Would Nuggets Over Lakers Be the Biggest First Round NBA Playoffs Upset of the 2000s?

If you said you had the Lakers and Nuggets going seven games you are lying, unless you are a very optimistic and borderline delusional Denver fan.

My in-laws are all Lakers fans, and I am sure they are shocked, though confident.

I am pulling hard for the Nuggets to do the unprecedented, because too often in the NBA playoffs the first round matchups go just as planned. There are no surprises and no drama, despite what the analysts and television personalities try to drum up. It is pretty much chalk to the Conference Championship round.

lakers-nuggetsThe Lakers should not lose in the first round to a young, inexperienced Nuggets team, but it wouldn’t be the first time a team that was supposed to win doesn’t.

The only playoff series in recent memory that was shocking to me was when the eighth-seeded Golden State Warriors knocked off the top-seeded Dallas Mavericks in 2007, before falling to the Jazz in the next round.

I believe Denver’s upset would surpass the Warriors’ because of the personnel on the floor. The Warriors had a healthy Baron Davis, a motivated Stephen Jackson, a budding star in Monta Ellis, and a high-energy center in Biedrins.

The Nuggets have a high-caliber player in Ty Lawson and a veteran guard in Andre Miller, but they have Timofey Mozgov in the paint, best known for getting posterized by Blake Griffin; JaVale McGee, best known for being an incredibly athletic knucklehead; and a rookie in Kenneth Faried.

The Warriors beat Dirk Nowitzki and a Mavs team devoid of a low post presence. If the Nuggets win, they will have beaten Kobe Bryant, a top 10 all-time NBA player, Pau Gasol, a skilled big man; and a rising star, albeit an immature one, in Andrew Bynum.

I want to see something different; I want a shake-up in the Western Conference. I am pulling for the Nuggets!

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Trevor Stewart is 25 years old and works as a corporate journalist, gathering stories and photos for magazines. He is a graduate of BIOLA University in La Mirada, Calif., with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism. Originally from Spokane, Wash., he and his wife Abigail currently make their home in Lincoln, Neb.


  1. Dr. Marla Campbell says:

    Great article!  Well written and captures the sense of this competition.  I’m a life long Lakers’ fan so pulling for them.  But this sports journalist, Trevor Stewart, should be writing for ESPN or other sports publications.  

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