Videos: Sunday’s Referee Hot Mic Blunder and 3 Other Hilarious NFL Officiating Moments

Occasionally, you will notice something in a sporting event that makes you say, “What just happened?”

While blunders in the sporting world aren’t an uncommon occurrence, it’s always hilarious to see someone make a major mistake on national television.


On Sunday, as I was watching my hometown Colts take on the Dolphins, it was this brief moment by the official that caught my attention:


It was a complete accident that this guy had his microphone turned on, but it was still something that left football fans saying “Did he JUST say that?!”

So, following all of Sunday’s swearing, I decided to find three other NFL officiating instances that have made me laugh in the past.

1. The Ed Hochuli explanation

Obviously, because Hochuli is also an attorney, he believes he needs to give the most clear and concise reasoning for every situation in a football game…and it’s always good for a laugh.

“Excuse me a minute

It’s always better to go back to the other officials, talk it out, and make the correct call. If the fans get a little added humor out of the call, all the better.

“He was giving him the business down there”

Another classic, and believe it or not, this one has been said again in a college football game featuring Maryland and North Carolina State. There is no better explanation for a penalty in a football game than “he was giving him the business.”


What are you favorite referee blunders? Add them to the list in the comment section.

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