Does Nor’easter Forecast a Shorter MLS Season? (Should It?)

The New York Red Bulls-D.C. United match had to be rescheduled Wednesday night due to snow.

MLS Cup 2012 is scheduled for December 1st…what will the weather be like, then?

The game’s location will not be determined until the finalists have won their semifinal matches. The Cup is played this season at the home of the finalist team with the better record.

Is this Nor’easter part of Global Warming and a bigger effect on all sports, especially the outdoor ones, baseball, football and soccer? In the future, will the weather force MLB and MLS to end their seasons in September?

Does it just make overall better sense anyway for MLS to finish its season earlier in the yearly calendar?  Having the season end as the NFL is in its beginning stages and the NBA hasn’t officially started may be a better way to galvanize American sports fans’ attention.

There are other possibilities for MLS, such as condensing the season to March through August. There were only 34 matches played by each MLS team in the regular season, starting in early March. The season can lose some relevance when it is played over such a long period of time.

MLS is trying to follow the FIFA calendar of events. The FIFA calendar of events, including competitions for Gold Cup, World Cup, and CONCACAF Champions League are put forth way ahead of time and MLS designs its schedule around these events. It may not seem plausible to end in August.

But this plausibility factor is also due to the substitution rule, which only allows three players to come into a game, besides the original starting 11. If more players were allowed to enter a game and play, then players would be able to be better rested and could play another match much sooner than having to wait three or four days.

One other possibility is to end the MLS season on Veterans’ Day, which is an open holiday yet to be branded with a sport. Last season it was gobbled up by college basketball and played on an aircraft carrier. This season the aircraft carrier theme continues, but not on Veterans’ Day.  There is plenty of college bball on Veterans’ Day, including the Pre-season NIT, but the aircraft carrier court and backdrop is a much more unique kind of sports phenomenon.

Can MLS make Veteran’s Day part of its brand?  This would end the season a little earlier than December and maybe build more relevance for the MLS Cup.


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