Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: Spare A-Rod, Spoil the Yankees

Welcome back everyone! These playoffs have been phenomenal.

This week, Corey and I break down what’s left of the ALCS and talk about the completely different and very exciting NLCS.

We also talk at-length about Alex Rodriguez. We’d like to know where you think he’ll play in 2013. Let us know on Twitter @Call_To_the_Pen and we’ll mention your wildly inappropriate screen name on the air.

Also on the episode:

  • Why the Giants should start Lincecum over Zito
  • Why baseball would want the Cardinals instead of the Giants in the World Series
  • Was the Matt Holliday slide dirty?
  • The Tigers can’t hit either
  • We mock the NHL lockout
  • Far too much information about Carly Rae Jepsen
  • No Rzepczynski and very little Dirks talk

Click on the player below to listen:

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  1. I Have n issues with Carly Rae’s song for the show!

  2. No Issues*

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