How to Approach a Woman – ‘After Hours’ Episode 1

Greetings everyone!

I am very excited to be bringing you the first episode of the After Hours Dating Podcast. You may or may not be aware of this, but being good with the opposite sex is a skill that can be learned. My co-host David Vox (@LS_Vox) and I (@SuleyTheHuman) have, and we would love nothing more than to impart our knowledge upon you.

In this episode we start at the basics, telling you how to competently approach an attractive stranger.

If that isn’t incentive enough to listen, we are joined in the second half of the Podcast by Love Systems Instructor Chris “Tenmagnet” Sheppard (@LS_Tenmagnet).

Chris truly got in on the ground floor of the seduction industry, going out with Neil Strauss (Style), Mystery, Nick Savoy back in the early 2000s. He joins us to share some stories, and he tells us how his approach and what he teaches has evolved. He also goes into some great specifics on improving your confidence. This is can’t-miss stuff.

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Some highlights to look forward to:

  • Dave and I introduce ourselves and admit how bad we truly were
  • Why you should meet women outside of work
  • 3 specific tips for picking-up on Halloween
  • Reading materials to help with perspective and confidence
  • How the media shapes our perceptions of courtship
  • Where the name Tenmagnet came from

Enjoy this debut episode as much as we enjoyed putting it together. We’ll see you next week. Follow the show on Twitter @AfterHoursInc. Dave and I can be found at @LS_Vox & @SuleyTheHuman respectively.

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