Is Tim Tebow The Answer For The Jets…At Running Back?

Just reading the headline, some of you may have just blown a gasket.

How could I possibly suggest Tebow should be the starting RB or third down back?


Before the season, I read multiple articles about how Shonn Greene was expected to have a breakout year and be a beast for the Jets. Where have I heard that before? Oh, for the past 2-3 years, and I am still waiting.

Greene is simply not a viable starting RB. He is barely serviceable most of the time. Look at his statistics from his games so far this year.

  • Week 1: 27 carries for 97 yards and 1 TD. (Disclaimer. This is against the Buffalo Bills)
  • Week 2: 11 carries for 23 yards
  • Week 3: 19 carries for 40 yards
  • Week 4: 11 carries for 34 yards
  • Week 5: 8 carries for 26 yards

Those numbers don’t exactly get you excited, do they?

Andre Brown, NYG rookie and backup RB, only has 19 less yards total this season on the ground than Greene, if that gives you an idea of how putrid he has been.

Now, I am a Tebow guy. I believe if you can find a spot on the field for him, put him there.

He works hard and will give you all he’s got. He may not be a natural RB, but he may be of use there.

If he is in the game in the backfield, the Wildcat or a trick play is always a threat. And as we saw this last week, Rex isn’t afraid to use some smoke and mirrors.

Let’s be honest with ourselves; the Jets aren’t a good team. They won’t make the playoffs and their season is a wash already. Why not give the fans what they want?

And that’s Tebow.

If you can’t make money through winning, you may as well bring the circus to town.

Someone once said that any publicity is good publicity. I’m not sure if I agree with that, but the Jets don’t have anything to lose, except their season, which I believe is already lost.

Let the hate mail begin…

About Trevor Stewart

Trevor Stewart is 25 years old and works as a corporate journalist, gathering stories and photos for magazines. He is a graduate of BIOLA University in La Mirada, Calif., with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism. Originally from Spokane, Wash., he and his wife Abigail currently make their home in Lincoln, Neb.


  1. Quarterback, Running Back, two guys out of forty. Where are the other 38? Rex calling his men a “Group” rather than a “Team” says a lot. I do know this: Vince Lombardi loved talent, but much more he loved guys with work ethic and a burning desire to win because they were teachable, coachable, and could be led to give their all, leave it all on the field. He wanted men who loved the game more than what they were paid. Lombardi might have some interesting things to say about Tebow.

    • TravisAwesome post and I can’t agree more with laways tweaing trying to get better. We all have different areas of wes&2eask#8n17;s . I have been working more and more with sandbags, kettlebells and bodyweights these have givenme more carry over strength in the weight room than I ever have before. I am doing a three month power phase that is has me doing little less cardio as well. I have been cutting back on longer metcons and chipper workouts.John

  2. Tebow threw a perfect long ball to Jason Hill. That was not surprising because the deep pass is one of his strengths (check out the Pittsburgh game last year, for example). I don’t understand why they don’t give Tebow more opportunities to throw it long, where he is most accurate, and where it could change the complexion of the game. Why not use his talent….otherwise, why did they acquire him in the first place? BTW, I followed Sanchez when he was at USC (I’m also a Trojan fan). He has always been an emotional player and therefore has always been streaky in his play. He’d have a great game, followed by one or two very mediocre games, which is why I think coach Pete Carroll suggested that he was not ready or mature enough (i.e., lacked consistency) for the NFL. He did, however, have a great Rose Bowl, which is why he went so high in the draft.

  3. Jet QB’s have a little competition after practice, trying to throw the football into a trash can under the goalpost – heard Tebow was the first one to hit it:D Agree that Tebow is a bigger threat than Greene at RB. He’s a better blocker than any of the backs, bigger stronger and probably faster than Greene too. When Keller went down, it baffled me why we did not see Tebow playing more TE. Rex and Sparrano may both be coaching themselves out of jobs this year, the way they’ve botched the Tebow deal.

  4. Yes, I have been thinking this all along. An owner should sit him down and say as a QB, I can pay $500K per year but, as FullBack I think you could be $4M per year. This may seem funny and I have great respect for him, his integrity, etc. He could be the next Larry CSonka. He is big, He is reasonably fast but, he would be really tough to tackle if he focused exclusively on running.

  5. John M Conley says:

    He can’t throw it, he can’t catch it….let’s see if he can run with it. What’s next….ball boy? Woody’s personal assistant? What? Tebow believes his very public prayers should work for him, but, if they did, he’d be starting. I say the big galoot should find a private closet to pray… Jesus says…..rather than arrogantly before a national tv audience. What a fake. Typical of most Republicans.