NFL Week 1 Picks, Point Spreads and TV Schedule

The NFL season kicks off tonight when the Cowboys take on the Giants in primetime.

The offseason, as always, has been filled with countless storylines, many of which have beaten into the ground again and again (and again). But the games are finally here, which also means there will finally be action on the field to discuss … as opposed to, you know…


This was one of the biggest stories of the offseason – a backup quarterback trotting off the field with his shirt off. Thank goodness actual games are finally here.

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Week 1 NFL Viewer’s & Bettor’s Guide

TV Schedule – Kickoff Times – Point Spreads – Picks

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants

  • Cowboys-Giants Date: Wednesday, September 5
  • Cowboys-Giants Kickoff Time: 8:30 PM
  • Cowboys-Giants TV Network: NBC
  • Cowboys-Giants Point Spread: Giants -4
  • Cowboys-Giants Over-Under Odds: 44.5
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  • Cowboys-Giants Pick: The defending Super Bowl champion Giants open up the season at home against the Cowboys. They were 2-0 against Dallas last season and should continue that trend this year as well. With the spread being so small, the Giants are the clear pick this week. Cowboys-Giants Pick: Giants -4

Indianapolis Colts at Chicago Bears

  • Colts-Bears Date: Sunday, September 9
  • Colts-Bears Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Colts-Bears TV Network: CBS
  • Colts Bears Point Spread: Chicago -9
  • Colts-Bears Over-Under Odds: 42
  • Colts-Bears Pick: Andrew Luck makes his NFL debut on the road in Chicago against Jay Cutler and the Bears. While it is easy to get caught up in the new era in Indy, it is tough to pick against Cutler and Brandon Marshall. Not to mention, with a healthy Matt Forte in the backfield, along with a weak Colts defense, the Bears will easily cover the spread in this game. Colts-Bears Pick: Bears -9

Philadelphia Eagles at Cleveland Browns

  • Eagles-Browns Date: Sunday, September 9
  • Eagles-Browns Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Eagles-Browns TV Network: FOX
  • Eagles-Browns Point Spread: Eagles -9
  • Eagles-Browns Over-Under Odds: 41.5
  • Eagles-Browns Pick: The Browns have a team full of rookies, including first round picks Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson. They take on the Eagles, who are coming off of an extremely disappointing 8-8 season. While the Browns are likely not going to win, I do have them covering the spread in this game. Eagles-Browns Pick: Browns +9

St. Louis Rams at Detroit Lions

  • Rams-Lions Date: Sunday, September 9
  • Rams-Lions Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Rams-Lions TV Network: FOX
  • Rams-Lions Point Spread: Lions -9
  • Rams-Lions Over-Under Odds: 47
  • Rams-Lions Pick: The Rams are coming off of a 2-14 season while the Lions went 10-6 before losing to the Saints in the Wild Card playoffs. This one is easy to pick, on paper, so I have the Lions easily covering this one at home. Rams-Lions Pick: Lions -9

New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans

  • Patriots-Titans Date: Sunday, September 9
  • Patriots-Titans Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Patriots-Titans TV Network: CBS
  • Patriots-Titans Point Spread: Patriots -6
  • Patriots-Titans Over-Under Odds: 47
  • Patriots-Titans Pick: Jake Locker is not one of five rookie quarterbacks starting this week, but he is still an inexperienced player making his first Week 1 start … and he does so against the defending AFC-champion Patriots. Tom Brady went through another preseason with limited playing time, but with good reason. The Patriots will score early and make this game one-sided all the way to the end. Patriots-Titans Pick: Patriots -6

Happy Tom Brady is happy the regular season is finally here so he and his Patriots teammates can happily play in meaningful football games. (Image via The Big Lead)

Atlanta Falcons at Kansas City Chiefs

  • Falcons-Chiefs Date: Sunday, September 9
  • Falcons-Chiefs Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Falcons-Chiefs TV Network: FOX
  • Falcons-Chiefs Point Spread: Falcons -3
  • Falcons-Chiefs Over-Under Odds: 42
  • Falcons-Chiefs Pick: The Chiefs had a rather disappointing season after making the playoffs in 2010, while the Falcons earned another playoff berth behind the quarterbacking of Matt Ryan. This game seems like a toss-up at the beginning of the year, but look for the Falcons to cover in this one thanks to Ryan and a revamped offense. Falcons-Chiefs Pick: Atlanta -3

Jacksonville Jaguars at Minnesota Vikings

  • Jaguars-Vikings Date: Sunday, September 9
  • Jaguars-Vikings Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Jaguars-Vikings TV Network: CBS
  • Jaguars-Vikings Point Spread: Vikings -4
  • Jaguars-Vikings Over-Under Odds: 38
  • Jaguars-Vikings Pick: This game features two quarterbacks, Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder, entering their second seasons in the league. Neither did anything too special last year, but both have definite upside. Ponder has the better team surrounding him, which is why I have the Vikings winning this matchup at home. Jaguars-Vikings Pick: Vikings -4

Washington Redskins at New Orleans Saints

  • Redskins-Saints Date: Sunday, September 9
  • Redskins-Saints Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Redskins-Saints TV Network: FOX
  • Redskins-Saints Point Spread: Saints -9
  • Redskins-Saints Over-Under Odds: 49.5
  • Redskins-Saints Pick: This game features debuts, as the Redskins will feature Robert Griffin III at quarterback, while the Saints will begin their season without Sean Payton as head coach. Even without Payton, the Saints are too talented to drop this game at home, and I also see them easily covering this spread. Redskins-Saints Pick: Saints -9

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets

  • Bills-Jets Date: Sunday, September 9
  • Bills-Jets Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Bills-Jets TV Network: CBS
  • Bills-Jets Point Spread: Jets -3
  • Bills-Jets Over-Under Odds: 40.5
  • Bills-Jets Pick: The Jets are always one of the most scrutinized teams in the league, and that will continue to be the trend this season. After an embarrassing preseason, which only saw one touchdown scored by the Jets, they will take on the Bills to open the year. The Bills collapsed after their hot start last year, but they still have that hot start to build off of early in this season. I have them surprising the Jets and taking this game. Bills-Jets Pick: Bills +3

Miami Dolphins at Houston Texans

  • Dolphins-Texans Date: Sunday, September 9
  • Dolphins-Texans Kickoff Time: 1 PM
  • Dolphins-Texans TV Network: CBS
  • Dolphins-Texans Point Spread: Texans -11.5
  • Dolphins-Texans Over-Under Odds: 42.5
  • Dolphins-Texans Pick: The Texans are coming off a playoff berth with their third-string quarterback, T.J. Yates, so look for them to be even better with Matt Schaub back at the helm. The Dolphins will start rookie Ryan Tannehill, which will certainly be a learning process for him and the coaches. The Texans will cover this spread easily, maybe even by more than two touchdowns. Dolphins-Texans Pick: Texans -11.5

San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers

  • 49ers-Packers Date: Sunday, September 9
  • 49ers-Packers Kickoff Time: 4:25 PM
  • 49ers-Packers TV Network: FOX
  • 49ers-Packers Point Spread: Packers -5.5
  • 49ers-Packers Over-Under Odds: 45
  • 49ers-Packers Pick: The 49ers were just a few mistakes away from being in the Super Bowl last season, and they did make it further than the Packers in the playoffs. This game should be a low-scoring affair, even though many would suspect the Packers to be able to score at least 24 points weekly. Usually they will, but not against San Fran’s D. It may be a stretch, but I have the 49ers taking this game. 49ers-Packers Pick: 49ers +5.5

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals

  • Seahawks-Cardinals Date: Sunday, September 9
  • Seahawks-Cardinals Kickoff Time: 4:25 PM
  • Seahawks-Cardinals TV Network: FOX
  • Seahawks-Cardinals Point Spread: Seahawks -3
  • Seahawks-Cardinals Over-Under Odds: 41
  • Seahawks-Cardinals Pick: Russell Wilson makes his debut as Seattle’s starting quarterback, as he beat out former highly-sought-after free agent Matt Flynn for the spot. John Skelton will start for Arizona, which makes this game another toss-up. While Wilson is a rookie, I feel he has more talent around him, which is why I have Seattle covering in this game. Seahawks-Cardinals Pick: Seahawks -3

Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Panthers-Bucs Date: Sunday, September 9
  • Panthers-Bucs Kickoff Time: 4:25 PM
  • Panthers-Bucs TV Network: FOX
  • Panthers-Bucs Point Spread: Panthers -3
  • Panthers-Bucs Over-Under Odds: 46.5
  • Panthers-Bucs Pick: Cam Newton returns after his record-setting rookie season to take on the Bucs on Sunday. The Bucs had an awful season after nearly making the playoffs in 2010. This spread is very close, but I have Newton and the Panthers covering in Tampa. Panthers-Bucs Pick: Panthers -3

Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos

  • Steelers-Broncos Date: Sunday, September 9
  • Steelers-Broncos Kickoff Time: 8:20 PM
  • Steelers-Broncos TV Network: NBC
  • Steelers-Broncos Point Spread: Broncos -1
  • Steelers-Broncos Over-Under Odds: 45
  • Steelers-Broncos Pick: The Steelers face the team that eliminated them from the playoffs last season, but it is tough to call the Broncos the same team that they were last season. Peyton Manning has replaced Tim Tebow at quarterback, which only makes Denver better than they were last year. This matchup is even, on paper, but I will give it to Peyton and the Broncos at home. Steelers-Broncos Pick: Broncos -1

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens

  • Bengals-Ravens Date: Monday, September 10
  • Bengals-Ravens Kickoff Time: 7 PM
  • Bengals-Ravens TV Network: ESPN
  • Bengals-Ravens Point Spread: Ravens -6
  • Bengals-Ravens Over-Under Odds: 41
  • Bengals-Ravens Pick: Both of these AFC North rivals made the playoffs a season ago, but only the Ravens won a game in the postseason. Since it is a home game for the Ravens, I see them getting the better of Andy Dalton and the Bengals this time around. Bengals-Ravens Pick: Ravens -6

San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders

  • Chargers-Raiders Date: Monday, September 10
  • Chargers-Raiders Kickoff Time: 10:15 PM
  • Chargers-Raiders TV Network: ESPN
  • Chargers-Raiders Point Spread: Raiders -1
  • Chargers-Raiders Over-Under Odds: 47
  • Chargers-Raiders Pick: Both teams finished last season at 8-8, missing out on the playoffs due to a tiebreaker lost to Denver. San Diego always seems to fail to live up to expectations. However, I see them beating Oakland in this game, even though the Raiders appear to have more weapons on offense. Chargers-Raiders Pick: Chargers +1


What are your picks? Are there any games you feel especially strongly about? Comment below!

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