Fantasy Football Week 5 Waiver Wire Pickups & Advice

Detroit and Dallas are on their bye-week. Now is the time the benches get thinner and match-ups become more important.

More importantly, there is a defense available that you need to jump on immediately.

Won’t you join me as we go window shopping through the waiver wire?


Brian Hartline is so hot right now, he’s having to resort to spraying ice cold water on his own head just to live comfortably. You should take advantage of this and pick him up for your fantasy football squadrons. (Image credit: Joe Rimkus Jr. / Miami Herald via Palm Beach Post)

Fantasy Football Week 5 Waiver Wire Pickups

Vikings D/ST (Yahoo! 9%, FOX 5.9%)

The Vikings have played outstanding defense the last two weeks, allowing 13 points in two consecutive games. More importantly for you, they have delivered 15 and 23 fantasy points the last two weeks.

The big reason to go after the Vikings is the home run power they possess. Their special teams delivered two returns for touchdowns against the Lions. Percy Harvin is a game-changing weapon.

Unless you have an elite defense like San Francisco, grab the Vikings.

Christian Ponder, QB, Vikings (Yahoo! 26%, FOX 13.1%)

I have no idea why so many people are jumping on Ryan Fitzpatrick right now. He’s a turnover nightmare and faces San Francisco and Arizona the next two weeks.

I mentioned Ponder last week, and it appears people have not yet listened. He faces an awful Tennessee defense in Week 5, plus Washington in Week 6 and Tampa Bay in Week 8. If he’s still available, pick him up.

Brian Hartline, WR, Dolphins (Yahoo! 23%, FOX 2.8%)

31 points.

That’s the insane output Brain Hartline had in Week 4.

Over the first four weeks, Hartline’s broken out twice. He’s clearly the Dolphins’ #1 receiver. That’s why you pick him up. Against the right opponent, Hartline, like Andrew Hawkins and Mike Williams, can pay huge dividends.

He had 19 looks and is on pace for over 1,800 yards. The peaks are worth a roster spot. He should be owned in most formats.

Andre Roberts, WR, Cardinals (Yahoo! 12%, FOX 3.3%)

If you miss out on Hartline, make Roberts your contingency plan.

He’s clearly established as the #2 receiver in Arizona behind Larry Fitzgarald. He is not a receiver I love going forward, but he can provide value in the bye-weeks. Four touchdowns in four games cannot be ignored.


I must reiterate, if you have suffered on defense this season, Minnesota is a game changer. Pick them up.

Leave your questions, scenarios and comments in the handy section below. I’ll answer comments tomorrow and for the Fantasy Football Focus Podcast.

Now get out there, pick-up and dominate. Your success makes me look good. Let me ride those coattails.

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  1. So aside from a couple weeks of good situational matchups, do you think the Vikings are a solid long haul defense? Better than Pittsburgh or more HR power than NY Giants?

  2. Hey
    So would you drop any of the following to pick up either Brian Hartline, Andre Roberts, Hankerson, or Vikings defense?

    3 WRs : Djax, Greg Jennings, A.Hawkins, Malcolm Floyd, Jerome Simpson
    2 RBs : Doug Martin, Mikel Leshoure, Sproles,Lynch
    Def: Baltimore
    1 TE: Antonio Gates, Pitta
    I’m Weak at TE and WRs.
    Little worried about Floyd, Doug Martin, Gates going forward….

    • Drop Hawkins and Pick up Hartline, sell Gates and or Doug Martin after this week is over if you want to upgrade your WR position. Anthony Fasano is averaging 9 points a game. Kyle Rudolph is someone you could trade for who will be centered around game plans. –

  3. Would you recommend dropping Arizona Defense and picking up Vikings?

  4. ok, so question… I have noticed this a lot this year so far. There is a serious delay in response to post so far this season. How can you give waiver wire and pick up advice and then not respond to questions for days. Most teams submitted yesterday for today and there is still no response to any posters questions. on this blog the only response to a question is by someone pimping their own fantasy site. What is going on?

  5. Flex spot debacle: Harvin, Hartline, or Battle?

    I know… You want to say Harvin, but if it weren’t for a special teams TD, he would have dropped a whopping 3 points last week, and he has yet to produce a TD otherwise. Hartline has gone 100+ yards in 3 straight games. Battle figures to get goalline carries in San Diego.

    Decisions, decisions.

  6. I am in a sad state at RB#2 because of the bye weeks. Who do you suggest I start Lamar Miller, or Jaquizz Rodgers??

    thanks for your help,

  7. Oh, and what do you think of Brandon Jacobs? Should I pick him up? Is he worth a start now??

  8. I’m in a 16 player PPR league, and so free agent pickings are slim. Have a roster opening thanks to Santonio Holmes. What are your thoughts on Jason Hill and J Gafney signed this week? Are either going to be better than Greg Little?

  9. non ppr start 2 bowe vs balt wayne vs gb jones at indy ryan matthews at no i got ponder peterson mccoy julio jones rudolph gb d need help 1-2

  10. eViL-Porcupine says:

    Always with the last minute! Hoping you will miraculously check before game time :)

    WR2 = Hartline or StevieJ

    10 TEAM PPR
    Flex – FJax or B-Hartline

    10 Team PPR
    WR2 – Maclin or Nate Washington

    Thank you….

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