Sunday Night Football: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles Preview and Prediction

Both the Giants and Eagles come into tonight’s game with records of 2-1, which puts them in a three-way tie at the top of the NFC East, along with the Dallas Cowboys. The Giants are coming into the game on a two-game win streak, while the Eagles recently lost to Arizona by the score of 27-6.

Philadelphia Eagles

The turnovers have finally caught up to Michael Vick and the Eagles. After winning their first two games with a combined nine turnovers, three fumbles cost the Eagles the game last week in Arizona.


Michael Vick has thrown six interceptions in the first two weeks of the 2012 season. (Photo by Dallas photographer Lindsey Perkins Wade)

Vick had thrown a total of six interceptions in the first two games of the year, but the Eagles were winning so it did not matter all that much. He did not throw any last week, but he did fumble the ball twice. One of those resulted in a touchdown for the Cardinals right before halftime, when the Eagles were on the verge of scoring.

There has been some discussion about benching Michael Vick, but that is not necessary. It is not a talent issue when it comes to the turnovers, but rather a lack of discipline. He needs to stop trying to force passes to receivers who are not open. He will always be a risky quarterback, but that does not mean he should get a free pass for throwing six interceptions in the first two weeks of the year.

New York Giants

After a slow start to the season in their opening loss to Dallas, the Giants have had an offensive explosion. After dropping 41 points on the Bucs two weeks ago, they scored 36 against Carolina last week, while only allowing seven.

Ahmad Bradshaw missed last week’s game due to injury, but Andre Brown stepped up in his absence. Brown ran for 113 yards and two touchdowns on 20 carries, while making himself the Giants’ leading rusher this season.

The revival of the running game will be important for the Giants this week. While they do have the second-ranked pass offense in the league, the Eagles have the third-ranked pass defense in the league. Bradshaw will be returning to form the new duo with Brown. There is always the option of David Wilson, but it seems that he has done more to hurt his playing time than help it this year.

Eagles-Giants Prediction

The Eagles won the last meeting between these two teams, but it did not truly matter as the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl. Last week’s performance by the Eagles is enough to predict that not much will change this week, and the Giants will easily win this game.

Giants 24 | Eagles 21


New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

  • Giants-Eagles Date: Sunday, September 30, 2012
  • Giants-Eagles Kickoff Time: 8:20 PM (Eastern)
  • Giants-Eagles TV Network: NBC

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