Beyonce 2013 Super Bowl Halftime Show – Video and Review

What did you think of Beyonce’s much-anticipated 2013 Super Bowl halftime show?

Beyonce 2013 Super Bowl Halftime Show Video


Beyonce 2013 Super Bowl Halftime Show Review


God Bless America.

God Bless Football.

God Bless Jay-Z.


I think we all knew Beyonce was going to kill it, especially after she shut everyone up on Super Bowl Media Day by singing the National Anthem a cappella.

Before the game, I made out a list of songs I wanted to hear during the show, and only two of them made it in. Single Ladies and Halo (I can’t believe she ended with that. More in a moment). However, she proved me wrong, in the sense that I really don’t think that halftime show could’ve gotten much better.

With Beyonce being the president of the world, whether you like to believe it or not, we had no choice but to expect as much badassery as possible. Let’s see, what about Beyonce’s performance would pass as badass?

The cool stage with the fire turning into two faces? Check.

The all girl band, showing the world the power of women in music? Check.

Beyonce with the finger lick after her first song, sending every man and a good number of women into a frenzy? Check.

Beyonce showing us all that even after a baby, she has the greatest hips in the history of forever? Check.

Beyonce bringing out Destiny’s Child and surprising everyone?! Check.

I could sit here for the next few hours and add to this list; however, I’ve gotta get this piece to my editor and I kind of want to watch the second half.

The only critique I’d give her would be that of the last song. Why Halo? Everything about Beyonce is pizzazz, fire, screaming, racing hearts, etc., and she ends with a ballad? Now, I must admit, the blue finger lights in the bleachers swaying back and forth during the song was sweet, but she should’ve thrown that into the middle of the act.

I also was hoping for a little bit more from Beyonce than just a few rifs. I wanted her to saaaaaang. The dancing made up for it. Hell, when you’ve got hips like Beyonce’s, just walking around the stage makes up for.

Those such a miniscule critiques in a halftime show that I don’t think anyone wanted to end.

I give it an A-. I’d honestly rather watch Beyonce for the next 30 minutes then the rest of this football game. Hey…aww c’mon…gimme my man card back – you know you’re thinking the exact same thing!

Other Beyonce Super Bowl Videos

To hold you over until Beyonce performs tonight, here are a couple of behind the scenes videos of the rehearsals and preparation going into tonight’s halftime show.

She’s looking forward to the performance as much as we are. In the third video – a teaser – she says, “I know this is my legacy.” Beyonce is also pleased that the Super Bowl she’ll be performing at is in the South, close to her hometown of Houston, Texas.




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  1. What a waste of Pespi money! I’m changing to Coke.

    • WynonaSwineywrt says:

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    • Richard Gozinue says:

      that halftime show was really lame….I think her pussie stinks

      • Richard Gozinue says:

        53% of the vote is either EH, not good, or horrible.

        AND GOD BLESS Beyonce???…she and her show sucked..BADD.

    • jackstraw from Witchita says:

      that was such a crappie 1/2 time show , that’s all she did was wiggle her ass, and look for the tv camera.she never actually sang any songs . .. she did make some noise though…bee bop boody doo.. when are they going to get Buddy Guy or B.B. king . , or some musicians. Although Eric Clapton was awesome , musicians that actually play instruments, and sing songs are what the public wants

  2. K Goldman says:

    Show was terrible! I don’t understand why they don’t just sing the songs that we know and like! If I had 10 minutes I would give the audience my best, not crap someone told me to try!

  3. Worst half time show ever!!!!

  4. It was spectacular!

  5. No Longer Fan says:

    I agree! AND what happened to the Super Bowl being family affair? I would NEVER let my kids watch that crap!

  6. she is a dancer, not a singer!!!

  7. that girl can sing,but not today……..worst halftime ever.

  8. Kim Lanowy says:

    awful!! all she did was fling her hair around- she barely even sang after the whole gaff at the inauguration

  9. Yea the Black Eyed Peas show was a lot better!

  10. Like a whore house dance to gain business

  11. She was terrible! She barly sang any thing she was to worried about dancing!!!! she made the super bowl really bad. total waste of money!!!! i like the old people that are better.

  12. Hahaha!!

  13. Stick to sukking not singing horrible did not even sing waste of my time

  14. Camel joe is waiting for you with poison ivy

  15. Pitiful show… sad to think that this was considered ‘entertainment’… ‘skanky’ and boring!

  16. Created a lot of wind with her hair flipping

  17. Whore is right…

  18. Ok, so I was not the only one that found it completely boring and lackluster. Nothing special about sums it up.

  19. Garabed Kaffeian says:

    Awful…very little if any singing..just trashy embarrassing.

  20. Is she serious? Any questions?

  21. Doritos rock says:

    Did you see the lights go out! Not during the halftime show….during the game! Haha!

  22. Show was very mediocre. Mtv videos would have been just as entertaining.. You would think Superbowl Sunday, better choreography. something fresh ..not here. Just another gigantic paycheck for a overpaid performer.

  23. Bored2tears says:

    Foot stomping, snarling, imaginary pole dancing. What happened to the singing? One short and lovely, not surprising chorus with Destineys Child. Beyonce was overhyped and underperformed. Even worse than Kaepernicks Super Bowl performance.

    • this was bad. I like rock music. this is not rock music. actually there is no rock music in america anymore. I turned this down and watched NIN on youtube. that would have been a good vibe to match the battle vibe of football. Beyonce is like a fashion model or something. it isnt music.

  24. You could tell the ego on this woman. Most of it revolved around her and her image. Then she says at the end “thanks for this moment”.. for herself of course. I just find her completely overrated and full of herself. I’m sorry but I didn’t want to see a million mirrored images of her or her on a pedestal at the beginning. Whomever thought of this concept had no imagination and thought a little bit too much about this “star”. BLAH

    • Parent of 8 year old boy says:

      I agree. She could have easily incorporated other performers from slightly different genres for inclusiveness. She is more interested in vulgar gestures and overly revealing costumes for a family venue. Even Madonna and CeeCee had respect for the viewers.

      I am more concerned about what it says to our very young daughters about self respect and to our sons about respecting women.

  25. Yikes! Madonna did GREAT!

  26. Thanks to JayC – he made her big. Not her voice. Or should I say thanks for spreading the legs wide enough????

  27. With all the technology we have today you would think it would be so much better….

  28. Hood rat

  29. C. Lescouarnec says:

    I loved it! She looked and sounded great. STOP HATING!!!

  30. Boring.

  31. Gary Rubin says:

    Poor choice of songs. Performance lacked spark and staging is the same old pyrotechnics. And definitely needed sound check.

  32. Someone out there says:

    I did not recognize her songs like you do with other singers….

  33. The guy that wrote this review is an idiot and completely tone deaf to what little singing took place at this sham of a show or he is on jay-z’s payroll cuz that was just down right pathetic, even Beyonce knew it was horrible and switched to humming and dance mode!

  34. Daniel Young is a complete idiot for saying this was a good halftime show. Guessing he spends to much time at a strip club so he would think it is good. All she did was shake her butt, thrust her hips at the camera and flip her hair around. And where was the singing? Not even a full song and what there was, was not the great. Definitely would not let kids watch it.

  35. Exactly. Prancing around like a ho nearly naked in black leather and lace. This country has gone to hell

  36. And probably voted for……….probably don’t need to say but we all know…..idiot

  37. I really don’t care one way or the other about Beyonce, but I expected to at least be familiar with her songs. I recognized 3 and my radio is always on top 40 music due to my 17 year-old daughter controlling the it. She’s a superstar? Definitely not Superbowl-worthy.

  38. What a bomb! They need to get some entertainers for halftime, not dancers!

  39. As soon as I saw the same old booty shakin’ and leg spreadin’- I switched over to “Chronicles of Narnia” and really enjoyed it. I’m sick of the “sex sells” mentality .Beyounce is no Diva . I will LOVE a respectable Black woman every day , I already do .

  40. JustMyComment says:

    No kidding. No good parent wants their young kids to have to see this garbage. Prancing around mostly naked in leather teddies on a pimped up stage meant to look like a glorified strip club pole dance. Sick. Shame on you NFL! And as far as Beyonce. Girl, get over yourself. You’re nothing special. What a full-of-yourself DIVA. Same goes for that no talent gangsta rappa husband of hers. I suppose next year we’ll get to see JayZ and Kanye West with a surprise
    “special” appearnace by Kim Kardashian. Gag.

  41. It Totally Sucked Beyonce is very overated and full of herself

  42. Blah… Beyonce…blah…overrated.

  43. It was a lowlife show.

  44. Does anybody miss rock bands?

  45. The show was actually boring. She did not sing much and it wasn’t great singing. The dancing lost attention. Can you imagine Pepsi paid her about $50 million for advertising! For what? Do they actually think she can get people to drink Pepsi and generate more than that in profit??? Not a chance. Celeb marketing rarely comes even close to paying off and in this case it’s woefully short.

    • Dave / New Mexico says:

      $50 million ?!?!? Looks like the joke’s on Pepsi. I’ve seen much better talent at the local karaoke bar.

  46. al manfred says:

    No talent..same old, same old,You see one Beyonce perfomance you’ve seen them all.Too bad the lights and power didnt go off when she was performing.Now Alicia Keys rocked the place

  47. sam williams says:

    U all are haters! She did fine and entertained all of us. Main goal of halftime is entertainment not any classical/musical concert. Now plz get a life and chill cos life is too short for all ur hatred.

    • stopkidding says:

      Maybe she entertained you because you are simple minded and have the mental and emotional development of a 12 year old. Respectable people find her annoying, disgusting and inappropriate. Sensible people do not want to hear her croaking. She is a no-talent, fat-*ssed, ho bag who is allowed to make records because she is black and has a big mouth and big thighs. Period.

  48. This performance was like going to a strip club.Discusting..

  49. stopkidding says:

    Did not even give the big fat screaming screeching ho bag a chance to come onto the screen. Switched the channel immediately to the weather channel. Would not subject myself to that waste. What a waste of money. Am tired of everything being marketed toward blacks, hip-hop, and beevis and butthead types. Did not watch any of the ads, either. Not one. Switched to the weather channel for every commercial.

    • ben bennson says:

      The majority of respectful, tax-paying Americans agree with your thoughts. You’re right: the marketing of sleazy, loud monkeys has become too common [and I’m NOT talking about the 2 in the White House].

  50. Worse halftime ever in Super Bowl history.

  51. why is every female show the freaking same cookie cutter for last 15years??????? Britney’s choreographed hookers look , bent over, on stage.The world is so freaking tired of that aS IF wOMEN CAN DO ONLY THIS ONE THING. SHAKE THEIR ASS, CUZ SOME MORON MALE CHOREOGRAPHER TOLD THEM SO. ITS BEEN D2D!! Spontineaity is a thing of the past? BRING IT BACK!

  52. carpedm61611 says:

    who pays these guys to write these rave reviews? She was right she did not need to lip-sync cause she didn’t sing anything. I heard 123 and someone yelling Halo several times. Glad the people in the stadium didn’t come for the music but Alicia Keys was good.

  53. your aweful!!!

  54. carpedm61611 says:

    that would be a BIG YES

  55. it looked like the biggest losers on stage humping the floor showing a new exercise retein

  56. Dave / New Mexico says:

    It was my first time to hear that Bounce woman sing and I hope it’s my last. Did she get paid for that? PITIFUL !!!

  57. ben bennson says:

    Once again, Beyonce proved that singers that DON’T have great voices need to rely on sexy outfits, interesting special effects and other singers. Her hips/thighs were twice the size of her husband’s…if she could only lose 20#s!

  58. Madonna was absolutely way better! She was able to sing and perform but at the same time still maintain the family friendly performance. Unlike Beyonce who was just so-so and too much dancing!

  59. Beyonce has and always had turkey thighs and it’s hard for me to enjoy anything past that. Spare me.

  60. Alicia Keys rocked it today, but I’m confused with Beyonce

    As a master of delivering emotions where needed, vocally capable, and musically and instrumentally brilliant, Alicia rocked it today….

    I believe no entertainer-artist-singer should be compared to another, as everyone tries to be unique in their own right. Entertainers-Artists-Singers, such as Madonna, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, and many others keep us guessing, provide catchy hits we can relate to and listen to for decades, sometimes they even challenge us with powerful messages delivered int the songs. They capitalize on what works for them by implementing the three categories; entertainment, artistry, and voice with a shock value and keeping us on the edge at times and guessing what may come next.

    Power house voices of such divas such as Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Adele, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, and even Toni Braxton deliverer unforgettable performances capitalizing on the best instrument one can ever possess, a unique and powerful voice. They don’t need more to wow and win us over at least from time to time.

    As much as I don’t like to compare, I am compelled to do so. Madonna on one hand has never been known for a great voice, but she did manage to win us over with her stellar performance in Evita. She worked hard and she earned it. Madonna also gave up on acting as all her movies with two exceptions were failures. However, Madonna to this point can entertain, shock, and wow us with her theatrical, full of energy performances, dance techniques, and flawless choreography.

    Beyonce tried to act and hopefully the acting is in the past. Jennifer Hudson did kill the movie with her performance, but it would be unfair to compare the two ladies.

    I’m more inclined to compare Beyonce to Madonna. Beyonce is a hard worker just like Madonna. However where Madonna succeeds, Beyonce fails. She often takes challenges she underperforms as acting or trying to sing songs, which are meant for the voices of Jennifer Hudson or Adele’s. The only exception would be acting, both Madonna and Beyonce hopefully learned it is not for them.

    However, where Madonna entertained us with her performance during Halftime Show, Beyonce failed in singing, dancing, and dazzling. I am incredibly confused by Beyonce’s performance during half-time show. The transitions from each song to another held and built an anticipation for something big and a wow factor, yet it never happened. The power-walking as she was on a modeling runway threw me off completely. What was the point? Unless you have a body like Rihanna, Madonna, Iman and many others, the skimpy outfits are inappropriate, especially during a show which should be family oriented. Even Madonna, who usually shocks with outfits on stage, had an appropriate outfit during last year’s half-time performance. What happened to singing? Seemed as Beyonce was just posing, giving us looks with crazy looking eyes and shaking her ass like a stripper in a club. Also the two divas from Destiny’s Child singing Beyonce’s song seemed all wrong. As well the dance routine seemed strange, out of place, inappropriate. The difficult dance routines should be left to the late Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Usher, or Justin, they can dance and do it well.

    I think that the performance was a disappointment from every angle. I’m just wondering why we hold Beyonce on such pedestal? Or are we setting someone a little above average for failure by holding her to such hard and difficult to maintain standards?

  61. Greenbear says:

    halftime stunk (im being nice), the national anthem was so drawn out and unemotional, the Newtown kids should of done the halftime that was touching. Jennifer Houston should of let the kids sing alone. A great game the commercials were average

  62. whatever her last name is Hudson

  63. Margaret Honore says:

    Stage whore. But this is what sees to pass for singing entertainment in America any more: panting, noisy beats and pole dancing, grinding and writhing on the floor. Disgusting filth. No shame. And she’s a wife and MOTHER. Her husband is nothing more than a world class pimp. Thank you corporate America and popular black culture for bringing us as low as we’ve ever been.

  64. worst one I ever seen Nothing but a raunchy bunch of screeming noises from her mouth. Was that actually songs she was screeming. unbeliveable to me. Looked to me like it was just a bunch of lesbians at a burleske show. only thing good was the coordination with the rest of the cast

  65. i have watch alot f half time shows and this the first oni cut the sound off on it was terrible.

  66. robin compton says:

    Can you say BORING… Always the same Routine with her… Also, she still can’t sing, even the NA ! Send her to Mars with her FAT BUTT in tow…

  67. Christa Smith says:

    Beyonce’s show was not suitable for a Superbowl show, it was disgusting and embarrassing to watch, sleezy and provocative.
    The Superbowl is supposed to be safe to watch with your kids. What kind of messages are we sending to all our young ladies, children out there. Is somebody putting a stop to all the SEXY stuff on TV ??? There is nothing good and decent to watch anymore !! talking about day/evening shows as well..


  69. I so agree with you and Bob and the majority! Utterly distasteful and disgusting and our younger generation calls that “Good entertainment”! LOL This to me puts a bad name on superbowl sunday! Not for the whole family for sure!

  70. You hit it on the nose Margaret! What are these people thinking! There is a n agenda that they want to push on America! It’s not good music or good dancing, just a burlesque show to tintilize the audience! Should be rated XX-rated. Not for super bowl viewing!!!

  71. horrible half time show.. though it made realize how talented Madonna is- I was so entertained last year, this year though was so stupid with her looking in the camera with stupid looks (oops I mean sexy) , idiotic stage and the dancing was just missingthe pole and people who kew how to dance.. Beyonce you embarrassed yourself horribly and I was not expecting that.

  72. Saddened by says:

    Monkeys?? *smh* “Ben”, please don’t breed.

  73. Missing Real Music says:

    In our home we were hoping to see a halftime show that celebrated the music of the region; the blues and jazz that made New Orleans all that it was, and is. Once we learned it would be Beyonce, we opted out of watching at all.

  74. I am sure Beyonce I a good singer, I enjoy her songs. She is a good dancer as well. She had a good body.
    However, where was that at? My whole group likes her and we were looking forward to her show. That changed real quick none of us enjoyed her VJJ show. Seams like that was what it was about. I was a bad show. Maybe good in a strip club. I was waiting on the dollars to start flying on stage.

  75. she looked healthy. not like the white girls who look like they never eat. kudo to her for looking like a real person


  77. lovestosing says:

    I think Beyonce is a great singer – but come on – this is the Super Bowl – kids watch with parents. I just don’t want my daughter to think this is the image of what is good – I don’t want my son to think this is right. The bar is already so freaking low for kids – we REALLY NEED SOME CLASS. It was pretty to a strip bar act. Really?

  78. Pamela Jones says:

    Why would you even say that? If you didn’t like her performance find, but have a little class about yourself. Idiot

  79. Get a life says:

    get a life Y-t. Must be trailer trash yourself

  80. Get a life says:

    Kat what can you do! Nothing but write stupid comments

  81. Racist

  82. Will R you probably just got a tv and are you your siter’s kid.

  83. I liked Kelly Rowland the best! Bey go sit down babe,….

  84. she sucks so hard. I hated that show with a burning passion. Should’ve given the money to charity

  85. lol

  86. didn’t watch her show don’t care for it, not surprised it sux, she’s overrated and full of herself. of the 3 kelly rowland has a better voice.

  87. Nice “Ho” show at halftime. You can’t make a nice comment like Brent Musberger saying a lady is beautiful because it’s degrading to women, but this is ok to prance around like a strip show. Where are the liberal women regarding this crappy show????

  88. Deborah Lazan says:

    Absolutely Horrible —- The equivalent of a male performer performing in a Jock Strap. No male performer would ever lower himself to the Beyonce SUPER BOWL HALF TIME STRIP SHOW. Family entertainment my butt, only to be rivaled by the Jackson / Timberlake wardrobe malfunction.

  89. russell kearns says:

    You are all right IT SUCKED!

  90. Um that went away with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlakes half-time show.. You might remember it.

  91. The liberal women say she can do what she wants. As can the rest of us.

  92. Well I guess no one here actualy likes Beyonce. Everyone that is talking smack about her obviously doesn’t know her nor her talent… She is an amazing singer and dancer. I would love to see all you haters go to a superbowl game and put on a performace. You wouldn’t do that great at all… so why take your time and say fuc*ed up shit about her when you prob cant do a half the shit she can… Beyone is the greatest. I loved her performace. I loved her dancing. The show was amazing I really wish I was there… Nice job Beonyce keep it up girl!!!

    • ebruary 4, 2013 at 2:34 pm

      Well I guess no one here actualy likes Beyonce. Everyone that is talking smack about her obviously doesn’t know her nor her talent… She is an amazing singer and dancer. I would love to see all you haters go to a superbowl game and put on a performace. You wouldn’t do that great at all… so why take your time and say fuc*ed up shit about her when you prob cant do a half the shit she can… Beyone is the greatest. I loved her performace. I loved her dancing. The show was amazing I really wish I was there… Nice job Beonyce keep it up girl!!!

      Right on sisters Maybe there alot of you know jellie in here and they’re not bootylistes ????? A real man loves to see ass shaking beautiful female.Somethings wrong with the buttermilk in here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Beyonce was just fabulous, you did you’ll thing Beyonce is a beautiful lady.Love Destiny Child part ,that was my high light. .

  94. tiredofracistpigs! says:

    Ben Bennson, you are a disrespectful piece of crap! How dare you disrespect the President and his wife and call them monkeys if you don’t like who is running this country then leave. As far as Beyonce performance maybe its because you are not man enough and know you can never have her! Stupid racist pig and you punk ass probably don’t have or know what a job is my taxes is probably wasted on your fat trailer trash ass sitting aroung drinking beer all day.

  95. I would like to agree with about 95% of us. This is the worst halftime show that I have ever seen. Beyouces did not do anything well. If we are going to put on half time show with a half naked woman that did not do anything, then next year I will do the half time show as a half naked man and I am sure we do not want to see that!! Last year they said Madoona stunk but I would put Beyouce as the being below Janet Jackson!!

  96. Did you watch the half time show?

  97. redlips539 says:

    its so sad how people with nothing always talk about people with something…im sure Beyonce can careless about what you or anyone else says about her…she’s rich and your just mad because your broke and don’t forget angry…

  98. No kidding. We turn the channel during halftime because the halftime show is NEVER family friendly. Some good ole rock-n-roll with musicians actually singing, not gyrating in some god-awful getup would be nice. The outfit she had on made her legs look HUGE and out of balance with the rest of her body.

  99. Dell State says:

    I agree the show was not her best performance, and I am a fan. However the comments allowed in this segment are insensitive, ignornant and in poor taste. If she had worn a pair of pants and a blouse a lot of you would have had something negative to say. There people in this world who have nothing positive to say and will find something ugly and negative about how the American flag is hung

  100. Wow…Can’t believe I wasted a full 5 min reading all the hate messages. For one thing none of you would have the courage to really sing in front of millions of people and not hope that you would embarrass yourself. I can respect the fact that her clothes were inappropriate for super bowl kids fans but seriously being racist and calling her a ho is just wrong have some self respect seriously. Everyone of you are talking about how she wouldn’t make a good role model for your kids but look at all your offensive comments degrading a woman because of her freedom I don’t see why you’re a better role model. She not my favorite singer but at least have some respect didn’t any of your parents teach you about respect for other people or did your parents degrade everyone too that you think it’s okay for you to degrade anyone that makes you feel inferior to them?

  101. Offtohellwego says:

    Wow! I would be very upset with the halftime show if I had kids watching it. I have never been to a strip club and I am a little upset that she entered into my home with a strip tease performance. You would think, after having her baby, that whe would change her act. Disgusting!!! Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys were great perfomances. But Beyonce, you should stop the couchie dances…not amused. God Bless America!

  102. Call her what you want, she is going straight to the bank, and enertained in a classy, uplifting fashion, something u have no clue of. By the way if she was white, this would not even be a discussion, with yall no soul ass.

  103. Saddened by says, someone should have told your parents, don’t breed before before u were breeded.

  104. What 95% white people, who can’t stand the tables being turned, GOD DOES NOT LIE.

  105. That astronaut says:

    It’s kind of awkward to watch her shake her butt around with church members and family….everyone kinda at the same time gets up for the bathroom…..

  106. That astronaut says:


  107. I think Beyonce and Destiny’s Child scared the heck out those children from Sandy Hook Elementary School when they end their song with a Charlie Angel’s pose with their Fingers pointed like guns. Preach one thing and do the opposite

  108. Why would you have anyone perform in such a vulgar manor at a place where families with young children are watching. Football is a family affair. I wouldn’t think anyone would want to let their child watch an R or (closer to X) rated show. If you want to watch an exotic dancer….then go to a club!!! This was waaaaay to TRASHY!!!!! Also, why would you have anyone else sing with those children from Sandy Hook? They sounded like little angels all by themselves. You can’t get better than perfect. Why would they let her come and ruin it? This whole half time show was an absolute disgrace!!! Other than the children :)

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