Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: Are the Orioles and A’s for Real?

As we head into the final month of the season, the Baltimore Orioles and Oakland Athletics currently hold both AL Wild Card spots. No one saw this coming into 2012, and many pundits are calling for a quick demise for both underdog clubs.

Corey and I go in-depth on both teams the answer the question, Can they make the playoffs?

Let’s just say we don’t agree on the answer.

Also on this episode:

  • Joe Mauer clears waivers. Will he be traded? What teams would want him?
  • Joe Saunders being a hired gun to stop the Yankees
  • Will Jose Bautista’s wrist recover for 2013?
  • I forget which wrist is injured
  • Starlin Castro re-signs with the Cubs. Was it too much?
  • What will the Reds do with Todd Frazier when Joey Votto returns?
  • Kris Medlen’s amazing performance for Atlanta
  • Bryce Harper joins elite company
  • Alfredo Aceves grinds Corey’s gears
  • Andre Either nearly breaks a 110 year-old MLB record
  • Brad Ziegler of the Diamondbacks is chasing two MLB records
  • Derek Jeter is turns back time

Plus, the Games of the Weekend.

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  1. AJ Kaufman says:

    Good stuff, guys, though look at Oakland’s Sept. schedule. It is brutal. Orioles playing Toronto and Boston 13 times in 30 days is easier than Oak playing a hot Seattle team, a very talented Angels team fighting for the playoffs (and to avoid embarrassment), and the best team inthe AL (Texas). Oak also plays the Yanks, Tigers and Orioles. So, though I dont make predictions, I think the A’s have a VERY challenging schedule with a VERY young team. Detroit and Anaheim have experience, for what it’s worth. I have no horse in this race, so just pointing that out.

  2. This is true…im not crazy about either of these teams. And we saw what happened last year, if you get hot in September, anything can happen. This race isnt over for the AL wildcard, and im not counting out either detroit or LA

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