Sorry Michael Wilbon: Chicago Bears Are Not NFL’s Best

ESPN’s Michael Wilbon made the claim today, in this article, that the Bears might be the best team in the NFL.

I read that and laughed.

Michael Wilbon is overestimating his beloved Bears. (Image source:

I love Wilbon; I think he is a great writer and definitely entertaining on Pardon the Interruption. But I disagree wholeheartedly with him here.

The Bears defense is suffocating, there’s no doubt about it. Their special teams play is magnificent.

Their offense, however, while it has potential, isn’t there yet. The offensive line simply gives up too many sacks.

Jay Cutler, as much as I loathe his attitude and overall demeanor, is a great player. Notice I didn’t say elite? He’s not an elite QB. Elite QBs don’t throw costly interceptions or pout and scream on the sidelines. Passion is one thing, but moody is another.

I put Cutler in the same class as Tony Romo or Philip Rivers; yes they have immense talent and have great arms, but I get nervous when the game is on the line and they have the ball. You know who I get nervous of when they have the ball against my team? Both Mannings, Brady, Rodgers and Brees.

I think the Bears are contenders in the NFC, of course. But if we are talking power rankings among all NFL teams my top 5 would have to go like this:

  1. Texans
  2. Patriots
  3. 49ers
  4. Packers
  5. Bears

I am an unabashed Pats hater, so it pains me to say they are #2, but Brady is elite and the defense is improving.

The only reason I don’t have the 49ers at #2 is because Alex Smith is not an elite QB either. I’d put him in the class a notch below Cutler. But that defense is nasty and they can run you into the ground, which wears down opposing defenses.

Bears fans will be upset I put the Packers above them, but the Packers beat the Bears. Green Bay matches better with the Bears than many teams since they can rush the passer, plus Rodgers has too many weapons to guard.

I realize the difference in records between the two teams, but ESPN personality Colin Cowherd said it best when he said that smart people look past the records and see the big picture. The Packers are gaining steam and hitting their stride.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the Bears were in the NFC title game. It’s a long season and you never know what to expect. But for now, while Bears are having a great start to the season, they are not the best team in the NFL.

And now…cue the hate mail from every Bears fan.

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  1. Sorry, I cannot agree with this. Based on your version of the power rankings, you have Texans number 1. I do not think Shaub is anymore trustworthy than Cutler is and he definitely has not proved anything. He is a great QB no doubt, but having the Texans first would also raise a valid arguement for placing the Bears there as well.

  2. Trevor Stewart says:

    I can see your point and it definitely is a valid one. Personally, I trust Schaub to not make the mistakes, manage the game better than Cutler and make a big throw when needed. Cutler can be brilliant, but there are some games that are just brutal to watch. I give the edge to the Texans offensive line, who have made it possible for Houston to run rampant and their 1-2 RB punch with Foster and Tate is best in the league. A Bears-Texans Super Bowl would be something I would tune in for, no doubt.

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