Video: Angelo Sharpless Delivers One of the Best In-Game Dunks You’ll Ever See

Angelo Sharpless plays for Elizabeth City State University, a Division II basketball program. So he won’t ever become a March Madness hero, and he’s unlikely to ever make waves in the NBA.

But he’s going to become an Internet superstar because of this dunk, which is easily one of the most jaw-dropping and impressive in-game dunks I’ve ever seen.

That he had the temerity to even try it is impressive. That he had the skills and athletic ability to complete it is mind-boggling.

Hat tip: r/videos

Well done Angelo Sharpless. Enjoy your viral fame and have a great junior season.



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  1. Linsey G says:

    Um. Whoa. (Yeah, no other words.)

  2. what up L Gards!

  3. My jaw just dropped to the floor.


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