After Hours Podcast Episode 6 with Sadie Smythe: Let’s All Have More Sex!

Welcome back to After Hours in 2013. We’ll be kicking Season 2 off this week with TWO episodes, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

This week Dave and I talk about how to boost your sex life.

after-hours-logoWhether you’re single and looking to “close the deal” on dates, you want to take girls home from the bar, or are already in a relationship but just want to have more sex, we’re tackling all these and more.

Our guest this week is Sadie Smythe, author of “Open All The Way”, sexual freedom advocate and polyamory consultant. Sadie joins us to discuss sober sex (which if you’re looking to indelibly improve your sex life, I highly recommend) and open relationships.

You can visit Sadie’s personal website at
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Order her book on her Open Marriage, “Open All The Way” (the ebook is just $6) at

***WARNING: Some of the language and subject matter we use will offend a segment of the population. If hearing about sex or certain four letter words offend you, please don’t listen***

Click on the player below to listen:

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Later this week: We welcome back Love Systems instructor, online dating guru and Episode 5 guest: Derek Cajun. If you caught Episode 5, I know you’ll be here later this week for another heaping spoonful of advice.

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