Images: Kobe Blocks LeBron Twice in All-Star Game

Sunday night’s high-octane, high-scoring All-Star game just wouldn’t have lived up to its name if there wasn’t a little Kobe versus LeBron action.

For years, the question has been asked, “if you want to win a championship, who do you take, King James or the Black Mamba?”

And while LeBron is by far the most entertaining player in the game today, Kobe typically wins most of those “who do you take” debates. Hell, even Michael Jordan said he’d prefer five (championships) as opposed to one.

Because of the Lakers’ struggles this season, it is unlikely we see these two living legends clash in the NBA Finals this season. The All-Star game was the highest stage Kobe and LeBron will compete against one another this season.

And Kobe wanted to make sure he stayed ahead of LeBron in the greatest player of today discussions with a few defensive plays down the stretch of Sunday’s game.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will let these images speak for themselves.

Here is block number 1:

Kobe’s first block of LeBron came late in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s All-Star game.
(Credit: Getty Images)

And, just for good measure, block number 2:

A driving LeBron gets rejected by Kobe for the second time in the All-Star Game. (Credit: Scott Halleran)

In a game not recognized for its defense, Kobe wanted to make a statement that he isn’t ready to hand the reigns of the league over to LeBron just yet.

The West went on to  win its third straight All-Star game, 143-138.

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