The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 8: ‘Made to Suffer’ Review and Analysis

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The midseason finale of The Walking Dead aired on Sunday and was filled with an immense amount of action that furthers the multiple storylines already in place. The episode saw introductions of characters from the comics and other aspects of the comics that will be discussed in the review.


The first 10 minutes of the episode allow the viewers to see what each of the different groups is going through. It begins with the introduction of a new group of survivors, who are fighting their way through the woods. They are led by Tyreese, a character introduced early on in the comics and one of the main characters of the series. He and his group are fighting off walkers when one of their own named Donna, also a character from the comics, is bitten.

They decide to keep her with the group and continue to go where they said they had seen a tower. They come to an opening in a fence to what the viewers know is the prison and enter.

The introduction of characters like Tyreese will help prevent viewers from getting bored with the same characters week after week. They also need to introduce characters as no character on the show is safe from death. Tyreese is a main character from the comics, but as with many other aspects of the comics being introduced into the show, his name may be the only similarity between his comic and television character.

Next we see The Governor in his apartment. He goes off into the room with his aquarium of walker heads and the cage where he keeps Penny, his daughter who turned into a walker long ago. He tries to get her to look at him, but no success. He is trying to shield himself from the fact that his daughter is gone and continues to keep her chained up in his apartment.

The Governor is truly a sadistic man, but he may not have been before the epidemic began. He may have been a good man, who changed along with the rest of the world. He may have been seeking a role of power his entire life and gone over the edge once he finally gained this power.

We next see a beaten Glenn with Maggie locked in a room. They are awaiting what will be their inevitable deaths and are hoping that they will somehow be saved. There is a dead walker in the room, which Glenn goes up to and rips off and arm. He then takes the bones out of the arm and hands one to Maggie, which foreshadows an act of violence later on.

At the same time, Rick and his small group are preparing to enter Woodbury. They successfully enter the town and go into a building. A man walks in but is quickly gagged and beaten by Rick before he can say anything.

The Governor is letting Merle know at this time that they must go on to take over the prison. He says that Daryl will be safe when this is done, but it is tough to trust anything that The Governor says.

The main action of the episode is about to take place, but a moment of comic relief is put in before that occurs.

Axel is asking Beth questions in a rather creepy manner when Carol pulls him aside. He agrees that he should stop and says he is doing it because he has not seen many women. Since Carol is a lesbian, she is not an option. Carol scoffs at the fact that he thought she was a lesbian, especially considering his reasoning was her short hair. It was a good inclusion in the episode and even provided some laughs before a very serious sequence.

The scene begins when Glenn and Maggie attack Merle and another man when they retrieve the two. The other man is killed, but Merle is able to fight back and get Glenn on the ground. Maggie has a gun to his head but it is too late when other men come to back up Merle. Gunshots were fired during the original attack, which were heard by Rick and his group. This leads them to where Glenn and Maggie are being held.

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