Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: King Felix’s Ransom, PEDs & Jose Canseco’s 1-900 Number

Corey and I are happy to be back for the 2013 season. We’re even happier that pitchers and catchers report for spring training tomorrow.

In honor of that, Corey and I bring you a full hour to get you caught up on the offseason.

One of the biggest stories of the past week was Felix Hernandez signing a 7-year extension with the Mariners, making him the highest paid pitcher in baseball. Was it too much? Should Seattle have sought a trade? Will Justin Verlander receive similar money? We break down every angle of the deal to kick off the show.

From there, we discuss the recent Biogenesis PED controversy, the players implicated, and what this means going forward.

We talk about PEDs a little more in-depth: Can they ever get rid of this problem? Is it actually as big a problem as we make it out to be? Will we always question truly remarkable feats? We also look at the effect PEDs have on the Hall-of-Fame.

Also warming up for this episode:

  • Which teams had the best, and worst offseasons?
  • Where will Michael Bourn play in 2013?
  • Will Grady Sizemore ever play again?
  • Suley explains the scenarios where he would take steroids
  • Tim Wakefield’s new reality show (Doug Flutie is one of the contestants)
  • A rare 1865 baseball card sells for $92k
  • We uncover a hidden gem in playing the commercial from Jose Canseco’s old 1-900 number

All this, plus the usual analysis and chicanary you’ve come to love and tolerate.

Above all else, we wish you a very happy 2013 season!

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  2. Thanks Jerod!

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