Sports Perspective From MSF’s New Senior (Citizen) Writer

As one of the newest members of the MSF team, I think I bring a whole new outlook to the website.

Actually, it’s an old outlook. As in a whole lot older than the “youngsters” on these pages that provide you with interesting viewpoints and commentaries.

When it comes to this new-fangeled web stuff, they are light years ahead of me. But there are some things about sports that I’ve lived through that they can only read about in the history pages.

Let me give you a few examples:

I remember when you played baseball and football outdoors and you played cards indoors.

They’ve always worn helmets since I started watching football, but I remember when many of the helmets had single-bar facemasks.

I remember when today’s “throwback” jerseys were the cool, new uniforms.

I remember watching an entire season of NFL football without ever hearing the phrase “upon further review.”

I remember touchdowns without a 30-second dance following the score.

I remember when football players really tackled the ball carriers and, when they did, weren’t penalized for being less than polite in doing so.

I remember the NBA when they called traveling and played defense.

I remember listening to the World Series, during class, during the day, by hiding the earphone to a transistor radio.

I remember transistor radios.

I remember when there was one, count ’em one, Game of the Week on TV during baseball season and Dizzy Dean and Pee Wee Reese did the broadcasts and commercials.

I remember when you studied the box scores because that was the closest you would come to watching the game highlights.

I remember when the American League played baseball too, not this game with the Designated Hitter, which should be referred to as the “All Time Batter.”

Problem is, I seem to forget a whole lot more than I remember these days.

I do know this: these young whipper-snappers will probably teach this old dog a few tricks or two, and I welcome that. And maybe, just maybe, I can give them some insight that only an older sports fan can know.

Now, as far as my “official title” here is concerned, I believe it should be one that clearly reflects my status on the staff.

I can be the Senior (Citizen) Writer.

And that just means that I get a cup of coffee cheaper at the local restaurant.


  1. Tom Comiskey says:

    Yeah Mike — I remember quite of the afore-mentioned stuff. I recall Pee Wee and Dizzy, Dizzy always had a cowboy hat on and he’d be sitting there calling the game hith a hot dog and a beer his hand. He used to make up words — instead of saying “he slid into the base” it was “he slud”…
    stuff like that.
    I remember the one-bar face masks, too. Mostly flankers and kickers by the time I arrived on the scene. Boyd Dowler, Lance Alworth, Lou Groza….I could go on.
    Anyhow, nice column — keep up the good work.

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