NFL Week 17 Picks, Previews, and Point Spreads

The regular season will conclude Sunday night with a game that decides the NFC East, but there are still several other teams fighting for seeding and even playoff spots as the season comes to a close.

NFL Week 17 Viewer’s and Bettor’s Guide

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons

  • Buccaneers-Falcons Date: Sunday, December 30
  • Buccaneers-Falcons Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Buccaneers-Falcons TV Network: FOX
  • Buccaneers-Falcons Point Spread: Falcons -5
  • Buccaneers-Falcons Over-Under Odds: 45.5
  • Buccaneers-Falcons Pick: The Falcons have already clinched the top spot in the NFC, and have nothing else to play for until the playoffs begin. They have said that they are playing the game to win, but it would be surprising to see all of the starters playing deep into the second half. The first meeting between these teams ended in a one-point win for the Falcons, so with the starters likely getting rest, take the Bucs in this one. Buccaneers +5

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills

  • Jets-Bills Date: Sunday, December 30
  • Jets-Bills Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Jets-Bills TV Network: CBS
  • Jets-Bills Point Spread: Bills -3.5
  • Jets-Bills Over-Under Odds: 39
  • Jets-Bills Pick: The Jets simply want this season to end and will do so with Mark Sanchez at quarterback. They have struggled all year, but they scored 48 points the first time they took on the Bills, which was back in Week 1. The Bills have lost three straight, without scoring more than 17 points in any of these three games, and will end their season with another loss. Jets +3.5

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals

  • Ravens-Bengals Date: Sunday, December 30
  • Ravens-Bengals Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Ravens-Bengals TV Network: CBS
  • Ravens-Bengals Point Spread: Bengals -3
  • Ravens-Bengals Over-Under Odds: 41
  • Ravens-Bengals Pick: The Ravens have already clinched the AFC North title, and cannot get home-field advantage in the playoffs, so they may just give their starters a bit of break before the playoffs. They have already defeated the Bengals once this season, but in a game likely to feature backups, look for the Bengals to get the win. Bengals -3

Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions

  • Bears-Lions Date: Sunday, December 30
  • Bears-Lions Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Bears-Lions TV Network: FOX
  • Bears-Lions Point Spread: Bears -3
  • Bears-Lions Over-Under Odds: 45
  • Bears-Lions Pick: The Bears need a win to have a chance at the playoffs, and will get it done against the Lions. The Lions have lost their last seven games, and will not be able to stop the Bears who will be playing for the playoffs. Bears -3

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans

  • Jaguars-Titans Date: Sunday, December 30
  • Jaguars-Titans Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Jaguars-Titans  TV Network: CBS
  • Jaguars-Titans Point Spread: Titans -4
  • Jaguars-Titans Over-Under Odds: 42
  • Jaguars-Titans Pick: This game is just one of several that have no playoff implications whatsoever. Both teams are coming off of losses, but the Titans have an edge in the win column by three games over the Jaguars. The Jags have already beaten the Titans once this season, but that will not be the case this time around. Titans -4

Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts

  • Texans-Colts Date: Sunday, December 30
  • Texans-Colts Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Texans-Colts TV Network: CBS
  • Texans-Colts Point Spread: Texans -6.5
  • Texans-Colts Over-Under Odds: 46.5
  • Texans-Colts Pick: The Colts are locked into the fifth seed in the AFC playoffs, but the Texans are still playing for seeding purposes. A win gives them home-field advantage in the postseason, but a loss could mean them dropping down to the third seed. They will play at full strength and win this game, but it will be close enough to take the Colts with the spread. Colts +6.5

Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints

  • Panthers-Saints Date: Sunday, December 30
  • Panthers-Saints Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Panthers-Saints TV Network: FOX
  • Panthers-Saints Point Spread: Saints -5
  • Panthers-Saints Over-Under Odds: 54
  • Panthers-Saints Pick: The Saints had a great comeback after their 0-4 start to the season, but still have no shot at the playoffs. They take on the Panthers who have won their last three games, and who have already defeated the Saints once this season. That came during the Saints’ four-game losing streak, so things will be different to close out the season. Saints -5

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants

  • Eagles-Giants Date: Sunday, December 30
  • Eagles-Giants Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Eagles-Giants TV Network: FOX
  • Eagles-Giants Point Spread: Giants -7
  • Eagles-Giants Over-Under Odds: 46
  • Eagles-Giants Pick: The Giants can still reach the playoffs with a lot of help, but to make that a possibility they must first defeat the Eagles. The Eagles actually defeated the Giants back in Week 4, but that was before they bottomed out and lost their next eight games. The Giants will take this game and with how things have gone in past years, don’t be surprised if things begin to fall into place for them to reach the playoffs. It is unlikely, but anything can happen in Week 17. Giants -7

Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Browns-Steelers Date: Sunday, December 30
  • Browns-Steelers Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Browns-Steelers TV Network: CBS
  • Browns-Steelers Point Spread: N/A
  • Browns-Steelers Over-Under Odds: N/A
  • Browns-Steelers Pick: The Browns will go into this game with their third-string quarterback, Thad Lewis, as the starter. They have defeated the Steelers once this season, but will not be able to do so with Lewis at quarterback, along with no Trent Richardson. Straight Pick: Steelers

Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

  • Chiefs-Broncos Date: Sunday, December 30
  • Chiefs-Broncos Kickoff Time: 4:25 PM
  • Chiefs-Broncos TV Network: CBS
  • Chiefs-Broncos Point Spread: Broncos -16
  • Chiefs-Broncos Over-Under Odds: 42
  • Chiefs-Broncos Pick: The Broncos have a shot to be the top seed in the AFC with a win over KC and a Houston loss to Indianapolis. The only question with this large spread is that they only defeated the Chiefs by 8 earlier this season. However, the Broncos have won their last three games by double-digit margins, and will find a way to do so again to finish the year. Broncos -16

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

  • Packers-Vikings Date: Sunday, December 30
  • Packers-Vikings Kickoff Time: 4:25 PM
  • Packers-Vikings TV Network: FOX
  • Packers-Vikings Point Spread: Packers -3.5
  • Packers-Vikings Over-Under Odds: 46
  • Packers-Vikings Pick: This game has playoff implications for both teams involved. The Packers need a win to get home-field advantage in the playoffs, and the Vikings need a win to clinch a wild-card berth. Both teams can still have those playoff scenarios come true with losses, but a win makes things much simpler. The Packers have already defeated the Vikings once this season, and have also won their last four games. The Vikings have won their last three, including an impressive 23-6 win over the Texans last week. It is an upset pick, but go with the Vikings at home where they are 6-1 this season. Vikings +3.5

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots

  • Dolphins-Patriots Date: Sunday, December 30
  • Dolphins-Patriots Kickoff Time: 4:25 PM
  • Dolphins-Patriots TV Network: CBS
  • Dolphins-Patriots Point Spread: Patriots -10
  • Dolphins-Patriots Over-Under Odds: 46
  • Dolphins-Patriots Pick: New England can clinch a first round bye with losses by either Denver or Houston along with a win over the Dolphins. They are coming off a surprisingly close win over the Jaguars, who had a chance to tie the game at the end. Miami has a chance to finish at .500 if they can win, but that outcome is not likely. The Patriots will win, but by a margin that is less than ten. Dolphins +10

Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers

  • Raiders-Chargers Date: Sunday, December 30
  • Raiders-Chargers Kickoff Time: 4:25 PM
  • Raiders-Chargers TV Network: CBS
  • Raiders-Chargers Point Spread: Chargers -10
  • Raiders-Chargers Over-Under Odds: 39.5
  • Raiders-Chargers Pick: The Raiders have suffered another disappointing season, and will finish it with Terrelle Pryor at quarterback. The Chargers are also ready for the season to end, which will likely bring the end of Norv Turner’s time in San Diego. It will be an ugly game, but one that the Chargers will win handily. Chargers -10

Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers

  • Cardinals-49ers Date: Sunday, December 30
  • Cardinals-49ers Kickoff Time: 4:25 PM
  • Cardinals-49ers TV Network: FOX
  • Cardinals-49ers Point Spread: 49ers -17
  • Cardinals-49ers Over-Under Odds: 39
  • Cardinals-49ers Pick: The 49ers need a win to lock up the NFC West, and should be able to do so against the Cardinals. They have already beaten Arizona by 21 points this season and should be able to have a similar outcome this time around. They play this game at home, and with everything riding on it, will blowout the Cardinals once again. 49ers -17

St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks

  • Rams-Seahawks Date: Sunday, December 30
  • Rams-Seahawks Kickoff Time: 4:25 PM
  • Rams-Seahawks TV Network: FOX
  • Rams-Seahawks Point Spread: Seahawks -11
  • Rams-Seahawks Over-Under Odds: 41
  • Rams-Seahawks Pick: The Seahawks are on one of the most dominant runs in the history of the NFL, outscoring their opponents by 120 points in their last three games. They blew out the 49ers last week, and take on the Rams to end the season. It is important to note the recent play of the Seahawks, but the fact that the Rams have already beaten the Seahawks and did not lose to the 49ers this season must also be noted. This game will be won by the Seahawks to give them a perfect record at home, but it will not be by the margin recently seen by the Seahawks. Rams +11

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins

  • Cowboys-Redskins Date: Sunday, December 30
  • Cowboys-Redskins Kickoff Time: 8:20 PM
  • Cowboys-Redskins TV Network: NBC
  • Cowboys-Redskins Point Spread: Redskins -3.5
  • Cowboys-Redskins Over-Under Odds: 49
  • Cowboys-Redskins Pick: The NFC East will be decided by this game, which is a rematch from Thanksgiving. The Redskins came away victorious by a score of 38-31 in a game that saw RG III throw four touchdown passes. The Redskins have won their last six games, and will finish the season with a win to reach the playoffs. Redskins -3.5

Last Week: 8-7-1

Yearly Record: 113-117-110

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