Rob Parker’s Racist Comments About RG3 Stoop ESPN’s First Take To New Low

I don’t usually watch “ESPN First Take.” However, I’ve never had a real problem with what they do every morning.

Sure, Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith spend two hours every day making stupid points about sports stories that don’t carry a lot of weight. But I don’t watch it, so therefore I have never really cared about what those two do to make a dollar.

But the wonderful Rob Parker said something today that I just simply could not avoid getting angry about (surprise surprise).

rob-parker-espnFirst, a little reminder of who we’re dealing with here:

  • This is the guy who once called Hank Aaron a coward for attending the game in which Barry Bonds broke his home run record.
  • This is the guy who reported (falsely) that then Michigan State Quarterback Kirk Cousins was in a fight with some hockey players while at church with his parents. He was suspended for that.
  • This is the guy who questioned then Lions Head Coach Rob Marinelli about Lions Defensive Coordinator, Joe Barry, Marinelli’s son-in-law, inquiring weather Marinelli wished his daughter had, “married a better defensive coordinator.”

So, while I’m floored by the comments that came out of this man’s mouth, I can’t necessarily say I’m surprised.

Robert Griffin III is currently dealing with a pretty significant knee injury as his team needs to win the rest of their games to have a chance at the playoffs. He’s also in a dead heat, or so people say, with Andrew Luck when it comes to winning the Rookie of the Year Award.

In a smart person’s head, there is more than enough to talk about regarding RG3 that doesn’t involve pointless, erroneous, controversial comments that have nothing to do with a football season about to enter its most exciting chapter.

So let’s get to what Parker actually said.


Yes, you heard all that right.

Parker actually questioned, live on national television, whether RG3 s a “brother” or a “cornball brother” because 1) he has a white fiancée, and 2) he might be a republican. Parker then went on to say that RG3’s braids certainly contribute to his “blackness authenticity.”

I would’ve been fine listening to Parker, Skip, and Stephen A. scream at each other about how much RG3’s knee injury is going to affect Washington’s playoff chances. Does RG3 have the tools at WR, HB and OL to score enough points to push his team past their upcoming opponents? Hell, I would’ve rather listened to another RG3-Andrew Luck Rookie of the Year debate.

Look, I thought it was 2012. RG3 or anyone else can do whatever the hell he wants off the field. If he’s in love with a white woman, why wouldn’t he marry her? If he thinks Mitt Romney would be the best leader for the United States, why wouldn’t he vote for him? That is stuff that doesn’t need to be discussed on a sports show, especially as it relates to any type of race narrative.

Those topics have nothing to do with what RGIII does on the field, or with how “black” he is, which is a ridiculous notion anyway.

I mean come on, even Stephen A. Smith voiced the fact that he was uncomfortable with what Parker was saying. That’s when you know a line has been crossed.

I continue to be one of the few who truly enjoys what ESPN does on a daily basis. However, this isn’t the first unconsionable outburst they’ve had from one of the their employees on national television, and sadly I doubt it will be the last.

I normally can’t really hate on ESPN for continuing to supply people like Parker with air time to say the things they do. ESPN’s job is to get people talking about what’s going on on their airwaves.

For better or for worse, I guess they accomplished their goal, but the fallout from Parker’s comments today may be worse than anything the network has experienced previously.

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  1. Bob Komoroski says:

    He should be suspended from ESPN for being a racists. Stephen A. Smith had the guts to call him out. He was inept in Detroit and the same goes for his baloney on the network. The Detroit News was correct when they fired him from their paper. So ESPN should show him the door.

  2. I just cancelled my account with ESPN, AND SET THEM AN EMAIL

  3. I won’t tune in to espn until that creep is fired. I am sick of this BS.

  4. espn if u don’t fire this racist parker this show will be boycotted..espn terminated Rush Limbaugh for nothing racist, lets see your double standard by not terminating him…

  5. gr3 is a republican raised by a military family & has a white fiancee thats what he’s quilty of…thats bull shit…espn you must terminate his contract just like you did rush limbaugh if not espn will be boycotted!…its your move!!!

  6. WakeUpAmerica says:

    I could write and write and take up as much time as this idiot did, but I will sum it up in one word…..nah, give me 2….Racist Idiot

    Shame on Espn for giving him any Airtime1

  7. There’s no way this guy would have got into Columbia unless he was black. Affirmitive action hard at work! “RG3 isn’t down with the cause!” What cause is that Rob? lol Fire this fool.

  8. WakeUpAmerica says:

    Here is a great take on Rob Parker……this guy puts him in his place!

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