After Hours Podcast Ep 2: Complete Guide to Dates – Part 1

Welcome back.

Dave (@LS_Vox) and I (@SuleyTheHuman) are humbled by the response to our first episode. Since we pride ourselves on being a dating podcast for the people, we’re spending episodes 2 and 3 on our most requested subject: Dates.

Hopefully everyone here has been on a date before (if you haven’t, and that’s why you’re here, we’ll get you right), but very few of us know what to do on a date. As Chris “TenMagnet” Sheppard told us last week, “95% of the relationships you’ve seen have been on TV… Television is completely inaccurate.” (Listen to that episode *here*)

So where do you go on a date? Who pays the bill? When do you go for the kiss? Dave and I will answer all those questions in detail this week and next week with the help of two very exciting guests

Speaking of which, in the second half of this week’s episode we speak with Deputy Editor Mandy Stadtmiller (@mandystadt). Mandy has spent much of the last decade as a dating writer (in addition to her writing at xoJANE, she wrote the first-person dating column “About Last Night” for the New York Post), comedian and journalist among other pursuits. She joins us to share some hilarious personal dating anecdotes, her views on the PUA scene from the female perspective, why she will “Google” someone before a date, how we live in “The Age of Transparency” and a plethora of other topics.

After you listen to Mandy, you’ll want to read more. Here’s where:

Here’s your bullet list of covered topics this week:

  • Why traditional date ideas (dinner, movies, coffee) are usually terrible
  • Some great date ideas that have worked for us personally
  • How to get “home field advantage”
  • Cheap date ideas
  • Who should pay on the date?
  • How you can over-do things on a date
  • What to do if you get stood up
  • How Ted Mosby (How I Met your Mother) is a great and terrible dating role model
  • Mandy’s 55 minute date
  • Should you “Google” someone before a date?
  • Mandy’s views on the PUA scene
  • How we live in “The Age of Transparency”
  • Plus, much more…

***WARNING: Some of the language and subject matter we use will offend a segment of the population. If hearing about sex or certain four letter words offend you, please don’t listen***

Click on the player below to listen:

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Next week’s guest: Love Systems Dating Instructor, Nick Hoss. Tweet us, or comment your questions for him as we bring Part 2 of our special on dates.

We hope you enjoy this one as much as we like putting it together. We’ll see you next week. Follow the show on Twitter @AfterHoursInc. Dave and I can be found at @LS_Vox & @SuleyTheHuman respectively.


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  1. Great show guys, keep up the good work and ill keep on listening, we’d love to have you on ours sometime too!

    Jack Romance…

  2. After Hours Inc. says:

    We appreciate it. I’ll be giving your show a listen later today. Do you have a place to contact away from prying eyes?

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