NFL Week 8 Picks, Point Spreads, and TV Schedule

The NFL’s final undefeated team, the Atlanta Falcons, returns to play after a bye week last week. They will look to continue their undefeated record against the Eagles, in what should be one of the, if not the, games of the week.

NFL Week 8 Viewer’s and Bettor’s Guide

TV Schedules – Point Spreads – Kickoff Times – Picks

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Minnesota Vikings

  • Bucs-Vikings Date: Thursday, October 24
  • Bucs-Vikings Kickoff Time: 8:20 PM
  • Bucs-Vikings TV Network: NFL Network
  • Bucs-VIkings Point Spread: Vikings -7
  • Bucs-Vikings Over-Under Odds: 42.5
  • Bucs-Vikings Pick: The Vikings are 4-0 at home on the season, and have a chance to make that 5-0 with a win over the Bucs. The Bucs are 2-4 after dropping last week’s game to the Saints, who are 2-4 as well. It would be a shocker for the Vikings to drop this game, especially in Minnesota. They will win this game even given the fact that they are touchdown favorites. Vikings -7

[Editor’s note: Steve submitted this before Thursday’s night game…obviously. Bet he wishes he had this pick back. It happens.]

Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears

  • Panthers-Bears Date: Sunday, October 28
  • Panthers-Bears Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Panthers-Bears TV Network: FOX
  • Panthers-Bears Point Spread: Bears -9
  • Panthers-Bears Over-Under Odds: 43
  • Panthers-Bears Pick: The Bears improved to 5-1 with a low-scoring win over the Lions, while the Panthers dropped to 1-5 with a loss to the Cowboys. Cam Newton has been seeking answers to the issues with his team, but he should simply focus on his play. His Panthers have played in many close games this season, which suggests they will beat the spread against Chicago. Panthers +9

Cam Newton needs to stop pouting and start playing better.

San Diego Chargers at Cleveland Browns

  • Chargers-Browns Date: Sunday, October 28
  • Chargers-Browns Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Chargers-Browns TV Network: CBS
  • Chargers-Browns Point Spread: Chargers -2.5
  • Chargers-Browns Over-Under Odds: 44
  • Chargers-Browns Pick: The Browns are 1-6 but continually face small spreads each week. The Chargers are coming off a bye week one week after blowing a 24-0 lead over the Broncos on Monday Night Football. It was one of the worst collapses in recent history, and is just another reason for fans in San Diego to call for Norv Turner’s job. It is a home game for the Browns, so they will be able to take this game over San Diego, who is poised for a major collapse. Browns +2.5

Seattle Seahawks at Detroit Lions

  • Seahawks-Lions Date: Sunday, October 28
  • Seahawks-Lions Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Seahawks-Lions TV Network: FOX
  • Seahawks-Lions Point Spread: Lions -1
  • Seahawks-Lions Over-Under Odds: 43.5
  • Seahawks-Lions Pick: These two teams combined to score a total of thirteen points last week. They only allowed 13 points apiece, but they were held back on offense by the 49ers and Bears respectively. The spread is so close in this game that it is a toss-up. The Seahawks are the better team at this point, so look for them to take this close game. Seahawks +1

Jacksonville Jaguars at Green Bay Packers

  • Jaguars-Packers Date: Sunday, October 28
  • Jaguars-Packers Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Jaguars-Packers TV Network: CBS
  • Jaguars-Packers Point Spread: Packers -15.5
  • Jaguars-Packers Over-Under Odds: 45.5
  • Jaguars-Packers Pick: The Jaguars are 1-5 this season, but they are coming off a close loss to the Raiders. The Packers had a ten-point win over the Rams last week, but a 15.5 point spread is very large to bet with. The Packers will win this game, but they will not be able to cover such a large spread. Jaguars +15.5

Can Aaron Rodgers and the Packers cover a 2-TD+ spread against Jacksonville? (Image credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images via B/R)

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans

  • Colts-Titans Date: Sunday, October 28
  • Colts-Titans Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Colts-Titans TV Network: CBS
  • Colts-Titans Point Spread: Titans -3.5
  • Colts-Titans Over-Under Odds: 47
  • Colts-Titans Pick: Both of these AFC South teams won their games last week, with the Colts beating the Browns, while the Titans had a comeback win over the Bills. The Titans are doing better than they were at the beginning of the year, but the Colts will win this game against the Titans. Colts +3.5

New England Patriots at St. Louis Rams

  • Patriots-Rams Date: Sunday, October 28
  • Patriots-Rams Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Patriots-Rams TV Network: CBS
  • Patriots-Rams Point Spread: Patriots -7
  • Patriots-Rams Over-Under Odds: 47
  • Patriots-Rams Pick: The Pats were able to jump to first in the AFC East with last week’s win over the Jets. The Rams lost to the Packers by ten, but still remain 3-4 on the year. They are 3-1 at home on the year, but the Patriots have turned things around from their slow start. Patriots -7

Miami Dolphins at New York Jets

  • Dolphins-Jets Date: Sunday, October 28
  • Dolphins-Jets Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Dolphins-Jets TV Network: CBS
  • Dolphins-Jets Point Spread: Jets -1
  • Dolphins-Jets Over-Under Odds: 41
  • Dolphins-Jets Pick: The Dolphins had a bye last Sunday, but they are currently on a two-game win streak. The Jets lost to the Patriots last week. The Dolphins are playing well under Ryan Tannehill this season, and they will take this division game over the Jets in New York. Dolphins +1

Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles

  • Falcons-Eagles Date: Sunday, October 28
  • Falcons-Eagles Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Falcons-Eagles TV Network: FOX
  • Falcons-Eagles Point Spread: Eagles -1
  • Falcons-Eagles Over-Under Odds: 45.5
  • Falcons-Eagles Pick: The Falcons are the final undefeated team in the NFL, but they still come into this game as the underdog. The Eagles are coming off their bye, which followed two straight losses. The fact that the Falcons are not the favorites in this game is wrong, and they will show why when they beat the Eagles on Sunday. Falcons +1


Washington Redskins at Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Redskins-Steelers Date: Sunday, October 28
  • Redskins-Steelers Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Redskins-Steelers TV Network: FOX
  • Redskins-Steelers Point Spread: Steelers -5
  • Redskins-Steelers Over-Under Odds: 47.5
  • Redskins-Steelers Pick: The Redskins, with RGIII, have been another surprise team this season. They lost to the Giants in a close game last week, while the Steelers beat the Bengals on Sunday night. It put them back at the .500 mark, but they will face a tough opponent in the Redskins. Redskins +5

Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs

  • Raiders-Chiefs Date: Sunday, October 28
  • Raiders-Chiefs Kickoff Time: 4:05 PM
  • Raiders-Chiefs TV Network: CBS
  • Raiders-Chiefs Point Spread: Chiefs -1.5
  • Raiders-Chiefs Over-Under Odds: 41.5
  • Raiders-Chiefs Pick: The Raiders picked up their second win of the season last week against Jacksonville. The Chiefs have Brady Quinn as their quarterback, which will likely not make too much of a difference. The Chiefs are still 1-5 and are on a three game losing streak, so go with the Raiders in this one. Raiders +1.5

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

  • Giants-Cowboys Date: Sunday, October 28
  • Giants-Cowboys Kickoff Time: 4:25 PM
  • Giants-Cowboys TV Network: FOX
  • Giants-Cowboys Point Spread: Giants -2
  • Giants-Cowboys Over-Under Odds: 47.5
  • Giants-Cowboys Pick: After a 2-2 start, the Giants have won three games in a row as they head into Dallas to take on the Cowboys. The Cowboys are sitting at 3-3 after a win over the Panthers last week. This came after two straight losses, and after losing three of their last four. They defeated the Giants on opening night, but they will not do so again this time around. Giants -2

New Orleans Saints at Denver Broncos

  • Saints-Broncos Date: Sunday, October 28
  • Saints-Broncos Kickoff Time: 8:20 PM
  • Saints-Broncos TV Network: NBC
  • Saints-Broncos Point Spread: Broncos -6
  • Saints-Broncos Over-Under Odds: 55.5
  • Saints-Broncos Pick: The Saints continue to play in primetime games, even with their 2-4 record, as they head into Denver. They did win their second game of the season last week, over the Bucs, but they are still tough to pick each week. The Broncos had a bye after their 35-0 run to end their game against San Diego two weeks ago. They will continue with this momentum and defeat New Orleans. Broncos -6

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals

  • 49ers-Cardinals Date: Monday, October 29
  • 49ers-Cardinals Kickoff Time: 8:30 PM
  • 49ers-Cardinals TV Network: ESPN
  • 49ers-Cardinals Point Spread: 49ers -7
  • 49ers-Cardinals Over-Under Odds: 37.5
  • 49ers-Cardinals Pick: The Cardinals have dropped three straight after their 4-0 start, while the 49ers are 5-2 and have won three of their last four. While the 49ers are a tough team to beat, they do not often blow out tough teams in their wins. They will likely win this game, but the spread will help out the Cardinals. Cardinals +7

Last Week: 6-6-1

Yearly Record: 44-55-4

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