Why Isn’t Colin Cowherd Talking Seattle Sounders?

What’s the deal with Colin Cowherd?

He’s one of the most influential sports talkers in the biz, he’s from Seattle, he talks about Seattle sports all the time…

But he never mentions what is happening with the Sounders.

They had more than 55,000 people attend over the weekend to see Seattle defeat the Vancouver Whitecaps 2-0. It was quite a scene as the Sounders gave fans a Cascadia Cup win to remember at CenturyLink Field.

Could the Sounders be the first MLS team to average more attendance than its NFL counterpart? As great as their attendance has been, it’s doubtful. Only a really disappointing season for the Seahawks could drive that many fans away. The Seahawks play in a weak division and should stay relevant all year. They have a solid fan base too.

But why is Cowherd only talking about going to an MLB game at Safeco Field while on vacation? He was out for a week or so and comes back to share stories of going to a Mariners game and his thoughts on what is wrong with baseball.

The sports talk radio conundrum continues against MLS. No bigtime radio stations want to talk soccer on any regular basis. Maybe Dan Patrick is one exception (read here).

The one thing about Cowherd is that he is one of the only guys in the business to consistently opine on trends in sports, including sports scheduling and what is relevant to sports fans. He will mention how soccer is coming along, but he doesn’t seem to want to cross over and talk about more than what is on the surface.

The one area in which sports radio talk for soccer is improving is for the Men’s and Women’s National Teams. There is banter out there the day of or day before a big game.

But MLS still sits on the backburner without consideration from national sports talk radio, while incredible minutia regarding the intricacies of a blitz formation, a slugging percentage, and college freshmen draft picks are yapped about over and over.

For as much courage and audacity as Cowherd can display with his quips and philosophies on the effects of sports, it is surprising that he is not talking more about his hometown soccer team, the Sounders, the most supported MLS team, as the highlights from their match against Vancouver illustrate.

Cowherd may be ignoring them because he doesn’t feel his audience wants to hear about the success of the Sounders, but that attitude only prolongs the inevitable. He will have to talk about them at some point because they are not going away anytime soon.


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  1. AJ Kaufman says:

    He only talks boring football. He’s one of the most arrogant people on radio. He won’t even talk baseball unless Yanks/Boston or hoops unless bashing Lebron-haters, so soccer? No chance.

  2. He doesn’t talk about soccer because his national audience doesn’t give a single f**k about it. If Colin Cowherd started talking Seattle Sounders soccer, 95% of the audience and I would turn the radio off.

  3. This is a ridiculous article. Just because Cowherd grew up near Seattle doesn’t mean he has an automatic responsibility to support the Sounders. He probably doesn’t even like soccer. He has a national platform but that doesn’t mean he owes any loyalty to a sport or team just because they are from where he grew up. Cowherd runs a national show. The Seattle Sounders are absolutely irrelevant nationally. They are even more irrelevant when you consider that the topics Cowherd discusses on his show are the direct result of research which studies what The Herd listeners are interested in. I love soccer. Hell, I love the Sounders. I was at the match versus Vancouver. It was a great atmosphere. But, I am a soccer and Sounders fan. The reality is that without the Sounders, MLS would average less fans than all the major sports. MLS is largely irrelevant to the North American scene because soccer is simply not as popular. It has a good fan base but they are few in numbers in comparison to the major sports. Soccer in the USA is becoming more popular each year, and will continue to do so but it’s not the responsibility of a national talk show host who talks about what the masses want to hear to do so. It’s up to youth programs, MLS, etc to promote the game and open the eyes of the people to what a beautiful game it really is.

  4. @Mark. I hear you. Makes sense what you’re saying. I still think that after coming back from vacation in Seattle and going to a Mariners game with few fans in the stadium and he commented on how uncomfortable an empty stadium is and in that same week-the Sounders played at home to a crowd of more than 35,000. it is somewhat irresponsible on his part as a sports talk host to not mention this phenomena going on in Seattle. We can agree to disagree, though.

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