After Hours Podcast Ep 3: Complete Guide to Dates – Part 2

Some real life got in the way of bringing you Episode 3 last week, but that just means Episode 4 will seem to be here that much sooner.

Last time, Dave (@LS_Vox) and I (@SuleyTheHuman) discussed going on dates. We shared a wealth of our personal knowledge on what types of dates work, which don’t, conversation topics to avoid etc. This week, we finish off our discussion of the issue with our guest Nick Hoss (@LS_NickHoss)

Nick Hoss teaches men of all ages how to approach and attract the women they meet during the daytime. He was voted Love Systems’ #1 instructor of 2011, and has been working on a product for Love Systems specifically about handling dates.

Nick was kind enough to join Dave and I for basically the entire episode as he answers listener questions on dates. Everything from specific scenarios to general tips. This is can’t-miss stuff.

For more on Nick visit

For more on Love Systems, the leading source for dating advice and how to get a girl to like you, or to see where Nick in on tour next, check out the links below


***WARNING: Some of the language and subject matter we use will offend a segment of the population. If hearing about sex or certain four letter words offend you, please don’t listen***

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Next Week: We interview Sai Gaddam, co-author of “A Billion Wicked thoughts” and Dave and I will discuss whatever is on our, and your, minds.

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