Video: Maurice Green Provides a Taste of London Fashion

A few weeks back, our friends from FOX Sports took you to the streets of London to get feel for some of the amazing street art on display.

In this week’s edition of the London Beat, a former Olympic champion and world record holder gives us a taste of London fashion.

Maurice Green, who once held the world record in the 100 meter dash (now held, of course, by Usain Bolt), and won four Olympic medals during his career, gets a lesson in the individualized nature of how folks dress in London.


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  1. John Mostacci (JMOST) says:

    Hi Jerod:
    Its been a while since last talk. I hope you are doing well. I posted a question below if you have time to anwser it that would be great.

    Need to clean up last few positions.
    Would you make changes: Like (L ROB) for T Young or one of the RBs.
    No Flex play 3 WRs and 2 RBs
    ****Waver Wire*****
    WRs: T Young,
    RBs: Ridley, Spiller. Leshoure, Ingram, R Jennings, P Thomas, TATE
    Current Roster 10 Team STD NOFLEX, Play 3 WRs:
    VICK – Dalton
    Chris Johnson AJ Green
    Mcfadden Julio Jones
    Wells S Johnson
    Mcgahee Blackmon
    L Robinson
    VDavis- Gresham
    Bryant – HOUSTON

    Any help is appreciated

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