‘No Shave November’ Special:
The 12 Best Sporters of Facial Hair in Sports History

In case you haven’t heard yet, November is a month celebrated by men across the globe who put down their razors, hide their shaving cream and aftershave gel, and celebrate one of the most glorious yet still unofficial holidays.

That’s right ladies, it’s “No Shave November!”

Join the MSF #Movember Team to fight and raise awareness for prostate cancer!

Most men risk their jobs, relationships, and sometimes their self-esteem, to engage in this acclaimed celebration.

The best way to kick off No Shave November is to honor some of these men who we guys have long admired and thought “boy, I can’t wait to grow a beard like him!”

That’s right, today, we honor the men who have fought the good fight and have, at one time or another, showcased some of the best facial hair in sports history.

12) Richard Petty – NASCAR

Not a huge splash to open up the list, but this man’s mustache is as important to his appearance as an engine is to a car.


Cowboy hat – check.

Sunglasses – check.

Mustache – check.

11) Phil Jackson – NBA

The greatest coach in NBA history has had his fair share of impressive facial hair looks.


Whether he’s sported a mustache, beard, or goatee, Jackson isn’t afraid to change it up.

10) John Axford – MLB

Another man not afraid to display a different look using his facial hair.


Axford is typically known for his mustache/soul patch combination, but he has also gone with a number of looks in his career.

Sometimes, you’d think Axford was trying to out-mustache the Brewers mascot.

9) Mike “Fluff” Cowan – PGA

Our first walrus mustache has made its way to the countdown.


This guy may only be a caddy, but he sure knows how to take the attention off the play of one of his golfers.

I hope Cowan had a caddy for his mustache comb.

8) Walt Frazier – NBA

The mutton chop sideburns help catapult Frazier into our facial hair frenzy.


While he mostly sports a goatee or a full, well-groomed beard these days, it was his sideburn/mustache combination that landed him on this list.

Frazier should be in the Knicks Hall of Fame of great facial hair.

7) Lanny McDonald – NHL

The second walrus-esque mustache of our No Shave November list. This one even greater than the first.


I wonder if this mustache helped block some punches thrown towards McDonald during some major hockey scuffles.

6) Brett Keisel – NFL

A nice, voluminous, lumberjack-type beard for the Pittsburgh Steeler has him number six on our countdown.


I sure hope Keisel shampooed that thing to get the wood chips out every night.

5) James Harden – NBA

While it’s not uncommon to see NBA players with beards, it is odd to see a guy take as much pride in his beard as Harden does.


Since Harden won sixth man of the year last season, I wonder if his beard won seventh man of the year.

4) Brian Wilson – MLB

Another man who has been praised for his ability to grow an absurdly huge beard.


The slogan “fear the beard” has been implemented when Wilson takes the mound for the Giants.

I’m not sure what’s more petrifying: Wilson’s fastball or his beard staring you down from the pitcher’s mound.

3) Clay Zavada – MLB

Another baseball guy who has sported many looks, one of which includes the handlebar, curly-Q mustache.


Zavada looks like he wants to go back to 1920 and rob a bank, rather than pitch a strikeout.

2) Kimbo Slice – UFC

One of the bulkiest, most intimidating beards on our list comes from one of the most petrifying sports of all-time.


This showcase of true masculinity couldn’t be any better for UFC.

Kimbo Slice is a scary man…but I imagine that whatever is hiding in that beard is even scarier.

1) Rollie Fingers – MLB

It doesn’t get any better than a classic handlebar mustache with a curl to round out the top of our list.


Not to mention, this guy has an awesome name.

The difference between Fingers and Zavada? Fingers still sports his to this day.


I truly believe Fingers is the railroad bandit from those black-and-white silent films who ties a woman to the railroad tracks, escapes with the money, and twists the end of his mustache between his fingers while he laughs meticulously about what he’s done.


What incredible facial hair did I miss? Comment below!

Don’t forget, the guys at MSF are taking part in No Shave November and Movember to help fight Prostate Cancer. Find out how you can help your favorite writer’s in this great cause!


  1. Your list is incomplete. Where is Al Hrabosky, the Mad Hungarian?

  2. How about MLB’s “CATFISH” Hunter

  3. George Parros – NHL
    Trevor Gillies – NHL

  4. Sparky Lyle
    Goose Gossage

  5. aztecs44@gmail.com says:

    You can’t count out Sergio Romo who took over the Beard Fearing charge this year in SanFran.

  6. How about Ben Davidson from the Raiders-used to chase Joe Willie Namath and smash him into the ground?

    • Agreed……Rollie’s stache is great but may have been the 2nd best in Oakland……….Ben was the original villain, the Snidely Whiplash of the NFL.

  7. And what about ‘Broadway’ Joe Namath’s Fu Man Chu?

  8. Jayson Werth should be on here.

  9. Martiniduck says:

    Da Coach. Ditka.

  10. How MMA Ref, Mike Beltran.

  11. I can think of a few more that should have made this list. Sparky Lyle of the Yankees, Richie Allen (massive sideburns) of the Phillies, Luis Tiant,Craig Stadler of the PGA and Franco Harris who always had a neat trimmed beard.

  12. steve prefontaine deserves a mention

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  17. John Rogers says:

    You kidding me…DALE EARNHARDT…I’m not even a big NASCAR fan but who can ever forget Dale’s ‘stache


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