Dear Santa, Please Bring Me…..

… an MLB manager’s job (the one you brought me last year didn’t fit). Signed, Bobby Valentine

… a hockey season. Signed, Gary Bettman

… a new place to play, where I really get to play. Signed, Tim Tebow


… Andy Reid’s job.  Signed, Norv Turner

… Norv Turner’s job. Signed, Andy Reid

… any job. Signed, Ozzie Guillen

… healthy offensive linemen or more Ben Gay. Signed, Aaron Rodgers

… some respect (we think we’ve been good enough to deserve it). Signed, the Houston Texans

… a faster car and a slower temper.  Signed, Kurt Busch

… a newer version of Shaq, but one who won’t require any credit. Signed, Kobe Bryant

… one, just one, weekend when all replay officials get all the calls right. Signed, Roger Goodell

… a new General Manager. Signed, Jerry Jones

… a home game or two after the regular season. Signed, Any Chicago Cubs fan

… a job with the Music City Rockettes, so kicking can make me some money instead of costing me.  Signed, Ndamukong Suh

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