Fantasy Football Week 5: Tony Romo, Doug Martin and Vernon Davis … Plus, Signs of Life From Chris Johnson?

Each week I’ve written this post so far in the 2012 season, I’ve addressed the Chris Johnson dilemma that many owners face.

He had downright dismal games in each of the first three weeks, not only by first-round fantasy running back status but also by about any measuring stick you could use.

I lost more and more faith in Johnson each week, predicated largely on the fact that it appears that Tennessee just might be a terrible team. But I held onto the caveat that he is certainly talented enough to go off any given week.

Sure enough, after rushing for just 45 yards on 33 carries over the first three weeks, Johnson”exploded” for 141 yards on 25 carries.


Chris Johnson finally resembled his old explosive self in Week 4. (Photo by AJ Guel via CC BY 2.0)

He’s certainly had even better days than that in the past, and he still didn’t get into the end zone, but it was encouraging to see that he rewarded the fantasy owners who stuck with him with a productive day.

The Titans got crushed by the Texans, but Johnson still got the ball 25 times, which is encouraging going forward.

Now on to the people that let you down in Week 4.

Tony Romo

Monday night was painful to watch.

It wasn’t just painful as a Packers fan seeing the Bears win, but it was painful seeing Tony Romo fling around five interceptions. It made me cringe.

Looking at his stat line after the game kind of tells the story on Romo though. He finished 31 of 43 for 307 yards. That’s a 72% completion percentage, which is fantastic. Five of those 12 incompletions (42% in case you were wondering) happened to go to Chicago players.

What I think Monday night proved is something that everyone already knew: Romo is capable of putting up big numbers, but he can also make more than his share of bone-headed mistakes. You knew that when you drafted him, and chances are you’ll just have to roll with it because there are many weeks where the reward is great.

Dallas has a bye week and then hits the road to face Baltimore, which probably isn’t the stretch you want from your fantasy QB right now. But again, you should have known this on draft day.

Doug Martin

One of the reasons many people were so high on Doug Martin to start the season was his supposed Ray Rice-esque ability to produce in both the running and passing game.

doug-martin-fantasyIn Week 4, Martin got more carries than anyone else, but that number was just eight. And it was a bit concerning that LeGarrette Blount had six carries of his own. Martin also caught two passes out of the backfield, but that’s just 11 touches from someone who is quickly showing that he deserves many more than that.

Considering he’s averaged 23 touches over the first three weeks, I wouldn’t get too concerned over one week where the workload shifted a bit.

Martin is a rookie, and the Bucs may look into limiting his touches as the grind of the season wears on. For right now though, he’s still a solid fantasy option.

Vernon Davis

The San Francisco 49ers, who are very good, throttled the New York Jets, who are very bad, 34-0 on Sunday.

With Darrelle Revis out, it would have seemed wise to start people involved in the 49ers pass game on your fantasy team. But this San Francisco offense is no juggernaut.

They can put up some points, but more often than not those points will come from a combination of their defense and special teams giving their offense great field position, as well as a wide array of different skill position players stepping up when called upon.

Usually, Vernon Davis will be one of those players having a productive day. But that was not the case Sunday against the Jets.

Alex Smith completed passes to six different players for 12 total completions, and nine players picked up yardage rushing the ball. It’s a recipe for success for winning football games, but not for consistent fantasy productivity.

Davis had just two catches for 28 yards, but more importantly didn’t get a touchdown grab, which is where many of his fantasy points come from. He’s probably only reliable for 50 to 60 yards per game, given the San Fran offense. His real value comes when he can score, but relying on that is always dangerous.

About Chris Callaway

Chris lives and works in La Crosse, Wisconsin, working primarily on-air while doing some writing as well. He is a part-owner of the Green Bay Packers, a Milwaukee Brewers die-hard, learning hockey while supporting the Minnesota Wild, and is also a fan of the Wisconsin Badgers and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Follow him on twitter @ccallaway33.


  1. BreessPower says:

    So i got my second win of the season. Awesome !!!
    Little worried about Greg Jennings though, he hasnt been producing even when he is playing, do you think he could be a dud this year, esp with Packers running the ball more and so many wide receivers already playing?
    Also, would you drop any of the following in my team to pick up either Brian Hartline, Andre Roberts, Hankerson, or Vikings defense?

    3 WRs : Djax, Greg Jennings, A.Hawkins, Malcolm Floyd, Jerome Simpson
    2 RBs : Doug Martin, Mikel Leshoure, Sproles,Lynch
    Def: Baltimore
    1 TE: Antonio Gates, Pitta
    I’m Weak at TE and WRs.
    Kinda iffy about Floyd, Doug Martin,


    • Hello all,
      In a bit of a jam this week. Injuries and vanishing acts have plagued my team. Need some help.
      Standard league.
      QB: Matt Ryan, RB: Rice, TE: Gonzalez, WR: D-Jackson
      Need help w/ my 2nd WR and Flex.. James jones, Jerome Simpson, Mendenhall, Fred Jackson
      Thanks a ton

    • BreesPower – I’d be weary of Jennings too. I’m a Packers fan and all the talk has been that they’ll likely keep him out until he is fully healthy. After that, however, he should be good to go as a No. 1 wideout. I’d keep Doug Martin too, for sure. Just a rookie, but I love his upside.

      If you’re going to make a move, I would have to say Jerome Simpson for Brian Hartline. I don’t think that the Vikings are going to be a pass-heavy team, whereas it seems like Ryan Tannehill wants to air it out.

      • BreessPower says:

        Thanks,I’m keeping Jennings and Martin.
        i couldnt get Hartline but i got Andre Roberts and Dominick Hixon. I guess i’ll dump Hixon when Nicks comes back.
        Would you play Andre Roberts today?
        3 WRs : Andre Roberts, Dominick Hixon, Desean Jackson, A hawkins, Malcolm floyd

  2. I am in a bit of a fantasy bind this week and am In need if some help.
    For my flex i have the options of Jerome Simpson or Domenik Hixon. Sadly this bye week has left my RB#2 situation in complete disarray, with Leshoure and McFadden out I have jaquizz Rodgers to rely on. Alll the top week five rbs have been picked up, does anyone have a sneaky pickup that may do better than Rodgers? I am off to my worst start at 1-4 :(

    • I’d go with Hixon. Eli seems to have a rapport with him and I think he’ll get work even if Nicks is back. As for sneaky pickups, look at Bryce Brown of the Eagles. They love McCoy but if the game gets out of hand either way or if LeSean gets banged up, Brown could be a great play.

  3. start 5 non ppr julio jones, dwayne bowe , ryan matthews, lesean mccoy ,all day peterson, reggie wayne ,j simpson and james jones my team is 1-3 and needs help also would it be good to drop andre brown gmen and pick up the vikings d or should i roll with GB d

  4. I have an easy one. Any faith in Mason Crosby this week, or long term. Need a kicker on a team that actually kicks field goals. Tynes just got put on waivers. Who do you think is long term more reliable points wise. Either better than Janikowski?

  5. eViL-Porcupine says:

    What the verdict on Kenny Britt? Seems like he is not responding well or having setbacks. Sucks cause we’ve carried him 5 weeks into the season! Taking up valuable roster spot during the bye weeks!

    Looking into your crystal ball…. what do you see? If progress continues to be slow at what point do you cut ties?

    • I’m just not a fan of the Tennessee offense. I do think his value increases a bit with Matt Hasselbeck playing quarterback, if he’s healthy. There’s definitely some good matchups later in the season, including Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Green Bay and the Jets, but I think you just have to accept who he is: a massively-talented yet injury-prone wideout on a below average offense. If he doesn’t do anything the first few games with Hasselbeck, then it might be time to look elsewhere.

  6. eViL-Porcupine says:

    Still not fully trusting Michael Vick.

    Would you start Big Ben vs Philly, or Luck vs GB which could be a shoot out or stay with Vick?

    Just need a little nudge on this one =)

  7. For Sunday as my #3 receiver who would you or anybody on here go with… Andrew Hawkins or Nate Washington. Both have good matchups both are possible big play receivers. Decisions decisions

    • Having the same dilema! Andrew Hawkins or Nate Washington. I’m reading Washington because he works well with Hassellback and he’ll be the only contending WR. Then again, Hawkins vs. Miami sounds good too, but also Dalton likes to throw to Green. ahhhhh I can’t decide

  8. Chris, need some help if you could, NON-PPR league and digging deep. Pick 2 between:

    Pierre Thomas
    Donnie Avery
    Andrew Hawkins

  9. Minnesota’s D or Philly’s D?


  10. well, it ended up almost being a wash. Bith had relatively insignificant games. What a pile of suck. LOL

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  185. Currency’s weight increases and drops often as
    a result of expected modifications within the economy.

  186. You can not slice your emotions off entirely, nevertheless, you need to put your realistic intellect securely
    in order to create excellent forex selections.

  187. Variety Trading: there are several trends that increase, immediately after having a slide or vice versa.

  188. Join a couple of forex investors examine troubles,
    the trends and barriers in the market and forums.

  189. The brand Forex” arises from the phrase FOReignEXchange”, meaning a global forex.

  190. The essential approach together with the support that the currency marketed and are available is simple.

  191. Complex evaluation also components in the people’s fear who will affect currency rates and also the

  192. Due to the rapid fire pace of FOREX trading, many merchants rely on real-time
    trading to be signaled by software Exit and accessibility points.

  193. Observe an introduction to the debate quantity if areas are productive and the way this can influence trading methods.

  194. Trading Place of Financial Instruments Ltd functions in accordance
    with the Markets in Economic Instruments Instruction (MiFID) of Europe.

  195. Position trading currency, options, and Futures have large prospective
    benefits, but in addition big potential danger.

  196. Yet another explanation that draws people to day trading may be
    the undeniable fact that the forex market
    will be the most liquid marketplace across the world.

  197. Forex stock investing is the most lucrative and beautiful investment prospect since you may do it from workplace or home and from any nation on the planet.

  198. In this instance the 5 and 3 numbered L values may demonstrate levels
    for that previous 3 and 5 hours.

  199. Paying attention that is close to market trends that are present and the advice
    is not inadvisable for investors not used to the foreign exchange market.

  200. This process has primarily been produced fool-proof, as I hope this Forex Ambush 2.0 review has plainly created.

  201. Interbank trading includes a small group of banks that trade large amounts
    of currency for energy, economical, along
    with other industries.

  202. It’s visible that for ensuring profitable forex deals
    a number of chart indications have to be translated.

  203. That is profoundly harder as it entails a rigorous
    review of the Forex market than it seems.

  204. These are some of the reasons why I believe that forex currency trading may be the easiest and fastest way to produce success
    that is fantastic.

  205. In Forex marketplace and the stock-exchange, the need may be the
    potential of buyers to buy a in a price that is given.

  206. As being an economical connoisseur while in the Forex market,
    harmony of instinct intuition and technical elements
    are key attributes for your accomplishment.

  207. UUP is 1 among the liquid currency ETFs on the market with standard everyday trading quantity of above 4.7 million shares.

  208. Forex is foreign currency trading which is the greatest effective many liquid market in the world.

  209. Despite having the lower results from everyday chart trading, FOREX however provides higher prices of return.

  210. Below are a few tips to allow you to decide If you should keep your task
    even though you are worried.

  211. Forex trading on profit is unsuitable for all investors, and entails high risk.

  212. Forex naturally of its leverage is just a temporary investment with less rationality than people

  213. Trainers and some traders state that you are lulled by it right into a false impression of safety.

  214. These software packages almost all rely on complex research
    to generate impulses.

  215. It’s also required to carry on building correct alterations to time from
    time and evaluating these strategies.

  216. Additionally, just one bill with FxPro gives usage of three tools for no extra cost to the buyer.

  217. There is of overseas markets a radical comprehension crucial to achievement at forex trading methods.

  218. So far as I know, America forex market is one of
    the forex areas on the planet.

  219. While both are essential in the perspective of considering currency moves applying Elementary Specialized and Simple analysis are very different.

  220. Backtesting will be the certain trading technique employing old data’s examination.

  221. With this degree of return, there is usually action inside the
    chance and also the Forex areas for one to create earnings, even if other areas are flat.

  222. Speak with the profitable forex traders and people
    who’d large cutbacks and get so you can remain protected from them to know the reasons.

  223. Find your FREE copy of the Final Word Daytrading Process
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  224. To the other hand, there’s an excellent risk of the remaining firm
    to get a long time.

  225. The take-profit degrees are typically really small (typically around
    10 pips); nonetheless, scalping is an excellent solution to generate profits with forex.

  226. These businesses provide trading methods and info maps
    that guide you when to industry to you.

  227. The problem with all the aforementioned major indications,
    is that they might provide conflicting signs.

  228. Firstly, I would like to describe why the price tag on the ASD is currently going
    up. Forex works on provide model and the old desire.

  229. The marketplace spot is supported by Acrylic & Gas, Alternative-Energy, and also other corporations with developing numbers of jobs.

  230. A lot of people considered they can profit with all the trading
    technique alone, that is untrue as there’s a money-management and
    sensations manage too!

  231. Nonetheless, the longterm traits are important; they will not necessarily assist you though if you’re dealing intraday.

  232. In forex day trading, you can choose how much cash when to produce it and to invest,
    how much cash to produce.

  233. Starting a free account, you get use of dealing on CFDs on NYSE stocks and also to commodities and currencies futures.

  234. But later the Iraqi government needed it seriously and so they choose to
    decrees the three zeroes from the currency.

  235. Standard information might be needed by you at this time so you might
    get started being a Trader but you will not stay a newcomer for prolonged.

  236. STOP wasting your money on junk Forex stuff convinced that oneday you’re going to amazingly acquire
    all your deals!

  237. As an example, a businessman in the US desires some amount of
    Euros, and at the same time another entrepreneur in the united kingdom needs some Pounds.

  238. If you can find any secret stratigies out here to industry on forex ok,
    I’ve not informed.

  239. Decline is suffered by me also but stoploss saved me Most of time-but that
    means forex are at all a gamble.

  240. Moving averages are used by investors to lessen value motion and produce purchase and sell indicators.

  241. The quote price could be the value of which your broker is
    ready to acquire base currency in trade for offer currency.

  242. Hendrik is a writer who gives his greatest forex trading articles .

  243. This method is employed on a regular basis specifically,
    and by banks significant international organizations that company in additional
    currency aside from the buck.

  244. In the forex market, the spread is the difference between its particular purchase price and a currencyis purchase price.

  245. With the several benefits that currency trading may give you values via the World Wide Web can certainly be an effective
    way to be involved in the forex market.

  246. Big profits with a small up front expense is one of Forex trading’s benefits.

  247. I have generally not very expected everyone to
    affix any dealer or provoked anybody that forex is guaranteed generate technique.

  248. Being not too bearish about your trading talent can be lethal
    to your long term success.

  249. Since trading currency is performs internationally through many international deals, it goes 24 hours a day (Sunday @ 5:
    00pm EST – Friday @ 5:00pm EST).

  250. The pip may differ from one couple to another, but are usually of similar
    size, because each currency differs.

  251. Equally, promote-stop instructions might be located to sell the
    currency pair at a price that is set less than the current price.

  252. Modern day forex trading is made across literally trading currencies for one another’s concept.

  253. UUP is 1 one of the liquid ETFs available on the market with usual daily trading number of above 4.7 million shares.

  254. Your methods are outlined by this route to financial success
    with Online Academy education.

  255. We will share along with you just how they are measured in Pips and the
    main currency pairs which are exchanged.

  256. Using a click of the switch, it is possible to manage forex
    accounts that you just could generally not have any idea about.

  257. Forex could be the planetis most widely traded financial product –
    available twenty four hours a-day, five times weekly – with increased
    than 60 pairs to business.

  258. Different features of an Forex Trading Consideration incorporate numerous market research tools, competitive spreads and
    24hour customer care.

  259. For regular forex currency trading, you create an advanced-expression chart, such
    as a two hour chart, where two hours are formed anew after
    by each tavern.

  260. These value swings are what there lives a day trader on. With liquidity many times comes hand-in-hand in the forex volatility.

  261. Anyway, a friend of quarry has an expense administrator who evidently has created her $5,000 within the course of a couple of months in this economy.

  262. As such; you have to make certain you get the right information concerning the inflation rate of the
    given place whose currency you need to business.

  263. Commodities trading is hazardous for newbies but it’s regarded as being
    the very best stock investing market once your master it.

  264. With forex no deposit bonus new merchants are advised
    by this short article over a several basics of trading in the Forex marketplace.

  265. The degree of assistance you want to use period accessible,
    is determined by your preferences .

  266. This informative article says new traders on a few of the needs of trading while in the Forex market.

  267. Those who desire to try currency trading before they devote a sizable
    quantity in-it can start a micro account with just $250-$500.

  268. Forex currency trading it is not suitable for all buyers and entails substantial risk of reduction.

  269. Revise oneself on terms frequently used including ‘intraday’ and’ situation,’ which pertains to trading occasions, while in the Forex
    Currency Trading globe.

  270. EToro has focused on building the game societal, where
    agents and a lot of people have observed forex trading as a personal exercise.

  271. Then it may be a-one route trading day, if it appears to slip higher with tiny retracement.

  272. You will find persuasive factors to think about forex being an expense choice, to
    be certain.

  273. The level of support you intend to use period available will depend on your preferences .

  274. Though Forex Industry can be an extremely lucrative Homebased Business but we
    as humans have emotions which is hardly easy for us to manage our feelings.

  275. Speculation that can help you gauge slide and the surge of currency is contained by
    the news.

  276. Here are some tips to help you decide You are terrified, if you should
    abandon your task even though.

  277. What’re NADEX bull spreads provide a whole new twist on trading on share spiders, items and forex.

  278. It is very important to understand stay cool and emotionless trading in the market.

  279. In contrast, isn’t uncommon for that JPY, EUR/CHF, AUD /USD and NZD / USD pairs to reach a regular selection of about 50

  280. You may want data that is basic at this time so you could possibly get started like
    a Forex Trader but you will not remain a novice for extended.

  281. The spread on markets could be the distinction involving the price what a shopper bids for
    that currency and a is requesting.

  282. These deals assist forex traders to purchase or sell
    values at a predetermined fee at a point of time
    in future.

  283. Sadly, as numerous rookies soon recognize, getting the arms onto
    a rewarding Forex opportunity could be a quite challenging

  284. Lol I know… of course you receive the identical perspective,
    presented blah, the market, blah, and I composed a hub on realestate investing.

  285. Health jobs and resort- resorts are currently growing in Oregon, including among
    Native Countries.

  286. Let’s zoom in into several of the items which are offered in a trading guide.

  287. You will find that there are numerous different places which will offer you recommendations that
    are comprehensive.

  288. Communicate with the profitable forex professionals and those who had huge cutbacks and obtain so you can keep safe from their website to learn the reasons.

  289. Following will be the important frames, which have large liquidity and take the main share of forex
    deals up.

  290. Of guaranteeing successful forex trades with the aim,
    one has to have the ability to understand the best and indicators.

  291. That is your first-step to accomplishment and should be designed upon when you
    continue your vacation within your understanding of Forex.

  292. We provide various trading signals including social impulses and technological examination signals (RSI, MACD, Stochastic, William %R).

  293. Before moving mind in to the forex marketplace, a should understand that the two biggest feelings in trading are greed
    and fear.

  294. It is possible to often back out without having to lose
    anything, if you dislike the forex market.

  295. Hi USD INR can be acquired on Swissquote
    supply and it updates only wonderful – not that generally compared
    to different pairs.

  296. This implies that you don’t need lots of money just to get going trading with this system.

  297. Let us begin with exactly what the forex rate is. It’s the pace where one currency may be
    changed for another currency.

  298. When minimize deficits and you wish to increase pips,
    obtain a computerized forex trading program and put your trading.

  299. Applying Basic and Technical Analysis: Specialized and Elementary analysis are different, although both are necessary
    of evaluating currency moves from the perception.

  300. Having spent quite a few decades in the banks on their Forex tools, pension was taken by him around the event
    of December, 1999.

  301. Might these forex day ideas open your eyes for the chance for limitless success and success
    which can be yours from forex stock investing.

  302. The automatic forex managed bill is designed and watched by qualified cash managers with a long time
    of market and trading knowledge.

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