The Most Unrealistic Sports Scenes in Movie History, Part II

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Last year I posted a list of sports scenes from movies that were so patently absurd I felt they needed to be ranked to determine which was indeed the most unrealistic of all.

Little did I know, the article would go viral.

It seems people really like watching terrible movie depictions of athletic contests. And it seems people like to get really mad when a movie they like is included on such a list.

After revisiting the comments section of that article, I realized (with the help of you, the reader) that there are just too many great scenes that I left out. I still stand by my original 10, but I decided to make a second list – a sequel, if you will – to shed light on some more awful sports scenes.


Sorry Tom, but a man of your diminutive size playing volleyball – and having any level of success doing so – is simply too unrealistic not to highlight here.

Ground Rules

Before you get started on this list, there are two things I need you to do.

First, read/watch my original post – The 10 Most Unrealistic Sports Scenes in Movie History.

Next, take the time to read the following self-imposed ground rules for the list. This will help you understand why, theoretically, Talladega Nights cannot be included but Days of Thunder can.

  • I have not seen every movie ever made. I’ve seen a bunch, and what follows is my list. I would love to hear your opinions in the comments below, because I’ve surely missed some really good ones.
  • I am purposely leaving out intentionally absurd moments, such as Michael J. Fox morphing into a werewolf and dominating his high school basketball games, or Andre 3000 playing a Darryl Dawkins/Julius Erving hybrid in Semi-Pro and somehow having a 65’’ vertical.
  • Comedies are disqualified unless their sports scenes are supposed to be realistic. For example, Major League is a ridiculous movie, but the baseball scenes are intended to mimic real-life baseball, so theoretically it could count.
  • The scenes don’t necessarily have to come from a sports movie. The idea here is to highlight any sporting moment in any film that could never in a million years happen in real life.
  • I have taken into account the context of the scene as well as the actual achievement. For example, when Kevin Costner holes out from 235 yards in Tin Cup, it is unrealistic because he had a chance at the U.S. Open riding on him sinking that exact shot and he had already splashed several balls in the water attempting the same shot.
  • There are a few scenes which I’m aware of for which I simply couldn’t find video. A post about movie scenes without videos is no fun, so I eschewed those.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s check out the list!

10. Top Gun – Volleyball Scene

Tom Cruise is short. Volleyball players, especially the best ones, are usually tall. You can see where I’m going here.

I’m a big fan of Top Gun, but it has never ceased to amaze me that the volleyball scene is in this movie. I guess it just was an excuse to show Maverick, Iceman, and Slider with their shirts off (poor Goose), but goodness is it terrible. It may also have been an attempt to show us how truly badass Maverick was by having him be a dominant beach volleyball player.

Watch Cruise’s many spikes and pay close attention to his vertical. That net has to be at least a foot under the regulation height of approximately 8 feet. Bonus points for Goose’s knuckle set too. That takes skill.

9. Escape From L.A. – Basketball Scene

Snake Plissken is going to be executed unless he can score 10 points – all baskets count as 2, with no 3’s – while being given 10 seconds per shot. His shot attempts get more and more difficult, culminating in a full court heave he has to sink to  live.

If this doesn’t qualify as unrealistic, I don’t know what does.

I realize that this borders on being intentionally ridiculous, but I included it because it is hilarious and Kurt Russell is one of my favorite actors.

8. The Replacements – Final Play

Whether it’s as Shane Falco or Johnny Utah, Keanu Reeves is an unconvincing quarterback.

Here he manages to lead his team to victory by throwing a deep touchdown pass to his deaf tight end who has somehow managed to be wide open behind the entire defense. Wouldn’t the defense be in a total prevent situation here, knowing that only a touchdown can beat them?

Also, there certainly should have been a delay of game penalty called, because Falco takes about 1:30 to get the play off. The huddle dialogue is so goofy and poorly delivered, too.

7. Vision Quest – Swain vs. Shute

Vision Quest is a good movie about a young man coming of age and learning all sorts of tough lessons about being a man.

It is also terribly unrealistic as a sports movie, especially at the end.

We are led to believe that Louden Swain lost 22 pounds to drop two weight classes and have his shot at Shute, the defending state champion. When we see Shute, we realize he is a huge, hulking beast of a wrestler, so there is no way that Swain was that much heavier than Shute.

Also, Swain is only in his second year of competitive wrestling, so the chances of him taking down the juggernaut Shute are unlikely at best.

Good movie, but a ridiculous ending. Long clip alert:

6. The Legend of Bagger Vance – The Woods

I actually liked The Legend of Bagger Vance. This scene is just too much, though.

I would be okay with him getting out of the woods, but blindly sticking it 5 feet from the hole? This scene is the golf equivalent to the old McDonald’s H.O.R.S.E. commercials with MJ and Larry Bird.

Ready for the five most unrealistic sports scenes in movie history?

Click to continue and see clips involving:

  • Joe Pesci’s basketball skills
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme being unintentionally hilarious
  • A 27-K perfect game
  • Rocky. Oh, Rocky…
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Keith is an Ohio-based sports and pop culture junkie who began writing for MSF in June 2011. His ramblings about sports, music, movies and books can be further enjoyed by following him on Twitter @keithmullett.

In addition to his work for MSF, Keith operates a blog called Commercial Grade, in which he critiques television commercials from the perspective of the average viewer.


  1. Chicks DO dig scars though, Keith.

  2. Oh, and Days of Thunder is hysterically bad. Must be a Tom Cruise thing.

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  3. I’m 5’5″ and in my younger days I could spike a volleyball.. no problem. Its only 8 feet, were not talking about jamming a basketball…

  4. Aww man you forgot every scene from basketball diaries that included 5’11” 140 lb Leonardo Di Caprio playing basketball. He was being scouted you know….

    • Keith Mullett says:

      I actually watched that entire movie two days before making this post (and I mentioned it in the intro to part 1 of this series). I just couldn’t pick one of these to leave out. Leo is a great actor, but clearly he’s not much of a baller. Good call.


  6. Vision Quest – great movie! you’re a d*ck for crapping on it.
    Replacements – loved that movie – you’re a d*ck
    Sideout – yes unrealistic that an amateur that never played beats out the world’s best after 3 months – still liked it
    Rocky movies- obvious
    Top Gun – just a pickup game get over it.

    You’re must be a total #$*@# to watch a movie with.

    • Keith Mullett says:

      With the exception of the Scout, I liked all of these movies. Unrealistic and good aren’t mutually exclusive. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, though.

  7. Are you kidding me???? There are MANY other movies with much more unrealistic fight scenes!!!! A lot of fight scenes with women kicking butt are incredibly unrealistic. As an example, if women were capable of fighting men their size or bigger men, then you would see women fight men in the UFC; however, no women would stand a chance, that’s why women don’t fight in the UFC.

  8. Gerri Blomquist says:

    I’ve played a lot of volleyball, 30 years. I have seen a few Koreans that were barely 5’5 beat awesome 6′ Americans. Height was not the most unbelievable part of the Cruise’s game. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A VOLLEYBALL PLAYER WEAR A WATCH! That cracked me up! Who wears a watch on the beach AND he checks it while playing. LOL!

    • Keith Mullett says:

      The time check was so hilarious to me as well. Can’t be late for his date with Charlie, even if it interferes with his and Goose’s chances of taking down Iceman and Slider. Thanks for stopping by the site!

    • Recall Tommy was wearing a watch because he had a hot date with one of the Top Gun instructors- Kelly McGillis. Which brings up Mr. Mullet’s choice of this movie scene. Agreed that it is a top 10 unrealistic, but not for the volleball action. As many have said on this site, (especially beach) volleyball is not just about height. However the most unrealilstic part of the scene is that he is heading out for a date with a lesbian.

      Also, Mr. Mullet, you have a right to your opinion, and these types of lists are great for eliciting lots of posts. But any scene from Vision Quest should not be on this list, and just about anyone who wrestled even in high school will tell you that.

      Keep up the fun work!

  9. As far as side out goes he did not do a 360 he did a 180 so that he could see where he was setting to. It wasn’t the spin that was bad but the set itself. If you will notice the hands. The set was illegal and would have been called for a double hit or carry because one hand stayed on the ball longer than the other. This was the bad part not the spin.

    • ksting is right, that’s what i came in to comment about.
      although as a setter myself, i’d have to say the illegal carry and the 180 were both equally bad.

      p.s. so is playing sand volleyball in jeans. noone does that, Cruise. What a hack.

  10. I’d say the most unrealistic sports movie is anything that showcases the NY Jets.

  11. I’m the same height at 5’5″, I can spike the ball also especially from a nice setup from one of my team mates. But got to admit that blocking is a challenge for me.

  12. I am 5’6 and dominated in volleyball! Tall people couldnt block me because if they watched me and not the ball, they would jump with me and I would still be rising when they came back down. I could in my younger days, dunk a basketball, so could Spudd Webb at 5’7. So not unrealistic to me for Tom Cruise to be spiking.

    • Keith Mullett says:

      You, my friend, are a much better athlete than Tom Cruise. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • I don’t think I would have the nerve to talk down about Tom Cruise’s athleticism. He’s one of the few actors that does almost all of his own stunts, and some of that stuff is just crazy. In Ghost Protocol when he is climbing the tallest building in the world (located in Dubai), he is actually climbing the tallest building in the world. No CGI. There’s even a photo out there of him sitting on the very, very tip-top of the building, without any ropes or harnesses of any kind. Not that craziness necessarily translates into athleticism, of course, but my guess is that he’s gotta be in pretty damn good shape to do some of the things he does.

  13. Remember the Titans…when they dont take a knee at the end. What is up with that!

  14. No 3 Ninjas or Mighty Ducks? Meh.

  15. C’mon, you 5’5″ people could spike a ball on a volleyball court. Could you do it in the sand on the beach?

  16. Take a look at Tom Cruise’s batting practice swings in A Few Good Men.

    I especially like the pitching delivery of Eddie Harris in Major Leagues. I love the movie, but I doubt he could even reach the plate with that pitching motion.

    • Keith Mullett says:

      Wow, I totally forgot about Cruise’s batting skills! A true multi-sport star, haha!

      I’ll give Harris a pass since he was like 64 years old.

      Thanks for reading and reminding me of another great one.

  17. Swain had about the same chance as Rulon Gardner or Larry Owings. That is why wrestling is a great sport.

  18. Jeff the Bobcat says:

    How about the pommel horse/fight scene in the movie Gymkata with Kurt Thomas? A must watch of bad movie making. Seriously, maybe the worst movie ever.

  19. Was a true story though, no?

  20. The replacements, I can overlook the 1:30 for the huddle… it adds drama. I can overlook the receiver being wide open.. got to make sure he makes the catch to look good for the movie. Can’t overlook the final score being 20 – 17. You have to kick the extra point to make it final. Damn I hate the seahawks. Grr

  21. YES!! I haven’t thought of that movie in years, but I agree, it has to be one of the worst pieces of trash to ever be made. There are many amazingly bad scenes in this movie!

  22. As long as your talkin stallone/rocky dont forget driven,the new rambo and cobra

    • Keith Mullett says:

      Check out part 1 (in the link at the beginning of this post)! Driven is up there in that post! As for Cobra, I have a soft spot in my heart for that one because of my black beard and hair and my penchant for wearing fingerless gloves and leather jackets.

  23. In 1977 I was a member of Holiday Health Spa and Sly was riding an exercycle next to me talking investments with the guy on the other side. Obnoxious little puke made millions in some of the most unrealistic movies ever made. Give me Tom Laughlin in Billy Jack for realistic looking acting. Sly got pissed because the desk girl made him show his mwembership card. Puke!!

  24. As a former wrestler. I love vision quest. Yet remember fondly we wrestlers laughed at how unrealistic the movie is. And The fact the poor kid half kills himself to drop a mere 22 pounds when he is almost 200 pounds to start with. Not a big deal to even a high school wrestler. Especially as the actor never looks like he has lost all his baby fat so to speak. That and the usual 20 something playing a high school kid. Still great soundtrack, and honestly how many real wrestling movies are there?

    • Keith Mullett says:

      It is a great movie. His grueling journey to lose weight is certainly unrealistic, too. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • While Vision Quest seems unrealistic. This actually happened in the 70’s, in Spokane, WA (where the movie also was filmed). I met the actual guy that did this. That is why they made a movie out of it. So it is based in reality.

    • Totally agree about the 20 lb drop being unrealistic. I dropped 20 pounds to 105 with out much trouble or fanfare.

  25. But you also know dropping from aprx. 190 to aprx. 170 is not near as big a deal as the movie made it out to be. especially when the actor is so obviously not toned and has plenty of body fat to lose. the champion looked like a wrestler. The star looked like an actor. you know the wrestler build. A chimp is the perfect example.

  26. No one seems to mention Woody Harelson’s near impossible nearly full court one shot no warm-up sinker in White Men Can’t Jump. I can barley hit from the top of the key and that’s after some warming up

    • Keith Mullett says:

      Honestly I tried to find video for it and couldn’t get a good clip. You are absolutely right, and thanks for reading and commenting.

  27. OH, what about the Air Up There with Kevin Bacon…Classicly bad..

  28. In defense of the Top Gun scene so chock full of man-candy: The volleyball game wasn’t really a regulation game, just a bunch of guys having fun. And the Maverick-Goose team didn’t “dominate”. When Maverick left to get to his dinner date with Charlie, they were still a game behind Ice Man and Slider. Remember the line, “One more and we’re even”? As for Maverick’s spiking ability when Cruise is only 5’7″…Spud Webb is only 5’7″ and won an NBA slam dunk contest. Granted, it’s easier to get height in a vertical jump on hardwood rather than sand, but nowhere in the movie do they say that Maverick is under 6′ tall.

    • Keith Mullett says:

      Haha, the scene is certainly chock full of “man-candy.” I mean, can we get a PED test on Slider?

      As far as Mav’s hops, I’ll wager that even at 6’0″ he can’t get up like Spud. If you watch some of the jumps Cruise does you would think it’s quicksand and not beach sand he’s jumping out of. Thanks for reading!

  29. In the Side Out scene, there is no way that Howell did not mishandle the ball when he spun his body around to set that ball. When a ball “sits” in a setters hands too long, it’s called a “lift”.

  30. I know why you excluded it, but its still my favorite absolutely ridiculous sports scene, MJ’s dunk at the end of Space Jam, 1) I love MJ 2) Even his Airness’s body can’t do that.

    • Keith Mullett says:

      Great scene, indeed, but it has to be excluded as you mentioned. A friend of mine pointed out that any Kobe/MJ debate needs to end with the Space Jam argument. Kobe could never pull that off.

  31. The ending of just about every kids’ sports underdog movie except the first Bad News Bears deserves to be on this list. There is no way the team with the fat kid, the scrawny kid, and the kid with the coke-bottle glasses is going to beat the team with the best athletes in the area. And I’m speaking as the kid who couldn’t catch a ball to save her life. No way. The BNB improved, and, with the additions of a couple of ringers and some luck (remember that one team that had to forfeit due to the flu?), made it to the championship game…where they lost. The closest thing to a realistic ending of any kids’ sports movie.

    • Keith Mullett says:

      Spot on. BNB is great for exactly the reasons you point out. Not that unrealistic movies/scenes are always bad, but that one shows you how great realism can be.

  32. What about the movie Gladiator? The roman general teaches the galdiators to fight like a Roman Legion.
    That movie was the most ridiculous crap ever.

  33. When I watched The Scout as a kid, what really bugged me was the fact that Ozzie Smith was the last batter Nebraska faced, which indicates he was the ninth batter. Why put your powerhouse in the nine spot? Oh yeah cause it’s Ozzie Smith.

  34. lol rocky says:

    Fun fact: in the original Rocky, not a single punch by either Apollo or Rocky was blocked. NOT ONE! when you/anyone catch it on cable again, try to find one. Out of 40+ punches shown between the two boxers no less. I don’t even think rocky (or either) bothered to cover their head once either

    ofc i love rocky, great stuff when a kid. But seeing it now it just seems ridiculous. The orangutan Clyde in Every Which Way but Loose decidedly less so

  35. Get real people it’s the frickin movies for gods sake, not reality.


  37. While you’re entitled to your opinion, you clearly have no background in wrestling whatsoever. If you think the bigger, more muscular guy wins by default, you’re not paying attention. There’s even a line from Louden Swain (Matthew Modine) in the movie Vision Quest that says the most important thing for a wrestler is balance, not strength or speed. The author of the book on which the movie was based, Terry Davis, has an EXTENSIVE background in the sport. It’s not only not an unrealistic movie, but a highly believable one. Brick s–t-houses lose ALL the time, even former state champs. There’s a reason why it’s difficult to repeat as champion.

  38. I know it’s not necessarily one scene, but Kevin Costner throwing a no-hitter for the Tigers against the Yankees in “For The Love Of The Game” was ridiculous. All the Yankees wore numbers like 58, 67, 63, 78 — and with all the people that normally would attend a game at Yankee Stadium, we’re supposed to believe one fan (Artie Lange) can be heard above all of them? And at the end, after mercilessly heckling Billy Chappell the entire game, Lange gives him the “you’re all right” pat on the back. Lame. Lame. Lame.

  39. The final scene of “The Fan” in which DeNiro turns out to be the umpire, stabs John Kruk to death, and is about to pitch his knife towards home plate before gunned down by the police (All in a driving rain that obviously would have stopped the game) is absolutely the most unrealistic sports scene ever. Needs to be in your top 10.

  40. Check out Kevin Bacon in “The Air Up There” … if I remember right he was an ex-basketball star turned coach … I was not buying the bb player part …

  41. One other unrealistic thing about The Scout: Steve Nebraska couldn’t have provided any offense for the Yankees, because the Yankees were the home team and use a DH. Unless the Yankee manager made an error or let a pitcher he had never seen in a game bat, Nebraska never would have swung a bat.

  42. Tony Perkins playing Jim Pearsall in “Fear Strikes Out”. Old black and white film about Jim Pearsall’s return to baseball after an emotional breakdown. I read somewhere that Perkins was a natural lefthander. Pearsall was a righthanded hitting and throwing outfielder. I was just a kid when I saw the film, and, still thought the baseball scenes were pretty pathetic.

  43. Probably the most unrealistic sports scene I can think of is in American History X when Edward Norton dunks on a ten foot rim. Come to think of it the hole game where the skin heads beat the black dudes to take over the courts was pretty fake, but it was topped off with Norton dunking.

  44. Best REALISTIC footage not used in Rocky IV —> Dolph L. actually knocked Sly out cold while filming a fight scene…”Uh CUT? Someone please resuscitate the director!” I’d love to see that lost footage. Sure Sly had all copies burned and buried..

  45. Drop by Turner Classic Movies sometime when they’re having a “theme” bloc involving, mostly, college football games. The ones from the early thirties and into the forties produce scenes that are a tribute to how studios felt the games should look. And then there’s Desi Arnaz as a drum pounding quarterback in, “Too Many Girls”.

  46. What about the opening scene from the Last Boy Scout. There is a football player with a GUN ON THE FIELD DURING A NATIONALLY TELEVISED GAME AND SHOOTING TACKLERS. I’m not sure what could be more unrealistic. Oh wait, its having a player with gambling debts cheating FOR HIS OWN TEAM. Any type of point shaving is done against your own team. Also have you ever seen that many umbrellas in the crowd during any sporting event? Also Billy Cole (the guys with the ball and gun) runs straight the whole time during the big play and tacklers just bounce off of him and they aren’t even Cleveland Browns. Nothing makes sense as he shoots some opponents then takes his own life. How did that fix his gambling debt problems? This film was directed by Tony Scott who was British.

  47. I couldn’t find the scene but the final baseball scene in the 1996 movie “The Fan” is right before this one and . There are many baseball inaccuracies because the movie is directed by the Brit, Tony Scott. The worst parts are that they are playing in a monstrous thunderstorm and of course the twist ending. De Nero’s character demands that Wesley Snipes character hit a home run or he will kill his child that he has kidnapped. Snipes goes for an inside the park home run and is called out at home when he is really safe. But De Nero is the umpire! He snuck into the stadium even though every security officer is looking for him and he became the home plate umpire for the entire game I believe. Then they have the standoff shown with all of the police on the field and it is ridiculous. Did I mention Tony Scott, the director of Top Gun, Days of Thunder, and the Last Boy Scout directed this? You could probably make a list just based on his films.

  48. Bill McVay says:

    I just saw your previous list and I think you need to do a Tony Scott sports movie inaccuracy list.

  49. capoeira mtown says:

    I have been coaching gymnastics for 15 years. I don’t know anyone who competes gym in the dark with a spot light hahaha.

  50. Kevin Paglia says:

    How about this long lost one, Diggstown. Louis Gossett Jr. taking on ten local fighters in 24hours in a scam. A fun movie but completely unrealistic.

  51. How about Al Pacino playing a football coach in whatever that movie was called. Did he ever take the sport coat off? It was ludicrous.

  52. As someone already pointed out, it’s a little unfair to put Kurt Russell on this list, since he actually makes the shot, albeit not in one take.

    He made some effort to actually do it the right way, and that should be commended, or something.

    But it’s pretty awesome that he makes a shot, for real, that puts him on the top list for most unrealistic sport scenes.

    No hard feelings though, these types of list are for fun.

    • Keith Mullett says:

      Thanks for reading! I know Russell really made the shot (and all the shots in the scene), but it’s the circumstance surrounding the scene – life on the line, only a full court heave with one attempt to live – that makes it unrealistic.

      Since Big Trouble in Little China and Tombstone are two of my favorite movies ever, I agree that Kurt Russell is awesome.

      • I recall watching the making of thing at the end. They let him practice the whole sequence until he could do it in a single take. Then they introduced the patch, and he had to learn it all over. That was pretty funny. Great film making, but when did a life or death situation ever equal life?

        Where’s Balls of Fury?? Or, was that too ridiculous?

      • Long before Kurt Russell played Snake Plissken, he made a Disney movie in the mid-70’s called The Strongest Man in the World. Kurt was a student who accidently mixed some chemicals into his cereal and he becomes the strongest man in the world, easily lifting 1,000 pound weights in a contest to save the school, which is facing financial hardship.

  53. I have to say that #1 should’ve simply been Rocky IV. It is far and away the worst one. Starters: in the Oscar winning “Rocky”, he went the distance, and at one point couldn’t see out of a swollen eye… Rocky IV? A couple small cuts. But this is not the worst part. The worst part is in my synopsis: A russian fighter hits Apollo Creed about 10 times and kills him. Then he trains harder, takes steroids, doubles his punching power, hits Rocky a couple hundred times as hard as he can, AND ROCKY WINS. No, I didn’t say dies, I said wins. ***Noteworthy – The only good Rocky movies were the first and the last. Coincidentally, those were the only two that Stallone directed.

  54. Can anyone beleve derek jeter breaking his ankle

  55. HAHAHA that Steve Nebraska thing was pathetic!!!!

    He comes in a helicopter… No warmup

    If Ozzie Smith is so good, why is he batting 9th (27th)

    Pitchers don`t bat in the AL

    Just a horrible attempt at a movie

  56. I never saw Vision Quest, but you obviously don’t know how weight cutting works…

    • Thanks for “weighing in”, Luke. I never wrestled but had a buddy who dropped 23 lbs. in high school to qualify at 98. He lived on Jolly Ranchers for weeks and weeks. And, he won his first match because he was experienced. BTW- If you’re an ex-wrestler, watch Vision Quest. Most guys I talk to really like it.

    • Fifteen years ago, I wrestled my senior year starting out at 5’10” 189. I wrestled the light-heavyweights during practice. My lowest weight during that season was 161. At a meet weigh-in the official pinched my left love handle remarking that I had at least 7 lbs more if I wanted, that’s 154 … We had guys in trash bags, guys that sucked on candy and spit, guys that vomited. You’d be amazed at what 4-hr long practices, six days a week in layers of sweats and extra five mile runs at night, eating only a can of black beans at day. It is completely possible albeit nuts and dangerous. I was never so hungry as I was that season. The easy bleeding, passing out or vainting spells, totally true. I’d never let my own kid do it.

  57. Ambaryerno says:

    You can pretty much just say “The Scout, Full Stop.” Probably the most horribly inaccurate baseball movie I’ve ever seen from opening to ending credits.

  58. I know children that could kick your but in vollyball so why its so unrealistic tom cruise would play or be any good I dont know, kurt russel did make that shot like probably millions of kids in there school gym have done while just playing around I know I have and i’m no ray allen, really I dont see anything impossible in any of these scenes I like the idea of pointing out over the top fake movie scenes just think your examples fall short of unbelievable

    • Personally, I would tend to agree with the author on his selections. “Snake Plisken” Kurt R. character wore an eyepatch that would totally throw off distance perception, especially for someone who doesn’t play the game often, and was tired and breathing hard. Tom Cruise IS short, playing against taller guys would just about ensure total defeat. It’s good to be optimistic, but this list makes sense in mho…

      • There’s nothing wrong with the Top Gun scene. The guys are on a military base playing a pick up game so the net would never be regulation height. It wasn’t a professional game or anything near that. Just two teams of pilots playing against each other. Height is just a small factor.

      • You would think so. But NFL QB Jim McMahon was blind in one eye, and it didn’t seem to slow him down.

      • killface1981 says:

        Nash came back into a playoff game against the Spurs in the fourth quarter with 10 points and 5 assists to finish the sweep. A 3 pointer, 3 point play, layup, and runner… plus Kurt Russell is actually an athlete(look up his minor league career in baseball), and Costern’s part in Bull Durham was written for him. How about Pat Morita in any Karate Kid film? He knew no karate and was 5’3 but Martin Kove with black belts in all of the following martial arts: Kendo; Okinawa-te; and Tiger Kenpo was easily beaten by him. Or the 6’5 Thomas Ian Griffith who
        trained Tae Kwon Do under Master Jun Chong. Besides Tae Kwon Do and Kenpo Karate, he was also into kickboxing. I rooted for the bad guys in those movies though.

  59. You could pretty much include all of Days of Thunder. Though your example of Driven in the first list is possible the worst racing movie, Talladega Nights had more realistic racing.

  60. Also on The Scout, why is an American League picture batting in an American League stadium? lol

  61. Vision Quest.
    I disagree with just about everything in the statements about the realistic nature of the wrestling events. Is it a little exaggerated for theatrical effect, of course, it is a movie, but it is not unrealistic enough to be deemed top ten all time. A wrestler in one of the higher weight classes (Louden starts at 190) who has not been cutting weight could cut 22 pounds surprisingly easily. Returning state champs get beat by inexperienced and much less skilled wrestlers from time to time and generally when they do it is because they are hit with a throw or the previously hit fireman’s carry. It happens enough that there is a term for it which is “getting caught” or “got caught”. Unlikely? Yes. Unrealistic, not any more than the average sports scene in a movie.

  62. What about the entire movie….Blue Crush….110 minutes of my life ill never get back

  63. The movie “Over the Top”, another stallone movie, is even more unrealistic then the rocky saga. It is technically a sports movie considering arm wrestling is a sport. Hard to imagine a man could fight for the custody of his son by winning an arm wrestling tourney. Also, its hard to imagine stllone being 5’10” and maybe 205lbs beating the 300 to 400 lbs monsters he was up against. But I guess when you have an entire weigh lifting station installed in your rig anything is possible.

  64. If Ozzie Smith was the last batter of a perfect game, doesn’t that mean the Cardinals had Ozzie Smith batting 9 hole in the World Series?

  65. Glenn Stegeman says:

    Years ago my best friend who weighed in at 145 pds arm wrestled a guy who came in at 270 pds and beat him. My friend at that time had had try outs for the Olympic Gynastics Team. He didn’t make the team but man was he strong. The big arm wrestler couldn’t beleive he got beat. Demanded a rematch & lost again.

  66. Anton Chigurh says:

    how about the scene where a tiny Sly Stallone steps into the bedroom to mount and mate a MASSIVE Gitte Neilsen? oh wait, that was the sex tape, my bad….

  67. Rocky? Over the top? Sacrilege….:-)

  68. Derrick Jones says:

    How about the final scene in the new Karate kid movie? The kid does a vertical 360 flip on one leg? I’m no martial artist but being able to pull it off, much less land it against another martial artist is more than ludicrous. And after taking a closer look the other kid is moved back 5-10 feet to give him space to execute it.

  69. Kevin Weiker says:

    How is every Days of Thunder crash not listed? Or the fact that in that movie a car that was punted in the rear had it’s hood fly off for some reason.

  70. Chariots of Fire was ruined for me when the guy fell down, was 50 yards behind with less than 300 meters to go, and won a 400 meter race. Maybe in a longer race, but ridiculous for a 400 meter.

  71. Bob Price says:

    Thank you for adding Rocky. I never miss a chance to rip that sad piece of tripe. How it won an academy award over Network and Taxi Driver is beyond ludicrous. The fight between Rocky and Apollo Creed would have ended in death after about two minutes. No one has EVER been in a fight that looked anything like that, and nothing that occurs inside a WWF ring could be more absurd. And as you say, the action only got more ridiculous as the franchise continued. I don’t care how many people find this a sacred cow — it sucks.

  72. Mike, the film is at least somewhat historical. I believe the event you’re referring to actually did happen. Whether it happened basically the same way we see it on film, I’m not sure. Still, if you’re going to call something that happens in a more-or-less historical film ‘unrealistic’, citing a source that shows the event in question never happened might be a good place to start.

  73. Don’t really have a problem with the Top Gun scene. Like others have said, it’s just a pickup game, so the net probably wouldn’t have been regulation size anyway.

    The rocky movies got more and more ridiculous, with not one person ever blocking a single punch. If it was even slightly realistic, every single fight would have been over in the first 10 seconds with all the punches being landed.

    The dumbest thing about days of thunder isn’t the big crash, but the way the two main rivals can just race each other as if there is no one else on the track. They spend half the race driving into each other, rubbing and bumping, putting each other in the wall. What are all the other drivers doing?? Just hanging back going half speed watching? The other ridiculous part is watching Tom Cruise change gears on a super speedway when he decides to go faster??? What has he been doing, just cruising around in 3rd gear all race until he just decides to go faster and shift into top gear??? He would be about 20 laps down by that stage and probably black flagged for being so ridiculously off the pace

  74. says:

    ive been ivolved in wrestling since i was 4 years old and i know plenty (including myself who was only 130 as a freshman with 6% body fat) who have cut 20+ pounds all of high school

    • It’s not that he cut the weight… Shute was so obviously heavier than him. Probably by at least that 20 pounds. Plus his only move was the lateral drop… come on. The 2-time champion couldn’t even avoid that? He watched Lauden’s matches (or at least one of them) so he had to know it was coming.

  75. You say the Replacements play is unrealistic because they would be in prevent? Did you not see the Broncos v Ravens playoff game? Sure happened there.

  76. And for the Bagger Vance, watch last years Masters.

  77. Charles Horse says:

    Gary Cooper as Lou Gehrig and William Bendix as Babe Ruth. Horrible. Neither one was athletic and it showed. Annie Savoy in the batting cage giving hitting tips to Crash Davis in Bull Durham

  78. Ever seen the Sly movie, “Over The Top” – yep, it’s an arm wrestling movie. Watch it, then try and NOT include it on your list. Will be impossible!

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