Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: 2013 NL East Preview & Predictions

The beat goes on the beat goes on.

If you survived the our AL East preview show, you’re going to love our NL East preview, part two of our six-episode 2013 preview. This time Corey and I argue at length over who will win the division.

I say the Nationals will finish with the best record in baseball. Corey says the Braves studly young outfield will lead them to the crown.

Corey and I will provide you with each team’s projected line-up, rotation, bench & bullpen. We look at who arrived for each team in the offseason (and who departed) and ask the major questions each team will have heading in to the new season.

Topics discussed this week

  • What will Bryce Harper do for an encore?
  • Will Stephen Strasburg be fully unleashed?
  • Was Adam LaRoche the right choice over Michael Morse?
  • Can Dan Haren bounce back in Washington?
  • Bizarre arguments over Danny Espinosa and Kurt Suzuki
  • Is BJ Upton an upgrade over Michael Bourn?
  • Can Kris Medlen repeat his 2012 performance? (Hint: I say “Yes”)
  • Can the Braves overcome the potentially record setting number of times they will strike out in 2013?
  • Without Bobby Cox and Chipper Jones on retirement tours, will the Braves be as motivated?
  • Do the Braves have the best bullpen in the majors?
  • Can the Phillies bounce back?
  • Is Ryan Howard done? Is his contract nearing Vernon Wells’s in awfullness?
  • Why Chase Utley may be the most underrated baserunner in baseball
  • Is Roy Halladay finally over the hill?
  • What team will be worse? The Marlins or Mets?
  • Why Corey secretly loves the Mets’ rotation
  • Why Corey is very overtly in love with Giancarlo Stanton
  • What are the odds Rickey Nolasco is traded?
  • Why the Marlins will be really good in a couple years, but not anytime soon.
  • Why Henderson Alvarez has beautiful hair
  • The usual sprinkling of Chone Figgins jokes

All this, plus our projected records for each NL East team. This time, we really see things differently.

Next episode: The AL Central Preview (or The Roast of Alex Rios)

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Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg seem poised for spectacular seasons in 2013.


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