#PassTheCrown Update: Our Gift Was Stolen!

I usually have nothing negative to say about whiskey. However, on this day, I have a bit of a bone to pick with Whiskey Goldmine…because they stole our gift in the Crown Royal #PassTheCrown white elephant gift exchange!

As you may recall, we originally received a Kindle Fire. That didn’t last long, however, as our gift was stolen and replaced with a Sonos Play 3s. And now we’ve been swiped again, with Whiskey Goldmine taking the Sonos Plays 3s, but still leaving us with a pretty sweet gift: the Outdoor Edition Camera.

The description: Whether your goal is to capture a great day out with friends or you’re gunning for the cover of a magazine, the HD HERO2: Outdoor Edition can help you nail it and look like a HERO.

Well who doesn’t want to look like a hero, amirite?

See, that’s the great thing about participating in the #PassTheCrown gift exchange: even the gifts you get “stuck” with are pretty damn awesome.

Here is something else that’s great: Crown Royal’s embroidered purple bags, which any of you who are 21 and older can get for $9.95. Christmas is coming up. Do it. You know you want to.


Tweet me at @JerodMorris with your thoughts and use the hashtag #PassTheCrown. Alternatively, you can friend me on Facebook (Facebook.com/JerodMSF) and help promote the program there, still using the #PassTheCrown tag for credit.

Remember, whatever reader participates and uses the #PassTheCrown hashtag the most is who will receive the duplicate prize. And right now, @tfletch2 is definitely in the lead!

And also remember that for every #PassTheCrown hashtag used, Crown Royal is stuffing an additional bag and sending it to an overseas troop as part of the Heroes Project.


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  1. Sorry Jerod, but “stealing” is just part of the white elephant gift game format…
    Just be happy that #PassTheCrown didn’t choose the Lefty the White Elephant story to add to the gift swap… That really throws a wrench into gift ownership planning!
    Happy Holidays!

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