Chicago Bears: The Team To Beat In The NFC North

Two days ago Jerod wrote his six bold predictions for this year’s NFL season. In that article he predicted the Chicago Bears’ offense would lead the Bears to a NFC North title.

Jerod brought up two very good points that people, specifically arrogant Packers fans, have seemed to forget about the Bears that I would like to expound on.

Point #1: The Bears’ Underrated Offense

As Jerod noted, before Jay Cutler and Matt Forte were sidelined by injuries last year, the Bears were the hottest team in the league. They won five games in a row, and they scored 30 points five times in 10 total games the two played together.

Cutler, while not perfect, vastly improved his consistency and managed to keep his interceptions at a low seven while throwing 13 touchdowns without a strong number one receiver. The O-line vastly improved their QB protection, and Forte was on pace for his third 1,000+ yard rushing season.

Cutler had a lot to smile about this offseason with the acquisition of Brandon Marshall.

The Bears were on their way to a playoff spot. They were playing the best football I’ve seen them play since their defense led them to the Super Bowl in 2004. If it was not for the injuries, the Bears maybe would’ve been the sleeper pick in last season’s playoffs.

In what feels like the first time in many years, the Bears have only gotten better this offseason by getting rid of dead weight and bad management. The biggest question remains their pass defense, which hasn’t particularly played well in recent seasons, nor in this preseason. Despite that, overall, this is the most well-rounded football team Chicago has had in the past decade.

Forte is healthy, Cutler is healthy, and Brandon Marshall has looked extremely good this preseason. The Bears finally have balance and weapons on offense, which management has been trying to establish ever since deciding to remake the Bears into an offensive threat.

Point #2: Chicago’s Balance and Stability

Most importantly, the Bears have the most balanced and stable team in the division.

The Packers still have the best QB in the league (it pains me to write that), but their below average defense and running game put them in a very uncomfortable position. Green Bay needed to score 30+ points to win way too many times last season, and though Rodgers did a phenomenal job doing just that, I wouldn’t rely on that happening again this year, even with two of the four teams having below average defenses.

Detroit has talent, but their offseason has been riddled with arrests. Add that to all of the incidents last season, and it’s obvious this team still remains immature and lacks the discipline it takes to truly be successful in the NFL. Along with that, their defense ranked in the bottom 10 in every defensive category last season, and I am not convinced Detroit has done enough this offseason to change that this year.

As for the Vikings? Well…yeah. Not really worth pondering. Not this season anyway.

It’s very obvious to see why I, along with most Bears fans, am so excited and genuinely optimistic for this season. We’ve been promised this kind of team ever since Jerry Angelo made it clear the Bears were reinventing their image.

There’s no better chance for Lovie and his team to prove all the doubters wrong.

About Tyler Juranovich

Tyler Juranovich is an Indiana native, a Ball State student, and a senior writer for MSF, where he's been writing about Chicago sports since 2009. His favorite teams are the Chicago Blackhawks and Bears. He's also a lover of reading, music, and movies. Follow him on Twitter (@tylerjuranovich) or email him at


  1. Thomas Smith says:

    Arrogant Packer fans from a Bear fan! Really, that is just too funny. You lost any kind of strength to your article with that comment right there. I agree they will be better and could challenge, but you are assuming the Packers haven’t improved their team. I think their defense will be improved greatly.

  2. says:

    Spoken like a typical Bears fan, injuries this injuries that, if only what could have been bla bla bla…like they are the only ones that get hurt. Are they a little better this year? Maybe, but they will wet the bed late in the year as always. So funny, “big bad Chicago” can not get it done. The bright side? They won a playoff game with Cutler…well…against the Seahawks, does that count? Then the championship game against Green Bay, at home, Cutler got “hurt” Bears lost….oppps sorry to bring that up.

  3. I don’t think that a defense will “improve greatly” when the only additions are rookie draft picks.

  4. As a Bears fan, I don’t think they are the team to beat. That’s still the Packers until proven otherwise. I think the drubbing the Packers defense takes in the media, about how bad they were, is a bit overdone. They did get a ton of turnovers…lead the league I believe…that makes a huge difference and is a recipe for winning. Packer fans are arrogant, but I think they are allowed with a 15-1 team that has one of the best NFL offenses and recently won a Super Bowl. If the Bears went 15-1 I’d be arrogant too. :-) However, I’m optimistic about the Bears this year and definitely a team to watch in the NFC. But I feel they’ll have to win with offense as I don’t think their defense can carry them this year especially if Urlacher is hobbling. On another note, couple of my friends are Giants fans and they say they are the team to beat in the NFC and I can’t argue against that. I think they are still the best team in the trenches on both sides of the ball.

    I do like bold predictions and it makes for fun reading and comments. Cheers!

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  198. Risking $2,500 on trades in a $5, 000 Forex account can make you shattered if actually only two losses

  199. The second group is comprised of brokers who are regulated by among
    the two regulatory bodies.

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  204. We constantly a good idea traders look into the best brokers
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  205. If you are getting into trading, one federal government
    firm you should know about is the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or CFTC.

  206. Stochastic oscillator (also referred to as Stochastics) is
    really a momentum indicator mainly used for trading of securities.

  207. Make sure that the software application a broker
    utilizes is simple to be learnt enough, so you will not lose any time
    in spending it for studying.

  208. Terrorist work or an undesirable economic effect in a nation for example can cause a currency to swing very separate
    from the underlying energy of the currency.

  209. On several trading resources, you’ll realize that arbitrage is performed so
    that you can take advantage of pricing distortions.

  210. There are a number of brokers that provide a wonderful
    service to Australian traders.

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  213. We want to assist you discover the best place to trade binary choices
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  214. Picking out a trading software is obviously about your complex
    capabilities, individual choice, and style.

  215. . And binary alternatives brokers are the type of forex brokers
    who assists you to do trade binary alternatives with their platform
    with some extra advantages.

  216. You can even be provided a trading gadget – such as an iPad, an iPhone or a MacBook
    – when you transfer $2,500 or above.

  217. The CySEC Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission was one of
    the first regulators to monitor market brokers.

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  219. There are lots of websites that’ll give you trading alerts via text or email message.

  220. The platform is a thing that makes common binary options brokers
    either among the very best binary alternatives trading sets or entirely bad pages that will not bring
    you anything, however nerves and bothersome mood.

  221. A bonus is basically a complimentary money gift that’s being given to
    people who make an initial deposit.

  222. They might have never heard about time forex Trading,
    which can be where multi-millionaires and billionaires create their income.

  223. These agreements help forex traders to get or promote values in a predetermined charge
    in a point of time in future.

  224. Advances range according to industry conditions, nevertheless the table below provides an example of trading
    some common pairs of the expense.

  225. There are many brokers who tick most or all of these boxes and I believe that if you know precisely
    what to search for, you can quickly weed out the so called ‘fraudsters’ and find a completely
    genuine and professional broker.

  226. Forex trading, such as the stock market, has many options which might be profitable and

  227. Having a click of a key, it is possible to handle forex records which you might usually not have any idea about.

  228. Don’t begin Forex when you’re stepping into
    forex markets, on the industry that is slender lack public interest.

  229. Take a look at each brokers platform and use a binary trading systems
    comparison to find which website is advisable for you.

  230. Remember, every match may provide opportunities that are distinct and it’s also your work to always concentrate on those that best-fit the purpose
    and ambitions of day trading.

  231. You might make your withdrawals at any time,
    and the best part is that there is no minimum amount.

  232. Advances change depending on market circumstances, but the table below
    provides a good example of the cost of trading some popular pairs.

  233. Let’s appearance in the reasoning of they work and take a look with a few easy set ups in increased detail.

  234. However with the transformation of online binary trading the ambience is not same any longer.

  235. We would suggest you to open an account with
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  236. If you are, the mindset component may teach you ways to manage your sensations,
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  237. It may exhibits 10 currency sets to deal (proposed on everyday information) but you may also incorporate extra pair.

  238. The best binary trading platforms: we examine
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  239. There’s one custom amongst the trading audience and
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  240. Compare binary options trading accounts making sure their asset alternatives fit your

  241. You want significant engineering that’s going to
    match you almost all the time if you are
    a critical forex trader.

  242. In order to succeed in Forex trading, you must
    exchange data with others, but often follow
    what your stomach tells you.

  243. These variables are made to function within particular policies
    that may keep you from crippling your account.

  244. With Foreign Currency Trading you’ll be able to trade quick or
    long and that means you can take a view on any currency set
    and place a relevant business.

  245. Then myself totally shut far from the trading system and absolutely give attention to
    my other important routines for that morning.

  246. The nature of modern-day technology requires that services provided
    by binary options brokers, and certainly all binary choices players, be
    available on numerous devices with the very same level
    of quality and accessibility.

  247. Concerning this point, we have actually picked brokers that
    supply their customers with suitable assistance, banking alternatives and
    other services that are understood from appreciated brokerage services.

  248. The MetaTrader 5 trading software’s vast possibilities at the moment are constantly along
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  249. If you reside in the UK, then trading at an Italian broker is from a legal and security viewpoint precisely the same as trading at a
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  251. The fundamental strategy together with the help that the currency offered and can be purchased is straightforward.

  252. In order to trade options effectively you’ll constantly need
    to fully research each possession.

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  254. Forex may be the worldis most widely-traded financial product – available twenty four hours
    per day, five nights a week – with increased than 60 currency pairs to industry.

  255. You only need to log in with your information to access their trading platform,
    whether on desktop or their mobile trading platform.

  256. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind
    that choosing a binary alternatives broker can be an in-depth
    process and it is very important to find one that can performing all
    the essential trading jobs.

  257. Best Binary Alternative Trading Platform for Beginners Safe Binary Options Brokers
    2014 – None can trade the binary choices market by himself or herself.

  258. This is a critical element because a great deal of currency ETFs are thinly traded, even a
    few that track major currencies.

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  260. This regulative approach likewise factored in the MiFID Markets in Financial
    Instruments Instruction component, which mentions: brokers certified by
    the CySEC are allowed to trade in all member states
    of the European Union.

  261. Never bet more than you can manage to lose and only trade binary choices
    for assets that you fully comprehend.

  262. Both types have their cons and also pros, nevertheless in this brief write-up we will consider the functions of the hands-on drip coffee maker.

  263. As investigating, testing and reviewing brokers is our speciality,
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  264. An online guide can describe how the foreign-exchange marketplace works and will also
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  265. When you can follow the rules of a superior trading
    process, then positively you have good endurance.

  266. As a result; you should make sure that you have the proper information regarding
    a given place whose currency you would like to trade’s rate.

  267. All you need to do is to find the territory that is most suitable
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  269. These categories are the brokers who are duly regulated by any of the two regulatory bodies in the
    U.S.A and the overseas brokers, who are not controlled by any of the two bodies.

  270. Deal currencies with any of 1000+ hosts of brokerage organizations that
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  271. It is of course vital to sift out the most trusted
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  272. Once you understand how your agent’s method works,
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  273. Many new traders who try trading using their finances in lack
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  274. That is where we come in. There are some high quality, reputable and legitimate binary alternatives brokers you can feel safe trading at.
    Let me be clear this does not suggest that you will not lose money.

  275. While deposit benefit at binary brokers tends to be from 20 % to 200 %, there are a lot of binary choices scams.

  276. Financial Stability – It is certainly essential for your broker to keep a clean company standing, thinking about well-established brokers are normally far more trustworthy when compared with smaller upstarts or companies.

  277. The trading can be carried out efficiently in the
    market, particularly stock and securities markets and two areas.

  278. The currency trading tactic that you just choose to utilize
    while in the markets should be one that has not been ineffective for different merchants previously.

  279. This is a job we have actually made easy for you since we have actually looked and checked
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  280. However as we said, the only thing you need to avoid is signing up at brokers that are neither
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  281. Get to examining more complex guides to higher understand styles,

  282. I put them to Try by Demo Trading and did purchase a few Programs and discovered that fundamentally
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  283. Though, on the other side, if you search for particular binary choices –
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  284. Binary choices is huge business in the US. There
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  285. More lessons, much more cheap, and more information jokes to please your
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  287. We have tested and authorized a variety of controlled and
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  288. As a daytrader it’s very important to learn the
    temperament of the currency you’re trading.

  289. It’s advisable to extensively check quite a few robots in just as much detail as possible to avoid
    falling victim into a forex robot trader scam.

  290. Makes it possible to establish those actually know what
    they are performing, whenever choosing a Fx
    Boker, having an awareness of Forex functions.

  291. Also bullish – Trading data show that 90% on most investors can crash at some time.

  292. Understanding the spread in forex as well as the pip of currency couples will allow you to in picking an online FX

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  294. For example, if a broker is certified in Cyprus then that broker is lawfully
    allowed to run in the UK as well, due to the fact that the online trading laws and policies of Cyprus are more of less
    the like the ones of the UK.

  295. Binary alternatives are bets made on the value of a single asset over a set amount
    of time.

  296. While this really is unfortunate for US individuals, UK shareholders can enjoy in having
    a superb forex software to business on.

  297. Remember the times of the gold standard in the 19th
    century when every currency was named to silver.

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  300. A region having a shortfall or possibly a greater significance benefit than the export benefit isn’t advised
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  301. Titan Trade – Our most recent broker from London, UK. 85 % return on investment for 60 second trade.

  302. Online trading is legal in Canada and each of the nation’s provinces has its own trading regulatory authority.

  303. While the forex industry may be the many liquid financial-market on earth, it provides
    an excellent opportunity for investing if they are maintained professionally.

  304. We are not an official regulated investment adviser, but a site and article publisher whose function is to improve the basic
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  305. The price differs, nevertheless it is not impossible to discover a highly skilled forex process that can substantially boost your.

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  307. As constantly, we suggest that you research all brokers prior to trading with them.

  308. While traders from the UK have a flexibility to pick any broker that seems attracting them, including offshore controlled and uncontrolled brokers, it is extremely
    suggested that you research study on your favored broker before investing your money with them.

  309. Binary Alternative Robotic’s software is compatible with your laptop computer, tablet or smart

  310. Our system generates often the transmission and provided to your prospect of the transmission company.

  311. Meaning it will operate available forex application faster, this
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  312. Binary options are typically seen as a simple way of trading as every trade has
    a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response.

  313. Today, any broker worth his salt will have his system operating an all modern-day devices

  314. The following Binary Options brokers have a range of different banking alternatives that enable UK
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  315. Metatrader is a trading and planning program that you industry
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  316. Withdrawals: we caution traders if withdrawal demands are expensive,
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  317. Recall, the market is not currently going everywhere; it is
    perfectly appropriate to take a transient break.

  318. The majority of the Binary Options Brokers offer numerous binary choices bonus promotions.

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  320. The New York trading treatment may be the standard for people trading
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  321. We are not an official regulated investment advisor, but a
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  323. By so doing, in a day, it is possible to produce $500-$1000 by just getting,
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  324. These agencies carefully see the online trading market and the activity of
    the brokers that are accredited in the UK or whose other European licenses were authorized in the UK.

  325. Profits do not charge, but instead earn money about the dealing spread.

  326. Some frames are much better than others as it pertains to scalping approaches.

  327. Binary alternatives brokers for newbies need to still provide beneficial payout rates on effective trades.

  328. The pound, employed by 16 Western nations with
    Malaysia and fiscal giants Italy, may be the 2nd heavily traded currency subsequent in the U.S.

  329. For instance, if a broker is accredited in Cyprus
    then that broker is legally permitted to run in the United Kingdom too, due to the fact that the online trading laws and policies of Cyprus are more of less the same as the among the UK.

  330. Is just a name of Money – UK Minimal and it is sanctioned and managed by
    the Financial Conduct Authority.

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  334. In somewhat over annually since I have moved on to dealing the daily Maps, I have managed to effectively double my
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  335. A reliable binary alternatives broker need to have an industry-recognised trading licence consisting of a list
    of rules and policies which brokers need to adhere to in order that traders may dependably
    and confidently utilize their services, such as CySEC and FCA.

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  337. Though, on the other side, if you search for certain binary options – one touch binary choices, 60 2nd alternatives
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  338. Value the Group Investors as well as their time, they’re not settled to stay
    the trading room.

  339. Automated systems also referred to as forex trading spiders that were computerized, are derived from computer applications.

  340. The most effective jobs for parents with youngsters in college from 8 AM to 3 PM that not
    require a School degree.

  341. It provides you the chance to generate big monetary earnings trading with various currencies available in the market.

  342. Anybody can discover ways to do Forex trading and anybody
    can gain at it, you only desire a basic process.

  343. In addition, typical consideration generally allow automatic trading while micro accounts
    do not.

  344. You can use one or all contacts prior to you deposit any cash with them, to see how quickly
    they react in different circumstances.

  345. Talking to other dealers regarding the Forex marketplace might not be valueless, but in the finish you should trust your own view.

  346. With the of today’s, you may get detailed forex market movements in 5- 15 and
    second – second intervals.

  347. Thinking about these pros, you can guess if you have actually lastly discovered
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  348. You ought to not be unable to overlook indicators and some positions that bad and robust or
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  349. Forex trading needs technique and coaching, but could be a rewarding industry
    for people buying risk project that is lower.

  350. Premium Account: This one calls for the minimum balance of $500
    and you can expect bonus offers of as much as 60 %.

  351. Some nations – such as the United States – have actually positioned some constraints,
    with a raft of strict regulatory demands being imposed on brokers to accept traders based
    in the United States.

  352. Armed with the relative ideas above, you are ready
    to sign up with complete self-confidence on our advised list of brokers.

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  355. Keeping all this in mind one can not negate the requirement of a proper technique to trade utilizing these types
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  357. By comprehending exactly what to try to find,
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  358. Most of the times, such bodies operate within certain geographical regions and their
    primary task is to keep an eye on the various binary alternatives and binary brokers in such regions in a quote
    to protect traders and keep an eye on the very best practises by such

  359. Not unlike, trading and investing, when it weakens when it increases in importance of promoting it in hopes forex investors try to collect currency.

  360. When you if you imagine you’re not selfish, only trade forex and have not been greedy so far and find out how greedy you’re.

  361. There’s for expressing pairs, a global rule, which describes the nomenclature.

  362. It is such regulations that make some brokers not to accept traders from certain geographical regions.

  363. Education includes comprehension charts, forex styles,
    developing a forex trading program, forex lessons, forex boards and much more.

  364. Consequently, whilst the importance of the changes, a great deal of the currency couples will
    change accordingly.

  365. Forex is really a dynamics globe, simply because many investors earn more profit and from all around the world, can trade values and items.

  366. A few of these brokers have real UK licenses and a few of
    them have other European Union licenses that are officially accepted by the United Kingdom.

  367. In couple of words, binary choices brokers are regular brokerages, which,
    however, either offer only features for binary choices trading, or various methods for trading – including with binaries.

  368. But as we stated, the only thing you ought to prevent is signing up
    at brokers that are neither licensed in the UK nor in other European Union nations.

  369. Consumers who transfer more than $50,000 get a 2.5 % interest rate which is
    exceptional compared to others in the market.

  370. Trading Stage of Economic Pty Ltd is authorized and managed by ASIC
    (AFSL number. 443670).

  371. Each of these platforms offer the trader a various way to view a deal with the Binary Options.

  372. Trading software in this industry is still not so industrialized compared to the FX market, still there
    are better and worse options.

  373. If done with proper intellect the business enterprise of currency trading is very profitable.

  374. Trading Binary Options on a Windows Phone – Another kind of
    phone is one which utilizes the Windows os and if you own such a gadget and wish to trade options online then come and discover just how
    easy it is.

  375. This allows you to maximize on the trading chances your preferred assets included.

  376. And binary alternatives brokers are not simply sites,
    however platforms, where money remains in continuous wave.

  377. Some brokers likewise provide mobile platforms so that you can even trade from your cell phone
    or tablet.

  378. There are many trading program available for trading of Forex, stocks and alternatives.

  379. If you are a novice and are searching for a solid platform immediately, it is advised
    to examine SpotOption Platform Testimonial then to get among the brokers offering this platform.

  380. Many online forex brokers enables you to open a demo account for you
    to practice and start to become acquainted with forex.

  381. Another 5% of daily amount consists of professional organizations and governments
    transforming one currency into another from exchanging things and

  382. Do not opt for the biggest bonus offer, go for the sincere
    binary options brokers that provide the most suitable bonus offer for your binary options trading method!

  383. The CySEC Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission was one
    of the very first regulators to monitor market brokers.

  384. Forex daytrading may be the most profitable and attractive investment possibility because you can perform
    it at home or workplace and from any state on earth.

  385. As you assess the forex software, you might need to wonder why this program would not be used by everyone.

  386. During scalping, a person buys a currency and carries it quickly, practically in just a few minutes or moments.

  387. Just go through the list, select your favored broker,
    register and start trading immediately.

  388. Luckily, you will find forex signal systems, based on information indications and occasions that are fiscal, that indicate each time a trader
    can buy and offer.

  389. However, it is essential to keep in mind that picking a binary options broker can be a detailed process and
    it’s important to discover one that is capable of carrying out all the necessary trading

  390. Different countries have various regulatory firms and a lot of Binary Options Trading Brokers are operating under
    that nation’s policies.

  391. Obviously, you will wish to be sure that the Binary
    Options Trading Broker offers the possessions you want, but you must also make sure that they provide other assets,
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  393. You will prevent lots of the common issues in day trading, by
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  394. Something that is usually ignored is that automatic
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  395. It really is apparent that for ensuring successful forex
    positions, a quantity of graph signals must be translated.

  396. before choosing to sign up, thinking about not all run with the highest standards.

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  398. In case your currency set moves against you, and you don’t possess enough cash to cover the period, you will immediately be canceled from the purchase.

  399. It’s advisable to completely check quite a few robots in as much detail that you can in order to avoid falling victim to some forex trading program investor scam.

  400. Is a trading name of London Capital Group Ltd
    (LCG) which will be listed in Britain and Wales under authorized
    number 3218125.

  401. Established in 2007 founders wished to blend the increasingly popular societal setting, with
    Items, Spiders and Foreign Exchange.

  402. Not just do you have to understand the lots of various kinds and
    kind of actual Binary Options, however you will also need to be kept completely up to date in concerns
    to the innovation utilized for trading choices, and to
    enable you to do simply that listed below you
    will discover a set of helpful and extra guides and useful short articles.

  403. These programs have already been developed using trends
    and past effectiveness to imitate outcomes that’ll reveal the specific environment.

  404. Forex brokers don’t charge a fee a percentage for every single industry you create (atleast many forex brokers).

  405. While in the UK, you can trade with practically any
    broker, without being impacted by any local constraints.

  406. Established in 2009, Banc de Binary is a multi-award winning firm and a leading player in the binary
    options trading market.

  407. While both are essential in the perception of evaluating currency moves using
    Elementary Elementary and Complex analysis are different.

  408. It’s essential for any one mixed up in industry
    to understand this simple notion of risk management.

  409. Verified account holders can make withdrawals every Monday, and the minimum
    withdrawal value has to do with $12.

  410. So many Forex programs online give their dealers and future student with interfaces which are so
    large and uneasy to-use.

  411. I am forex and stockmarket broker, a Chartered Accountant,
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  412. There are along with a trading plan a technique the 2 methods required to become profitable trader.

  413. All these are suggested by Fair Binary Options as a good location to trade, so take the time to research study our list!

  414. The vast majority of these programs depend on technological evaluation to build alerts.

  415. You must a have a great knowledge of financial conditions and
    components before Forex like current account cuts, interest rates, personal policy and economical policy.

  416. The enhanced demand in online binary options and Forex
    trading has caused the formation of a regulative body in Australia, the Australian Securities and
    Investments Commission (ASIC) Nevertheless, it is
    not prohibited for people to take part in this kind of trading in Australia.

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  419. Obtain a currency that charges USD per unit, and
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  420. I would also recommend you to proceed through stock investing principles, and practice some spider trading together with the support of Forex training.

  421. There are to get indicators that are automatic afew
    places at ZipSignals and Tradency.

  422. This is important, as establishing a binary brokerage is
    quite easily accessible these days and this is why there are
    numerous binary choices frauds.

  423. Trading Position NZ Ltd is an FSP (Fiscal Company), and it
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  425. The user-friendly function is also essential, because as soon as you become more
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  427. Forex is foreign currency trading and it is the largest effective most liquid
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  428. This is why you will observe that the majority of overseas brokers
    which do accept U.S.A clients will just allow you to
    trade indices and stocks (think ).

  429. Accessibility every major currency industry, plus stocks, alternatives, and commodities all on one platform.

  430. That these type of brokers don’t have actually advanced features ought
    to not be a reason for low payouts.

  431. Seriously, using a computer system is a superb way to keep feeling from the forex trading
    and maintaining the profits coming in.

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