Reactions To Beyonce’s 2013 Super Bowl Halftime Show

 is going to be providing you with a video and review of Beyonce’s 2013 Super Bowl halftime show. But what are people like you saying across the Internet? What are the celebrities thinking about her performance? Was it good? Was it bad? Was it better than last year’s?

Once Beyonce is done performing and reuniting with her Destiny’s Child co-stars Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, I will be sharing what everyone is saying via a Storify story.

Here’s a few quick tweets, but there will be more momentarily.



Reactions to Beyonce’s 2013 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Here are reactions from both celebrities and the public regarding Beyonce’s 2013 Super Bowl halftime show in New Orleans, close to her hometown of Houston.

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Reactions from the celebs to start you off:
Beyonce Bowl.solange knowles
Between the commercials, the game, and Beyoncé, I’m not gonna be able to blink for the next 3 hours. #SuperBowlEllen DeGeneres
I heard there was this little football game at the Beyonce concert today…. Is that true? #BeyonceBowlKim Kardashian
god what if beyonce comes out with an acoustic guitar and sings "If I Were A Boy" slowlyMindy Kaling
And others chime in with mostly positive comments about Beyonce and the reunion of Destiny’s Child:
RT @VictoriasSecret: .@Beyonce’s strut is auh-mazing! #SuperBowltayler burgess
Beyonce did her thang on the half time !Bri Tho’ :) !
Beyonce killed that performance!!!Clark + e = Me!
Beyonce’s #Halftime performance. >>>>>Samantha Wells
RT @machinegunkelly: Beyonce is now a legend. That was insane. I feel like I witnessed a moment in history.Destiny Galloway
I wish I had DVR so I could watch endless hours of Beyonce and that halftime performance #damngirl #destinyschild ❤Niki Pizzello
Kelly and Michelle mics was lower then Beyonce’s though lolWilly BadA$$
I think Michelle is the real reason we will never see another Destinys Child reunion lol #notalentMarleine Legros®
The #SpiceGirls closed the #Olympics & #Beyonce and #DestinysChild are the #PepsiHalftime, it’s been a bomb couple months for GIRL POWER.Hell On Heels
Precisely, @Ti_West. “@Ti_West: The biggest, most masculine sporting event of the year…perfect time for a destinys child reunion. #Weird”Alex Dandino
How could Destinys Child reunite and not sing say my name? #Questionoftheday #DissapointedSarah Simon
Then several joked about how the halftime show made the power go out.
The stadium could not handle the return of destinys childJaxon Flaxon-Waxon
Power outage was a sign for a Destinys Child encore. #billsbillsbils #saymynameBrooke Munford
Can destinys child come out on the field and sing a few until the lights come back on?!DREW.B

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  1. The half time show sould have had it’s own title “The Beyonce – Hey Everyone wanna see my crotch show” She gave a whole new meaning to lip syncing!!! LMAO!!

  2. None of us actually watched the show. Instead we discussed who would’ve put on a better show. Not a fan of Beyonce or Destiny’s Child so I did not know any of the songs she sang. My 10 year old son said, “Who’s this? All I see are big butts and fat legs.” Told him not to watch, she looked more like a stripper on stage.

  3. Beyounce’s pole dance was further proof that American culture has sunk to new and evermore lewd levels. What’s next, sex acts with bears and dogs?

  4. laura locascio says:

    Leather & Lace…spread knees…All about sex.

  5. I thought she made a fool out of herself .. don’t they realize there were thousands of younsters watching and to see her gyrating and swinging her head like a fool was so disappointing and uncalled for. Prince was the best S B halftime preformer ever. Now he’s and entertainer .. Beyonce, seemed like she was just looking for attention anyway she can get it.

  6. 5150nokidding says:

    Hide your children. Objectify women. Horrible show!

  7. Kids these day see more then that. So saying that what she did is just crazy. People that say that is unhappy with their life and wish they were here.

  8. God is not mocked. It’s time to repent personally and as a nation from the hideous slide into depravity

  9. I had to turn the soft porn show off. Yuck! CBS paid for a strip show.

  10. One of the worst shows I’ve seen. There was not any thought put into this for the audience. It was yelling, smoke and repeated movements, pole dancing style one comment stated. That’s a good description. I think for half time shows there should be some creativeness, artistic thought put into it. Should be able to hear the peoples singing. All we got were facial shots of her blinking at the audience and then the dress were Amazonia tribal wear that went along with the military march off battle. This was f level horror (ble).

  11. why the Beyonce-porn clothing during a family football time??? why the ugly full-snarl during her singing??? do you believe in evil spirits? I fear God’s judgment on foolish America. Keep the ‘fire’
    burning, Beyoncé, it’s coming for many :( :( :(

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