After Hours Podcast Ep. 5 with Derek Cajun: How to Dominate Online Dating, Conquer Anxiety, and Show Restraint

Ever since Vox and I interviewed Derek Cajun, I’ve been looking forward to releasing this episode.

Derek Cajun teaches men how to meet and attract women for the company Love Systems. His performance on the dating reality game-show “Keys to the VIP” is viewed by many to be the one of the most impressive examples of picking up women with a no gimmicks needed approach. He’s also an authority on online dating, and recently released a book on the subject, “The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating”

after-hours-logoNot only is Derek very entertaining, he provides some serious, in-depth, knowledge on online dating, how to project a strong identity, the value of body language and how to conquer your fear, not only with women, but in every facet of your life. Honestly, that only scratches the surface.

You’ll learn how Derek first got involved in pick-up, and how he met his friend, co-worker (and our Episode 1 guest) Chris “Tenmagnet” Sheppard (listen to that episode here). Derek tells us the story of the time he was mugged in Australia, and how it was a valuable experience. He tells the full story behind his infamous performance on “Keys to the VIP” (video will be embedded below). Even the value of taking improv comes up.

Derek’s interview built such momentum, that halfway though, Dave and I called an audible and decided to give Derek the entire 90 minutes. We’ll get back to our regular segments next week.

As an added bonus, at the bottom of the page we included the video of Cajun’s infamous “Keys to the VIP” performance, and a clip of a talk he gave at the Love Systems Superconference.

For more of Cajun’s online dating advice, and to get his book, visit “The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating”

Love Systems sponsors the PUA Forums , the largest free dating advice forum for men. The founder of Love Systems, Nick Savoy, was formerly President of Mystery Method Corp.

***WARNING: Some of the language and subject matter we use will offend a segment of the population. If hearing about sex or certain four letter words offend you, please don’t listen***

Click on the player below to listen:

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You’ve listened to Derek, now see him in action:


Next Week: We interview Sadie Smyth, sex writer, author, sexual freedom advocate and polyamory consultant. We’ll be discussing her advocacy for sober sex, talking how an open relationship can work and answering whatever questions you send in.

Sadie’s phenomenal. Take advantage of this opportunity, and send your questions forher to @AfterHoursInc.

Also Next Week: In our (still unnamed) fictional character analysis, we break down Ted Mosby, Barney Stinson and Marshall Eriksson from “How I Met Your Mother”. Heck, maybe I’ll even critique “The Bro Code”

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