Image: This DeKalb, Illinois Gas Station Has a Funny Response to ESPN’s Northern Illinois Hate

ESPN’s college football analysts used their platform during Sunday evening’s BCS Selection Show to let America know that they were none too happy about Northern Illinois, a one-loss MAC team, playing in the Orange Bowl.

The normally reasonable Kirk Herbstreit said, “The fact that Northern Illinois is in the BCS in 2012 is really a sad state for college football and where we are with the current system.”

The NIU Huskies clinched a BCS bowl bid by finishing in the top 16 in the final BCS standings (they are #15) and ahead of at least one conference champion from an automatic-qualifying conference.

Herbstreit looked at this year’s BCS bowl match-ups and decided to go all VCU on NIU.

Curiously, he wasn’t upset about the inclusion unranked Wisconsin—a 5-loss team that finished third in its division and with the sixth best record in its conference…but played for (and won) the Big Ten championship because the top two teams in its division (Ohio State and Penn State) were ineligible. He also wasn’t upset about the inclusion of #21 Louisville—a team that lost back-to-back games against Syracuse and Connecticut.

No, Herbstreit freaked out about Northern Illinois, a team that is riding a 12-game win streak and that features one of the nation’s most exciting players (quarterback Jordan Lynch).

The owner of a DeKalb, Illinois Marathon station didn’t care for ESPN’s Sunday night commentary and responded with the following:

They pay a lot for gas in northern Illinois.

Hat tip: Reddit

The Huskies play Florida State in the Discover Orange Bowl on January 1. The university is offering one free Orange Bowl ticket to any NIU student who wants one.

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  1. Yeah wah-wah…..when a very average acc champ beats down niu, can we stop with the pity party????

  2. The usual ESPN hypocrisy. I hope the Huskies beatdown FSU.

  3. Wayne Snell says:

    You gotta be kidding me. Northern Illinois beating the Seminoles??? ROFLMFAO!!!! The only ranked team NI beat was Kent St. whom lowly SEC doormat Kentucky waxed by 33. Get real!!! This should be a beatdown of epic proportions. I have a bet on FSU by 50 and I’ll probably win.

  4. If this were Boise State or TCU then I’d agree wholeheartedly. I love the underdog teams and pull for them to make the BCS. I think….over the last several years, teams like Boise State earned the right to play in a BCS game, ESPECIALLY after beating Oklahoma…
    BUT…one-year-wonder NIU??? They damn well better play the game of their lives to convinve me and probably the rest of the country

  5. Marty Grah says:

    One year wonder? Aren’t they something like 22-1 the last couple of years? And won their last 2 bowl appearances? They’ve been great for at least the last 2 or 3 years at a minimum.
    Still no one is as outraged when an unranked team makes a BCS bowl. What’s wrong with this picture?

  6. They were 11-3 last year. One of their losses….49-7 to that unranked team you are talking about. Their two bowl wins were against the “powerhouse progams” of Fresno St and the ever dangerous Arkansas St. Red Wolves?? When they beat someone like Boise St did, then you have a gripe. Until then NI is just another second tier team feasting on third tier competition. They would have a hard time surviving in the FCS tournament.

  7. Marty Grah says:

    I see… In order to be a first tier team, I guess you have to be unranked and go 8-5 on the season. Thanks for clarifying.

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