Video: Gutless Udonis Haslem Avoids Punishment Again (Most Likely)

Early in the second quarter of Tuesday’s Heat/Pacers battle, Tyler Hansbrough fouled Dwyane Wade hard on a drive to the basket.  The foul drew blood and Wade, ignited the ire of the Miami fans, and was determined to be a “Flagrant 1” foul by the officials.

It was probably a good call.  Even though Hansbrough DID touch the ball on his block attempt, it looked bad, and he ended up clocking Wade in the face.

Of course, it wasn’t initially called a Flagrant…it was only after the crowd reacted to the replay that the officials got together and issued the punishment.

However, just minutes later, Udonis Haslem responded for the Heat.  (Sorry about the poor quality…my Tourette’s sometimes inhibits me from taking clear videos.)

As Hansbrough rolled to the basket, Haslem ran after him and clocked him across the face with both hands.

The official immediately whistled the call, and even appeared to make a “your tossed” motion with his arm to indicate a “Flagrant 2.”

According NBA Rules, a Flagrant 2 is the result of “unnecessary and excessive contact committed by a player against an opponent.”

By any measure, Haslem’s foul was both unnecessary AND excessive.  When you add in the fact that it was CLEARLY payback…the decision was an easy one.

Of course the officials got together and decided that they would have a mess on their hands if they tossed Haslem after NOT tossing Hansbrough.  It didn’t matter in the least that this would have been THE RIGHT thing to do.

We know how this will end.  The NBA will “look it over” and decide that Hansbrough and Haslem should both be fined, and might even fine Haslem a little more than Hansbrough.

When that happens, the NBA will be guilty of being just as gutless as the officials Tuesday night.

According to the rules, a flagrant 2 warrants a suspension of one game.  Haslem should not have played the remainder of the game Monday night, and DEFINITELY should be suspended for Game Six.

Of course this won’t happen.  The NBA DEFINITELY doesn’t want the Heat getting bounced from the playoffs.

Even if the NBA DOES decide to suspend Haslem from Game 6, the damage has already been done.  Haslem should have been disqualified for the remainder of Game 5, and was allowed to play the rest of the game.

If the Heat go on to win this series, their fans should mail the NBA a great big thank you.

And by the way…as “thuggish” as Danny Granger and the Pacers have been acting, let it be known that it was Dwyane Wade that started this nonsense early in the series with the blatant body check of Darren Collison…which of course, should have been a Flagrant 2 as well.  It should also be noted that getting into someone’s face and jawing has never warranted a suspension, and falls into a completely different category than these two fouls – both intended to hurt an opponent physically.

Past that, I’m sure a lot of Miami fans will be calling the Pacers soft or “fake thugs” that can’t take the punishment.  Just remember that Larry Bird, Dr. J., and the other greats fought their own battles.  Maybe fans will give LeBron and Wade a little more credit when they are the ones that start defending themselves instead of constantly trying to “protect their image.”

Update (7:25 ET):

After this incredibly hard foul  (read: dirty) delivered on Lance Stephenson by Dexter Pittman late in Game 5, it will be difficult for the NBA to take no action against the Heat.

I anticipate that Tyler Hansbrough will be fined (under the always defensible reason of, “you can’t touch superstars), Haslem will be fined and suspended for Game 6, and Pittman will receive a suspension of at least five games.  Not one…not two…not three…but five.

It’s a good thing for the NBA that Miami seemingly took control of the series last night.  It would have been very hard to suspend Haslem had Indy come home leading the series 3-2.

By the way, after Larry Bird threw down the gauntlet on his team, expect not just Danny Crawford, but also Joey Crawford to be officiating Game 6 – with David Stern present in attendance as well.


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Jon Washburn grew up in Indianapolis, IN and as such, is a diehard Pacers, Colts, and Cubs fans. When it comes to college, he cheers for Notre Dame football fan and Purdue basketball. Yes, this sounds shady, but since he grew up without cable, he learned to love Notre Dame - the only team on TV. Glenn "The Big Dog" Robinson was at Purdue when Jon was in his formative years, so he latched onto them as well. Did that make him a fair-weather fan at the time? Sure. Give him a break...he was 8...and he has stayed with those teams ever since. Currently, he lives in Charleston, SC with his wife who grew up in Cleveland. Although he is no longer physically in the Midwest, his heart will always be there. Jon goes by the name "Twitch" because he has Tourette's Syndrome. Hit him up on his twitter @jwtwitch.


  1. Sportzzz says:

    This article is laughable…. complaining about a pacer player getting hit with a hard foul after it had been done twice before by the pacers and blaiming the refs claiming that they didn’t throw Haslem out (Same as they didn’t throw out Hansbrough after his hard foul, or the player from last game that hit Haslem), so the refs must be Miami fans… what a joke of an article

    •  going for the ball and going for the head are two very different things.

      • Indianaiswack says:

         I guess the follow through rake to the eyes is also part of going for the ball? You pacer fans are just like your team pussy… you think your tough until it gets done to you. Go cry.

        • Have you ever played basketball? He was going for the block and to do that you have to out-muscle your opponent. Wade’s one of the strongest players in the NBA and while it was a flagrant, his foul and Haslem’s were very different.

      • Indiana Sucks!!!! says:

        Indiana Sucks!! Starts a fight and then crys when they get hit back!!!

  2. haslem should be suspended. he was not going for the ball unlike hansbrough and  was obviously aiming hard with both arms for the head with retaliation in mind. cole hamels was suspended for five games, in mlb, not for just beaming bryce harper but for the fact that he stated that it was intentional. this play, even without verbal admittance, bears the same evidence of being completely gutless and retaliatory. if haslem had any sense whatsoever he would have at least waited some time to seek revenge but considering the timing the league has no choice but to issue a flagrant two and have haslem sit out game six. otherwise, david stern will have a lot of explaining to do for suspending meta world peace for seven games while letting this slide.

    • Crashwillcrush says:

      hansborough followed through to to the head on purpose disguising it. Only Haslem did not disguise it. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it!!!!

  3. Indianaiswack says:

    So your crying about the refs and crying about the abuse the Heat dished out on your overrated Pacers? I guess It’s OK to rake players in the eyes and talk shit and get up in faces like you want to fight them but you pussies can’t take a little hit from UD? Figures. You wanna be tough guys are all bark, when someone gets physical back you cry like a little bitch. Cry me a river Indiana, go back to what your people do best cow tipping.

  4. Tony the Stat Master says:

    “Maybe fans will give LeBron and Wade a little more credit when they are the ones that start defending themselves instead of constantly trying to “protect their image.”” – Ya, thats smart.  Criticize them when they play it smart by not reacting, then prolly criticize them when they do something dumb that hurts the team.  LeBron is letting his game do the talking.  Wade is doing a little of both.  Since when is protecting your image a bad thing?   

  5. Crashwillcrush says:

    Hey Danny Granger and the Pacers started the tough play. Miami finished it! Indy can dish it out but can’t take it!! Even your GM Larry Bird said so

  6. c_los73 says:

    Haslem did not hit him “accross the face”, if you look at the replay and play it in slow motion Haslem did infact slam both of his hands on Hansbrough arm.  He very well deserved it he is a dirty player and I was very glad to see Haslem do something that no other Heat player would have done.  As for Pittman that was a dirty shot and does deserve to be suspended at least 5-6 games but I was also glad to see another Heat player standing up for his teammates hopefully this will let other teams know that the Heat is not as soft as Charles Barkley and the rest of the so called sports analyst have said in the past.  Heat win in 6 

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