Gallery: A Quick Roundup of Great NFL Images From 2012

Whether you love the NFL or abhor it – and we have representatives from both camps among our writing staff here at MSF – you have to admit at least this: the NFL produces some of the most breathtaking images in all of sports.

Case in point: Redditor Hagraven posted the scintillating picture below of Patrick Peterson lining up across from Calvin Johnson in which the Lions’ receiver can be seen reflected in Peterson’s visor. It is currently sitting on the front page of Reddit.



Naturally, the comment thread of the post includes other Redditors posting their favorite images from this NFL season. I’ve compiled them here in a gallery we’ll call Reddit’s Favorite NFL Pictures From 2012.

Reddit’s Favorite NFL Pictures From 2012

Let’s start out with another fun visor-reflection image, also featuring Megatron, with Peanut Tillman reflecting ominously this time.


Here is Ray Lewis preparing for his final home game.


Here is Mark Sanchez getting up close and personal with his lineman’s rear end during what may have been the most pathetically hilarious fumble in NFL history.


In fact, just for good measure, here is Sanchez Butt Fumble in GIF form:

And speaking of the Patriots, who could forget this Ridiculously Photogenic Brandon Lloyd catch:


And more Patriots! Here is Ray McDonald sacking Tom Brady…sans helmet and appearing to have emerged out of some magical mist.


Here is the intensity of Adrian Peterson (Purple Passion of the Christ?), who turned in one of the most impressive running back performances ever this year.



This is, of course, but a small sampling of the many glorious pics that came out of this NFL season. If this post just whetted your appetite for breathtaking photos, just click here to go to the SI photo gallery index and start clicking around. You’ll find breathtaking images galore.

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