Some NHL Owners Continue To Display Disrespect For Fans

The second NHL lockout in a decade filled me with a lot of anger, bitterness, confusion, and shock … most of which will take some time to truly leave my mind.

But the lockout has ended, and the NHL released its 99-day, 48-game schedule this past Saturday.

(The Blackhawks schedule can be found here.) 

Along with schedules, some NHL teams released letters to fans from their presidents and chairmen of the franchise. The ‘Hawks were one of these teams, and they took a moment that could have been very positive and ruined it.

Hawks letter

There’s something missing in this letter.  Can you tell what it is?

It’s missing an apology.

NHL fans have been treated the worst out of all the major sports by far, and most of the league’s owners, including the Blackhawks, can’t even issue an apology. Some teams have issued apologies and even added additional perks, such as discounted tickets and gear, money donated to charity, and even giveaways.

The ‘Hawks haven’t done any of that.

This makes me angry because ‘Hawks fans have been some of the best fans in the league. We’re such dedicated fans, we’ve filled every seat in the United Center at every home game for the past three years. We deserve at least an apology after being put through the endless lockout drama again.

I am not naïve enough to think the owners, nor Gary Bettman for that matter, really care about the fans. Their actions leave no room to think otherwise; but at least fake that you care about us. You guys have screwed up twice in a very short span of years. That calls for some kind of “I am sorry,” even if it isn’t completely genuine.

I am probably reacting a little too harshly to this whole thing, but it just irked me and rubbed me the wrong way, especially after all the nonsense I had to endure the past few months.

I am extremely happy to finally be able to watch my team play this Saturday, but I can see the rulers of the NHL don’t seem to have learned their lesson, and that’s very disappointing.

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Tyler Juranovich is an Indiana native, a Ball State student, and a senior writer for MSF, where he's been writing about Chicago sports since 2009. His favorite teams are the Chicago Blackhawks and Bears. He's also a lover of reading, music, and movies. Follow him on Twitter (@tylerjuranovich) or email him at


  1. Very heartfelt, and totally understandable, Tyler.
    They didn’t “get it” back in 1994. And they certainly didn’t eight years ago.
    For a league pretty much dependent on gate revenues, they’re a pretty lucky bunch to have such good-hearted fans. The Hawks ownership really crapped on itself in the above public letter. No apology to the fans = no respect.

  2. Really informative blog article. Thank you!

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