Jay Cutler Appreciation Week: Remembering 3 of Jay’s Most Notorious Douchebag Moments

May I have your attention please!

In celebration of all the greatness this season has offered us Bears fans so far, this week is officially deemed Jay Cutler Appreciation Week.

So every day I will be writing about the greatness of Jay Cutler, proving “Jay Cutler Dominates” is a reality.

It’s a good time to be a Chicago Bears fan.

  • The Bears are 6-1 and atop the NFC North.
  • We finally have a receiver we can truly be proud of.
  • And we still have quarterback hated by almost every non-Bears fan…despite being the greatest man to touch a football or to give an extremely small dog a walk.

As great those two achievements are, however, they are far from Cutler’s greatest. No, Jay’s greatest achievement is his consistent ability to be a douchebag every week.

Here are some his best examples:

1.) Jay Tells Bears Fans to “Shut Up.”

A lot of players often embrace their loyal and loving fans. Not Cutler.

In the season opener against the Indianapolis Colts, we got a little too loud for Cutler’s liking. He was upset because he couldn’t hear the play call, or something unimportant like that.

So he thought he’d give us a lesson in tough love.


Cutler may hate us, but we still love him.

2.) Cutler Says F-U to Mike Martz

When Cutler isn’t hating on the fans, he’s hating on whomever is the Bears’ offensive coordinator at the time.

Do your job poorly and Cutler will tell you exactly what you deserve, and he’ll do so as explicitly and eloquently as R. Lee Ermey from Full Metal Jacket.


Like all great players, such as Kobe, Lebron, and Tom Brady, Jay doesn’t enjoy being told what to do. The only thing those other three players have on Cutler is they’ve actually won something, earning their right to call the shots.

Cutler wants to win though. That’s close enough.

3.) Jay Hates Mike Tice Too

If you’re scoring at home, that’s Jay Cutler- 2, Offensive Coordinators- 0.



Recently, a survey by Nielsen found out that Jay Cutler was one of the NFL’s most disliked players. The joke is on the fans, though, because Cutler hates them too.

That’s for you, Aaron Rodgers.

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