Russell Wilson Tastefully Jumps Into Endorsement World [Video]

The endorsement world is ripe to be insanely lucrative for National Football League quarterbacks. Russell Wilson has quickly joined the list with very well-done ad with Levi’s.

Russell Wilson Levi’s Commercial


You may have seen the 90-second spot this weekend, since I first saw it during the Wisconsin-Nebraska telecast. I thought at first it was related to the University of Wisconsin.

In the ad Wilson talks about his late dad, his eventual decision to forgo his baseball career for football, and proving the doubters who said he was too short for playing quarterback wrong.

It isn’t until the very end that we find that the ad is for Levi’s, along with the hashtag #goforth. It is one of the best ads of the year, with Russell Wilson simply being himself.

Sometimes a person telling an audience about himself sells a product much more than the product itself.

In his brief time in the NFL, Wilson has already shown himself to be incredibly well-spoken, as proven appearing on the ESPN set moments after authoring the Inaccurate Reception (he only threw the pass folks). I almost want to fast forward to the day he retires from the game and moves into the booth.

Wilson will continue to be one of my all-time favorite Wisconsin Badgers.

Wilson Joins Many NFLers in Ad World

For years now, Peyton Manning has established himself as the king of pitchmen. It is estimated that he earns $13 million per year – so his bank account is set before earning even a cent from his current day job.

Aaron Rodgers has slowly crept into the advertising big-time, this year adding Pizza Hut to a portfolio that includes State Farm and Ford.

There are others: Drew Brees has Ny-Quil. Eli Manning has a few deals but is probably best known right now for this year’s public service spot with the president and others. Cam Newton has Gatorade. Tim Tebow tastefully pitches Jockey underwear. Brett Favre was never engulfed into endorsements but is still going strong with Wrangler.

I also can’t forget about Jay Cutler, who has a major endorsement deal with…Wait, I can’t think who, but it will come to me!!!

Then there are the rookies. Andrew Luck is wading slowly into the advertising pool. The one cameo he is currently on is with EA Sports, but curiously, in its FIFA 13 spot – which actually makes sense considering he grew up for a while in Europe and dabbled with soccer there.

Meanwhile Robert Griffin immediately cashed in joining the Subway stable of sports celebrities (Subway, like the Philadelphia Phillies, are washing their hands of Ryan Howard). The Subway spots alone have already vaulted RG3 alongside Peyton Manning and Rodgers in the advertising world.

All of this said, it is nice to see Russell Wilson now also cashing in.

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