And ‘Our’ Gift in the #PassTheCrown Gift Exchange Is…

This morning, I presented the clue Crown Royal sent me for our gift in the #PassTheCrown gift exchange.

Written on one of Crown Royal’s embroidered purple bags was the phrase “Fan the flame.”

And as I suspected it might be…it’s a Kindle Fire HD!


Here is the description:

The soon-to-be released Kindle Fire HD features a stunning HD display, custom Dolby audio, the fastest Wi-Fi of any tablet, plenty of battery life, free Amazon Prime and Skype and comes pre-registered to your account for immediate access to all your purchased content.  Fire it up and enjoy surfing the Web with a Crown Royal cocktail in-hand.

So MSF gets one and one reader gets one, right? Well, not so fast.

As they reminded me in the email: “We hope you and your readers like your gift, but don’t get too comfortable with it!  You never know if someone is going to steal it tomorrow.” Hence the quotes around ‘our’ in the headline.

Because remember that’s how it goes. Another site gets a clue tomorrow, and they can either keep their gift and see what it is or send it our way in exchange for ours. And on it goes like this for 3 weeks. Which is why you need to stay tuned to see what gift we and you will end up with.

Also keep this in mind:

Tweet me at @JerodMorris and use the hashtag #PassTheCrown to participate in the program. Alternatively, you can friend me on Facebook ( and help promote the program there, still using the #PassTheCrown tag for credit.

Remember, whatever reader participates and uses the #PassTheCrown hashtag the most is who will receive the duplicate prize.

And also remember that for every #PassTheCrown hashtag used, Crown Royal is stuffing an additional bag and sending it to an overseas troop as part of the Heroes Project.

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