds after birth was the hardest time in my life…I think that doctors do need some training on how to talk to parents when there is diagnosis like this..I found out alone after my daughter was born, still groggy.It was the worst day in my life but Brianna has changed me and my family, she has brought us all closer and we just love this lil girl so much..also she has been in great health since bith..

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    • I wish that someday you write about the common thread in the writing of writers who were born in Africa, but moved elsewhere: MG Vassanji, Chinua Achebe, Teju Cole…(and many more)

    • I bought a small moleskine plain notebook about 2 years ago and put it in a envelope for safekeeping. Just found out recently that the endpapers have some slight mould-like stuff, and the side of the journal plus endpapers also have a few splotches of brownish ‘age spots’ I’m really upset as I thought Moleskine should be higher quality than that, given the exhorbitant price tag. Does anyone know whether I can remove the mould and age spots? Sorry I had to ask here as I couldn’t find anywhere else to post this. Thanks.

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    • Querida Tessa, este post es mi preferido! Me pareció genial tanto la descripción de Javier como del ambiente y las conversaciones de peluquería. A mi personalmente me mantuvo expectante y me interesó saber la orientación sexual del personaje. Viene al caso.Hay mucho pretensioso-literato en la vuelta de tu blog. Las amas de casa estamos chochas con estas lecturas! Adelante!Bisses!

    • This is a great article. You make a lot of sense and I agree with many of your views. I don’t disagree with anything you have written, but some of this really has me thinking.

    • This is a neat summary. Thanks for sharing!

    • « province », plutôt que « région » auquel la novlangue voudrait à toute force le substituer (le summum de l’horreur étant atteint par le « en région »),—« Madame Bovary, Moeurs de province ».La Province peut aussi être un Enfer pour le Parisien ‘muté’. La Pointe, dans les Ardennes, la Vallée de la Meuse, les Mazures, le Calvaire des Man(n)ises, les enfants des ouvriers de l’usine à sanitaires Porcher mis à la retriate anticipée à 45 ans.On comprend que Rimbaud ait préféré les lointains de l’Arabie et de l’Abyssinie.

    • J'ai fais les gâteaux aux amandes hier et ils sont vraiment très bons,merci. Très beaux blog et photos magnifiques. Ah! Si je pouvais en faire des comme ça…

    • I read your posting and was jealous

    • Ok,If you like it, then good for you, that’s what is important. You have plenty of compliments on here and good, I’m sure plenty of people love it. I’m not complaining. I think it is good for other people contemplating such a project to read other opinions. I had a k75s the smaller, lighter, nimbler version of the k100. The bike was heavy with an incredibly clunky and balky transmission. It really was not a great bike IMHO to turn into a cafe racer. It had so little going for it in tha

    • Aline comentou em 19 de novembro de 2009 às 17:34. Oi Julia! Te vi no Jô e super me identifiquei com vc; Resolvi vir aqui e ver o vídeo que vc ensina passar creme… Adorei tudo! Super dicas, principalmente a da toalha, já estou pondo em prática e vejo resultados, por isso vim aqui pedir pra que, se vc puder, deixar um manual para cuidar da pele do corpo- quais produtos vc usa e se tbm tem algum outro (s) truque para cuidar do corpo, please?!Beijão e obrigada!

    • Jo també estic fent bondat al teu estil. Dieta mediterrània, verduretes i planxa…però ahir no em vaig poder estar de menjar uns quants panellets (és que em perden).Quan només portava quatre dies de bondat, dues persones diferents em van dir que m’havia aprimat, i tens raó, va ser una injecció de moral. Resistiré!

    • In 2007, Paul Miller hosted a healing workshop and training session in Belfast. Then in 2008, Miller was embroiled in controversy surrounding remarks about him by then MP, Iris Robinson. At that time, he described

    • If they are going to use them for self defense, they have that right as much as a citizen. If I worked in a school or government office I would want something to defend myself from the wackos that like to target those places.

    • It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone with expertise.

    • I don’t see why they need to deny parking for others on the street when most the houses and apartments there either have garages or driveways on their property.

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    • Det är sÃ¥ svÃ¥rt att säga för mycket är ju tycke och smak, jag har aldrig känt en sträv eller bitter smak av tillagad rättika. Kanske är det bara inget för dina smaklökar;))

    • At long last! Someone sticks it to bluddy Rosebud. The Third Man is so much better anyway. Also, is your sun going down? does it mean something ???

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    • Thanks so much for your review of AoA. We are going to be at WDW in 6 days, staying at FQ, but definitely plan to visit the new resort and look it over. The dining there sounds just great and plan to try some of their menu. Again, thank you so much for your review.

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    • Well, to answer your “direction” questions…the books have already been sold and converted to a series on HBO that is currently airing its second season…that usually means, no definable end in sight. At least, until the TV money dries up, then the story will dry up too, in some haphazard and abrupt way that will leave you wondering why you put yourself through it.Be warned!

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    • How interesting and revealing your trip was! Love your insights here but I have to say how sad it is how very much polarized we’ve all become. There are nothing but “hot button” issues these days. China is a complex issue and it’s very human to distill it down to things that are more close to home and more personal. Great photos.

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    • I am myself a little biased in favor of the omnifan :3 But I really tried to keep things balanced in the post. I can tell you that, for the omnifan in particular, it’s good that the other sorts of fan exist, as they come up with things sometimes that I probably could never think of. I certainly agree that mutual understanding is both beneficial and too scarce.

    • Eclipse done and dusted! I still need to write it up somewhere, time is getting away from me.I’m having surgery next week and stressing a bit. The vulnerability involved in general anesthesia gets me every time :-/ Hopefully I can give a good account of myself on the Otterday thread December 1!

    • Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

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    • …Sam we both know that if the locals had dropped boulders off a bridge killing a white guy there would be all hell to pay – middle NZ would be baying for blood, just like when it happened in Auckland – however it was just three stupid kids, so shooting at them, driving them off the road and rolling boulders onto them is actually a form of tough love, and any pinko who suggests otherwise is a faggot

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    • Remember when the police were the friend of the honest citizen and the enemy of the criminal instead of the other way around?It is sad, truly sad, that one cannot trust the police, anymore.

    • I could watch Schindler’s List and still be happy after reading this.

    • This introduces a pleasingly rational point of view.

    • Mirko, za tím Tibetem na mne čouhá další “barevná” revoluce, podezÅ™elé je taky, že nejvÄ›tšími obhájci Tibetu jsou u nás ODS – čili pravice, cosi mi tu prostÄ› páchne a mám dojem, že blaho TibeÅ¥anů je v celé záležitosti až na posledním místÄ›.

    • "makes me wonder, as usual, whether Luntz is Jewish, whether Ephron is Jewish, and how much Jewish-Zionist identity comes into play here." Phil's being cute. He knows full well both are Jewish. Or does he also wonder if Mearsheimer is Jewish? No. He knows equally well that Mister Mearsheimer is a German American, as well he knows Walt is married to a Jewish American woman. Anybody care to guess why Phil's being cute in this instance? Often he doesn't bother, and lays it right out.

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    • Atime4: Wait, are you saying that martyrs take up guns? I get confused on this, whenever gun owners start telling me about how Jesus armed his followers and led them in the revolt against Rome.That might be “Spartacus” you are thinking of.

    • This forum needed shaking up and you’ve just done that. Great post!

    • Leuke job, leuke foto's!Je hebt inderdaad een fijn baantje ;)Wij zijn inmiddels weer thuis, maar ik zag dat we inderdaad wel heel dicht in de buurt zaten!Mooie omgeving hoor!groetjes,Wilmi

    • Furrealz? That’s marvelously good to know.

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    • I would love to borrow the book by Dr. Dobson… if your finished. After going over several chapters of A Survivor's Guide to Home Schooling.. Luanne Shackelford highly recommended it as a must read. Yours, Jeanne

    • Thanks for the comment. It’s always interesting to measure how engaged employees are with their top leadership. I find the best-performing companies over time have people throughout that will take a bullet for their leaders. Thanks, Eric

    • Jajajajajaja, qué cabronaco. Por cierto que en ésta Fiesta ya había por ahí un tipo con kilt (supongo que lo habréis visto, uno que atendía a las casetas)….así que ese futuro está realmente cada día más cerca…muahahaha

    • It should not be too hard to allow both DVD-sized cases and VHS-sized cases on the same shelf. Do you put the call number on the spine of the DVD, right now? With our current tag-printing functionality, the call number wouldn’t fit on something that narrow, but the tag itself would fit…

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    • You should get a fold up like a Bike Friday. I am so tempted to get one one day that I can bring on trips. But I don't know if it's worth lugging that around, especially now that airlines charge for extra luggage.

    • PattyKay, I’d really would like to see more about the car and less over the engine and I feel with the technology going the way it is, I think restrictor plates would go out in bad taste and style with the leisure suit and Daytona, Talladega, Indy and Darlington would keep their distance for their big race.

    • Romney merely follows the satanic agenda like the puppet he is. The land of Israel is already owned by the false jew, with only a handfull of Torah Jews in Israel. The true Israel is owned by the 12 tribes throughout the world… Israel is also America. When you partition Israel, God will partition America as judgement. The, is the coming split of the nation by the New Madrid fault.

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    • Quem defende os nazi-comunistas do HAMAS, devia ter a mesma liberdade de expressão aqui, que eu teria em Gaza, e concordo plenamente com essa gente quando defende o princípio: «olho por olho, dente por dente». Um princípio muito saudável!Se o aplicássemos compreendíamo-nos todos muito melhor…

    • That kind of thinking shows you’re an expert

    • Aww what a cute n cuddly image!! and you've coloured it so beautifully – love the decoupaged Bella!! she's really sweet! Gorgeous papers and layout and I love the twine detail !!Thanks for joining us at MAWTT and Good Luck in the Challenge!Hope you have a lovely weekend!Hugs Sue xx

    • Næææh, sÃ¥ skjønn det ble!! Digger lilla fot! (Bare det ikke er min egen that is, hadde lilla fot etter overtrÃ¥kk en gang, vakke mye digg…)

    • You guys need to stop expecting everyone to behave logically. That’s not how it works. Bulls, bears, bubbles, crashes — always has been and always will be.

    • So that’s the case? Quite a revelation that is.

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    • om man bara skulle vilja äta nÃ¥got lätt till kvällsmat, typ fil och musli och ägg etc. ska jag äta samma dosering som till frukost dÃ¥?

    • Field, you got me looking for my Bob Marley cds now. If the Republicans do not change their ways, it is going to be a riot over here. It won't be the race riot that white supremacist, drug addict Rush is hoping to have though. It is gone be one of those UNITED rainbow riots and after the way they disrespect they've shown Johnny Law, firefighters, and military, I wouldn't be surprised if they unite with the people.

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    • Because it’s 2010 and people are looking for someone they can relate to and get along with rather they are black or white. American bw and wm are getting over the whole slavery mentality and look for happiness with each other. Glad the media is showing it I almost laughed when my friends saw Robert DiNiro on tv with his wife and stated “Whose that woman?”.

    • I particularly like this bit:"You do not notice this since you are not in law enforcement. You do not notice that LEO generally will sit in a spot where they can watch the door and the register. Most of the time, sitting with their backs to a wall so they can see what is going on and who is coming in."Of course I notice, they're sitting in my chair.

    • “Move the Palestinians out of large areas of their homeland”Israel moving palestians ? When and where did Israel recently moved palestinians en masse out of their homse ?

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    • Hello Julien! La chasse « aux sorcieres », comme aujourd’hui, ca se pratiquait aussi durant l’Inquisition. Bon, c’est pas vous qui faites de la danse? Parce qu’il vous faudra faire une autre pirouette pour vous justifier!

    • Varför????Mourad suger ju (det gör i för sig vÃ¥ra andra anfallare ocksÃ¥:))Men det finns ingen anledning att erbjuda Mourad nÃ¥got kanonkontrakt. Han är inte tillräckligt bra helt enkelt. Mourad fick ju tydligen smak pÃ¥ proffslivet (utomlands) när han nötte läktare och bänk i Italien. Lycka till i Albino Leffe George, om du har extremt tur sÃ¥ blir du kanske klubbkamrat med Vovven nere pÃ¥ Cypern.

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    • Thanks Jackie! So far, I’ve had 47 clicks of that link which to me is an amazing amount considering 95% of all people aren’t interested in politics at all (including me . . . I hate politics). I find it astonishing that people get mad over AIG’s bonuses but are OK with the 9.7 trillion

    • Good point. There is a lot of pressure to bounce back after birth and let the relatives see the baby, isn't there? It's like you are being selfish if you keep the baby to yourself. But establishing breastfeeding is good reason to keep them away. I think if we have another I will keep the relatives away for at least a week. And DEFINITELY nobody staying at the house.

    • Anette skriver:Hej Mirka! Jag undrar hur era barn ställer sig till att de mÃ¥ste byta skola nu till hösten? Hur stor skola börjar dom i? Hur lÃ¥ngt kommer ni att fÃ¥ till affär och skola förresten?

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    • wrote another revealing post yesterday from my partying past titled , Mike Had Big Hair and Heels, I Miss that Guy. In it I expressed that I hoped some Christians would not be “offended” by some of the

    • Tak já to chápu, je to takové prázdné plácání do vody, ale já nevím, co říct a zase se mi chce tÄ› nÄ›jak podpořít… A nÄ›jak prohrávám na vÅ¡ech frontách. XDD

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    • by scientists, philosophers, and theologians. (The book grew from a conference sponsored by the Templeton foundation, so the inclusion of theologians is less surprising.) Those who know me will suspect that I don’t think theologians have much insight to add, but in this case I was positively pleased by their inclusion into the discussion. Their perspective elevated the book to a broader range of human concerns, or a fuller treatment of human beings, even for a post-theist like myself. It makes me think there has to be space to include substantive theological reflection that moves far beyond the blunt contemporary discussions of whether theism is rationally defensible.

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    • Her name is Bliss. She’s on the other side. She’s also an aussie, but she’s white and brown and speckled and serious. I wish I could follow her through to her mom.

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    • I’ve finally listened to both. Massive difference actually. 80s remix just sounded really odd to me and when I put on the original the record finally made sense. Much gnarlier guitar sound and a more edgy, underground Metal vibe! Really enjoyed it. I can see what they were trying to do with the remix, making the guitars fatter and everything’s separated out a bit more. It just sounds a bit empty to me though. Much prefer the original! Glad I’ve got both though…

    • I always love seeing photos of your home, its the kind of place i dream of living in one day. You're so clever making the bikini, i'll happily admit to being useless at things like that!

    • One of those momentary glitches I guess. The links are definitely working now and I’m very impressed at first glance. That’s exemplary use of hypertext.Sorry for the misrepresentation.

    • Palestinierna och inte bosättarna var de som krossade fredsrörelsen i Israel—————————SÃ¥ du skulle inte se det som vÃ¥ld om jag bosatte mig permanent i din trädgÃ¥rd ?Hur resonerar du dÃ¥?Har jag gudomlig rätt att bosätta mig där?

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    • Two things: could you stop the NY bashing? I live in suburban NY, and work in Manhattan (after 11 months of being unemployed). . .you simply have no idea what you are talking about when you go on yammering about us. . Have you ever even been to NYC?Second: don't be hatin' on Amy Grant. . . that's a fine lookin' lady. . Other than that, you're great Tam. . BTW, this is a different "Paul" than the one above. . .I'm the real one. . .

    • Dato che devo morire (non sono higlander) e che a morire si soffre, preferisco morire in fretta. L’infarto fulminante è una morte accettabile. Quindi preferisco una vita mediamente lunga (non troppo) e mediamente intensa + una morte accettabile e veloce. Purtroppo però non fumo pesante e non bevo, quindi forse non avrò la fortuna di una morte veloce.

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    • Seleção sub 17 não serve? Então é melhor não chamar mais a seleção sub 17 de seleção! É só a principal então né?! Tá bom vai… pelo menos eu tentei. rsrs

    • A provocative insight! Just what we need!

    • Oh, Simon. What a wonderful optimist you are. I’ve probably read too much about this process. There was a particular reason why I decided I had to have an ISBN, but I can’t think of it at the moment.

    • Nikke: Jo dÃ¥, har du gÃ¥tt igenom playthrough 2 är fienderna lv50 redan frÃ¥n början, även när du spelar ensam.Fuffens: Det skadar inte att ha med en soldier när jag själv spelar siren. DÃ¥ kan jag skjuta ännu mer, har vapen som regenererar ammo plus mercenary class mod som ocksÃ¥ regenererar ammo, men bara till SMG.

    • Je ne sais pas ou l’auteure a pu imaginer un ado comme ca dans un milieu comme caIl n’a rien d’un ado.Il parle comme un adulte.Cela enlève toute crédibilité au livre. Dommage

    • The average American is blind to the polititicans who manipulate them. They are willing to believe anyone who praises their religious prejudices, or promises to protect their guns, or upholds their racial hatreds. The Republicans are very good at doing just that.

    • Ja, das Lager möchte beleuchtet werden. Und nen paar Gehälter zahlen die sicher auch. Hinzu kommen Versandkosten. Auch wenn sie Preise bei DHL/Hermes kriegen von den wir nur träumen können ist das durch das hohe Umsatzvolumen auch nicht grad wenig was da aufläuft.

    • korekta ? trend jest mocno wzrostowy , waluty lecÄ… na pysk ! tylko pozycje L jakie korekty ? Panie coÅ› Pan ? znowu spadki ? non stop to samo, dlatego gram dÅ‚ugie.

    • Sinistre ce Palais de Justice, en même temps c’est pas un endroit ou l’on est censé se détendre mais la c’est fort de chez roquefort!!!Passes une bonne journée(-:

    • Wow! Great to find a post with such a clear message!

    • I was eating so much crap too! But the past two weeks, I have been trying so hard to be good. It’s funny how you notice and see the difference. I will try to conquer a creamy chocolaty frappe thats low in calories!

    • Thinking like that shows an expert’s touch

    • I love the new uniforms. I understand we are use to “Orange” but these uniforms are nice. Everything always changes just like how we use to dress from now to the 80′s. Different is good. I have heard that the player love them, so thats all it matters to me. With how football is getting better each year and one of the best facilitys in the nation, its good we are changing for the best. I love them and they look very good. If we are true fans, it don’t matter what we think, if the player are happy, we should be. GO POKES!!!

    • Como sempre, muitos looks bacanas e alguns de gosto duvidoso (Nicky ) no Grammy!! Mas o verdadeiro look arrasa quarteirão pra mim foi o da Rihanna! Vestido tudo, bronze tudo, corpo tudo! Todas morrem… Beijo Camila![]

    • Just knowing your brother was mixing up Jack and Cokes tells me everything I need to know about the bar…! And the GPS freaks me out completely. Lovely story!

    • I’m from Brazil, I moved here when I was 12. So my favorite meal will be a little different from everybody. White rice, red kidney beans, squash cut into cubes (then I mashed it and mixed with everything else), ground beef, tomato slices and lettuce.

    • It’s like you’re on a mission to save me time and money!

    • Interesting. I had never heard of wedding insurance. There was a fire in a strip mall in our town this past spring. It started a few stores over but ended up engulfing the dry cleaners where I know of one wedding dress that got destroyed the day before the wedding.

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    • Excelente texto! Bem informativo. Realmente a fila do banco exclusiva para deficiente sempre foi mal informada e constrangedora. O pior é que na sinalizaçã não consta nenhuma identificação de portador de deficiência auditiva. Parabéns! Abs, Pedro.

    • You have 1. spark & 2. Air/fuel which are the two easiest and most common failures. The other things needed in order to run are 3. Compression 4. Timing Those are the next things to check. There is a possibility that the car is flooded. If you hold the throttle to the floor and crank it that will clear it most of the time. Fuel injected cars don’t flood unless the spark is very weak, but it does happen on Nissan Sentras and other similar motors.

    • Grade A stuff. I’m unquestionably in your debt.

    • Thanks for sharing this. I love lists. I’ve read about 25 of these, which is more than I thought I would have read when I started counting. I don’t think I would have classified some as fantasy / SF at the time, but I guess they have something a little odd about them.I love Cloud Atlas but Mitchell can do little wrong in my view. I liked The Road, although it’s very different from other Cormac McCarthy novels. But my unexpected find was Faber’s Under the Skin which I chanced upon last year and went into my Top Ten Reads of 2008!

    • Thank you Jaclyn, I’m glad you found the post insightful! It’s easy to get caught up in the hype and forget the simpler purposes of food, a valuable lesson to remember!

    • Everyone would benefit from reading this post

    • I’m with you Rex. Except it’s precisely that difference that I believe is valid secularly and not in the way church leaders use the term. It’s just my own opinion based on the way they use the language.

    • Creo que llamar estado de bienestar a lo que teníamos antes de la crisis, es un eufemismo. Yo lo llamaba estado de medioestar. Al actual, como no podía ser de otra forma, lo llamo estado de malestar.Saludos

    • Fringe has always played fast and loose with geography, given the way people zip between New York and Boston like it’s a half hour jaunt.With regard to Vermont’s last appearance, I remember that Walter describing the town of Washington being “just up the road” from where his car broke down on I-93, when it’s really more like an hour and a half. Although may have been Walter’s knack for understatement.

    • Ok, so I have been doing a 3 day a week program (bulgarianish) 20 snatch singles, 10 C&J, 20 C&J, 20 snatch singles, and squatting alternating back and front squats. after the first month I got a couple of PR’s, then it was kind of downhill from there, I still think my technique has been improving but my numbers have really been sucking. What would be a simple way to deload?Thanks,Ben

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    • DP111, Islam doesn't have any respect for any other religion. All evidence of Buddhism has been wiped out in Pakistan and Afghanistan (Afghanistan was once a Buddhist country). Nigerian and Egyptian churches, Turkish and Gazan synagogues, 2000 year old Buddhist statues, Hindu temples have all been destroyed by Muslims for no other reason than they weren't Islamic.

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    • I think it would be useful to highlight all of the excellent work being done around the country on diocesean and parish web sites and Episcopal blogs. I am sure I have only scratched the surface. How about a contest along the lines of the best blogger awards, but just for TEC? We could separate parish sites into groups based on budgets or ASA so that we could see what smaller parishes are doing with limited resources. I have a feeling there are a lot of innovative ideas out there that the rest of us are not aware of.

    • Por razónes de espacio he colocado todas las fotografías, 168 en total, en un post oculto. Si desean verlas y descargarlas, vayan al siguiente post y pinchen en “leer más”.Gracias.

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    • Super cute! By the way, is that a stenciled wall behind you?! Did you do that yourself?[] Reply:December 6th, 2012 at 12:20 pmThanks Jessica! Yes, that is a stenciled wall I did in our 1/2 bath last year. =)[]

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    • I am always thrilled when grown children make a good choice, whatever that is. After our kids all grew up, I realized what free angency really means. It means they are free to ignore everything they were ever taught and to learn every life lesson the hard way. I am grateful every time a child picks the easy way.Congrats on Jessie being surrounded by people who are good friends. That means so much, too.

    • Et bien dans ce cas là, faisons l’inverse. Baissons le smic à 500€, supprimons tous les fonctionnaires en mettant des entreprises privées à la place pour faire le travail, supprimons les allocations et toutes les aides et tout sera au mieux dans le meilleur des mondes.

    • When I was a volunteer at the Salvo it never ceased to amaze me the utter crap people would donate?? Too lazy to bin it!! I would say at least a third of what came in was not fit for anything other than a dump. Do you wear surgical gloves when sorting?? Never found any dead animals thank god, that would have finished me off rather early. The cubes look fabulous, such a great revamp!!!

    • Sou sincero: ser adulado é a coisa mais bonita do mundo! …na veridade o português não é chinês, nem é igual ao italiano, mas é as vezes símile… O meu mérito não é excepcional…Carla não me abandonar! Ou você está pensando a demitir-se?! Seu trabalho não é já terminado!!! Socorro porque “cuidado”? Eu sigo a Globo pra aprender a lingua! Oi Cris finalmente você voltou!

    • Je passe la visite le 24 mai.Sur la convocation on me demande juste Gamma GT et VGM. Rien d’autre, Ni CDT ni analyse d’urines.Est ce que tu peux m’en dire un peu plus sur le deroulement de la visite? Comment cela s’est passé pour toi?

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    • Thanks so much for sharing all of Adoption April with us :) My good friend has two adopted boys and it is interesting to hear it from your perspective. They are still teeny tiny but I am always looking for ways to support them/their parents as they get older.

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    • Takk for tipset, jeg tar en tur etterpÃ¥. :)HÃ¥per formen din er bra og at kreftene er i ferd med Ã¥ komme pÃ¥ plass igjen. Vet du koser deg om dagen. Skjønne M ser sÃ¥ stolt ut pÃ¥ bildene du tar. ♥Ønsker deg og dine en glad onsdag, søte Heidi!Klem,AWPS! Heier pÃ¥ deg hos NIB!

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    • of my favorite families to photograph, I just adore them!  Jane’s 3rd birthday session is still one of my all time favorites.  And so is Joan’s birth.  Every time I see them,

    • Ja husker fjorÃ¥rets bilde, sÃ¥ stilig begge to! Dette mÃ¥ bli tradisjon vettu:)Godt nytt Ã¥r kjære Heidi! Og takk for all inspirasjon! Gleder meg til Ã¥ se hva 2012 vil bringe, for bÃ¥de deg og meg:)Klem fra Kristin

    • We have started putting our food scraps in our yard waste. In our area the yard waste is turned over to a local company that composts it. A few months ago I looked at how much of our garbage was actually organic matter and realized that it wasn’t doing any good in a landfill. Sustainability is important to me and I am trying to teach my kids the importance of thinking about the future.

    • Maar waarom dan maar 4 sterren? Tapas verdient er zeker 5! Spanjaarden kan je met recht tot helden bekronen, ‘s middags paella en ‘s avonds tapas, wat wil een mens nog meer?:)

    • Jeg er sÃ¥ enig med deg. det er virkelig energipÃ¥fyll Ã¥ komme seg ut i naturen. Nydelige bilder du har tatt. kjenner meg igjen i beskrivelsen av krypende fotoraf. ;) Skjønne ullklær Marie har pÃ¥ seg ogsÃ¥. Ha en kjempefin mandag Heidi.Klem fra Hanne Mette

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    • I made up my mind after I saw photos of the conventions. Only one was a reflection of the current makeup of our nation. Yes, Obama really did win the election. If he managed to garner almost 40% of the vote in my ruby-red-Republican county, then I certainly believe he won the majority in the nation. Republicans are simply out of touch with reality.

    • Vavča: Cože ty nemáš ráda rajčata?!No čajovny jsou fajn, skvÄ›le se tam paří deskovky a tak, ale človÄ›k musí mít Å¡tÄ›stí na den. NÄ›kdy, když tam vthrne invaze mladých rodičů s dÄ›tmi, tak je mi jasné, že jsou jen dvÄ› možnosti, zabít je, nebo odejít…

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    • Reading Chris Barnes above….I’m in West Penwith too, we’re having a wild week of weather, and had a massive thunder storm the other day on the south coast. Winds are running high, but there are glimpses of sunshine again. Just need some warmth!Your garden and produce is looking wonderfully lush, and very edible!

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    • I would vote but when I try to go to the UK voting page it won’t let me… maybe it’s because I’m American… I really don’t like any of the US ones so I haven’t voted yet. No offense to anyone on here that may be in the US competition.Am I the only person who think it looks somewhat like Spagonia in the background?

    • Your table looks great! I love your new sugar cones. They look good in that tray with the greenery. Your little Santa from Pier 1 is cute too.

    • Too many compliments too little space, thanks!

    • Don’t worry about it, you didn’t miss anything. I purposely keep the location of these places secret because not only are they somewhat widely available already elsewhere, but I don’t want to be responsible for some jerk going in there and screwing up the place – even indirectly. Sorry!

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    • Dear Yogi,You’re absolutely right–if we do have generic substitutes, we don’t need to worry about foreign firms withdrawing their drugs from the market (and to this extent, India will be in a better bargaining posn than Thailand). However, as you rightly point out, the assumption that generic companies always have substitutes for the latest products is not entirely true–and to this extent, extensive price controls may hurt. I hope this clarifies.

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    • If the loathsome racist named GrannySquattingAfterPruneJuice has any children that live in Arkansas, they should be interrogated first. She, with her twisted racial hatred and distorted thinking, is a prime example of the type of person that breeds psychopathic attitudes.YES!!!!!!!!! CF or US would not produce children like that with a lack of integrity and the victim mentality. GREAT POINT even though those who need to hear it will not. I too am am an "uptown" brother who claims my own mistakes and failures and does not blame society. Victims are made by folks who raise their children to be victims!

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    • Обидно такое читать про мою любимую школу! Я в ней проучилась, и учителей могу только добрым словом вспомнить!

    • I have Miriam as well and love it – Nostalgie is perhaps a little more floral while Miriam is so gorgeously rich in sandalwood. Miriam is a bit sweeter too. In feeling, Miriam is so tender and wistful, while Nostalgie is more confident, and serene.But I certainly think that if you like Miriam, Nostalgie will suit your taste as well. It does mine.

    • Yael,ich glaube, es ist einfach schwer zu akzeptieren, dass Judenhass Jahrhunderte lang nicht Randphänomen sondern Basis des Christentums war. Sowas schmerzt, gerade jenen Christen, die an die Nächstenliebe als Basis glauben wollen.

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    • You dumped away all those whey from making all your great cheese?? oh…man…what a waste! 500 ml whey cost slightly less than 1 Euro. They are also perfect to make pancakes! @Ann, Ive, Pavithra, Reeni, Peachkins, Donna, pigpigscorner, Parita, girlichef, KatyThank you! you guys are really kind and modest, I know how good you guys can cook!@Passionate About Baking, My Little SpaceIt's really kind and awesome of you two thinking of me! :-))

    • Sztuka dla sztuki. Ot, co. Czy ktoÅ› kiedyÅ› bÄ™dzie miaÅ‚ odwagÄ™ powiedzieć Eugeniuszowi, że jest grafomanem? Tu faktycznie jest tyle zachwytu i miÅ‚oÅ›ci – ale dla grona z Kólka Wzajemnej Adoracji … Ale w sumie niech siÄ™ gÅ‚aszczÄ… – nikt na to nie ma wpÅ‚ywu, a im miÅ‚o

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    • Hi Katharina,Your cards are amazing, I dont know how you keep coming up with such beautiful designs. I also love having a go at making my cards with your sketches. You are such an inspiration.Lyndsey xx

    • This site is like a classroom, except I don’t hate it. lol

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