Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: 2013 AL East Preview & Predictions

The beginning of March means the beginning of our 2013 MLB season preview. To start of the six-episode extravaganza we begin looking at one of the most dynamic divisions in baseball, the American League East.

Corey and I will provide you with each team’s projected line-up, rotation, bench & bullpen. We look at who arrived for each team in the offseason (and who departed) and ask the major questions each team will have heading in to the new season.

Topics discussed this week:

  • The Royals have started the spring 11-0-1. Does that mean anything?
  • How will the Yankees compensate for starting the season without Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixeira, & Alex Rodriguez?
  • How big a role will Eduardo Nunez and Austin Romine have for the Yankees?
  • Can the Orioles repeat their amazing 2012 performance?
  • How many games can you expect out of Brian Roberts?
  • Will Matt Wieters ever live up to the high expectations?
  • Will we see Wil Myers in 2013?
  • How much will the Rays miss James Shields?
  • Can Joe Maddon solve the Yunel Escobar riddle?
  • Are the Blue Jays the favorite to win the East this season?
  • Who will win the second base job in Toronto?
  • Suley really likes RA Dickey. A little too much.
  • Who will have a bigger bounce back: Rickey Romero or Jon Lester?
  • Which Mike Napoli will the Red Sox see?
  • Can Jonny Gomes be as good in Boston as be was in Oakland?
  • Have the additions of Koji Uehara and Joel Hanrahan fixed the Sox bullpen?

All this, plus our projected records for each AL East team.

Next episode: The NL East Preview

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How will the Yankees compensate for starting A-Rod? (Photo by Keith Allison via CC BY-SA 2.0)


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  1. This article has a great prediction, and this website is doing an entire prediction, team by team of the NL and AL

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