The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10 – ‘Home’ Review and Analysis

Finally, there is action once again within the Walking Dead universe. After a slight fear that there may be a drop-off in excitement as there was in Season 2, The Governor showed up at the prison to let fans of the show know that the rest of the season will be action-packed.

In a show based on people living among zombies, it is other humans who pose the greatest threat. The Governor and his men have arrived to get revenge and take the prison, but there are many side angles that are taking place as well.


Rick’s Visions of Lori

Rick has officially gone off the deep end. He is wandering around the prison yard and outside of it, looking for the vision of Lori that first appeared to him last week.

He actually got close enough for her to touch his face, but she once again disappeared and he continued to search. Until the end of the episode, when The Governor arrived, Rick appeared to be lost to anyone watching him.

The only person who is suited to talk to Rick is Hershel, and he did just that. Hershel was also the one who Rick told about the phone calls, and Hershel handled the situation very well. He did not overreact and scare the rest of the group. Hershel can relate to Rick considering they have both lost their wives.

Rick is certainly not in a position to lead anymore, but he may still try and hold power during the fight against The Governor. It seems that whenever Rick is about to lose his mind, there is an ensuing fight that helps him retain his focus on survival.

Contrast of Daryl and Merle

Daryl and Merle started out as two brothers who were simply looking out for themselves and no one else. Merle brought this up in the episode when he reminded Daryl about their plans to rob the original camp, before Merle was handcuffed to the roof of the building by Rick.

Daryl has turned into a caring person since his time with Rick’s group, while Merle is still a manipulator and someone who is only in it for himself. A tweet that was sent out by The Walking Dead’s official account sums up the change between the two brothers over time, specifically Daryl.


This picture shows how Daryl has broken away from the ways of his past with his brother. He is no longer ignorant, and is now tolerant to those around him.

Daryl’s helping of the family who was being attacked by walkers in their car shows the entire transformation. Merle then tried to take some of the family’s supplies, but Daryl went as far to put his crossbow on his brother’s back in order to uphold his sense of justice.

Now that both are back in the prison, it will be interesting to see how Merle is received by the rest of the group, especially Glenn.

Time at the Prison in Running Short

Just as was the case with the farm last season, no shelter is permanent in a world filled with zombies and other humans looking to kill.

All seemed fine until a bullet went into Axel’s head and The Governor and his men appeared. The walls of the prison had been breached, but there had been no formal attack until this moment.

A retreat will be in store for Rick and his group, but a change of location can help end the staleness of the prison. The comics feature changes of scenery, and the show will as well – it just takes more time to transition.

The Governor has arrived, which means he will have his eventual showdown with Rick. Daryl and Merle are back, and the group is pinned back, but the first order of business will be to find sanctuary from the walkers who are roaming the prison yard.

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