Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: Transaction Analysis Spectacular

While all of you have obsessed over your make believe football teams and watching David Stern and Gary Bettman try an one-up each other is ways to ruin the public’s perception of them, Major League Baseball has been very busy.

Since you need to be caught up, Corey and I are here to break down every deal from the month of November and how we think it will affect the 2013 MLB season, all the while proving the warm atmosphere you have come to expect from the “Call to the Bullpen.”

***Editor’s Note – For some reason, Pat assumes you listen to the podcast from the comfort of your bathtub, when the water is the perfect temperature***

Deals Discussed:

  • An in depth look at the Marlins/Jays trade. We will actually tell you about the players going to Miami.
  • Chris Young goes to Oakland
  • Jake Peavy gets extended
  • Ervin Santana to the Royals
  • David Ortiz re-signs
  • Torii Hunter signs with the Detroit Tigers (and how that affects Andy Dirks)
  • The Blue Jays sign Melky Cabrera and Maicer Izturis.
  • The Cubs sign Scott Baker and Scott Feldman
  • Mariano Rivera, Hiroki Kuroda and Andy Pettitte keep their youthful exuberance, re-signing with the Yankees.
  • Why Suley loves, and Corey hates, the Jeremy Guthrie signing by the Royals
  • Jonathan Broxton re-signs with the Reds. Does Chapman go to the rotation?
  • Ryan Madson signs with the Angels
  • Denard Span traded to Washington (plus some clever jokes about the Twins and Twinkies being discontinued)
  • BJ Upton signs with the Braves
  • Tommy Hanson is traded for Jorden Walden
  • Russell Martin signs with the Pirates.

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Jake Peavy is staying with the Chicago White Sox. (Photo courtesy of




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